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VL-Ll£ WULi 

ARCH 2002 


■l LCLvLLL= 


£A.vlo w. 


? 1 

Hot and Cuttin 


Sharp Attack! 

The Hone Rangers 

the New 

S4.99 U.S.A. S6.99CAN. 












#3N01 (6195.1L SS> 

• Dark Amber Winterbottom Jijiged Bone Handle 
« 3" Clip Blade 

• 4 l /i" dosed 

• Available Numbered 1-100 
#3801N S54.99 


j*** Bone 

^*\Jwm ^% # 'bin \'"'"' (i«nd otw rite e/etiii lines oj tin.- W.R. Case 

^^^V J Dark Amber Winterbottom digged Hone family of knives 

and you'll feel the commitment to quality. As a tribute to 

the original line of Case Winterbottom Hone produced nmny 

years ugo. these knives are second to none. Available 

exclusively at Shepherd Hills Cutlery, patterns available 

include the RussLock™. Sowbelly. Canoe, Baby Canoe. 

Trapper. Tiny Toothpick and Medium Toothpick. Each 

pattern features the unique XX inlay shields. Tru-Sharp® 

surgical steel blades and nickel silver holsters. Total 

production in 200 J is limited to 

only 500 pieces each. 

Act quickly! 

These fabulous Case 


won't last long! 

Order today! 


ui . 



f3S0S (TB6339 SS) 

• Dark Amber Winterbottom Jijigcd Bone Handle 

• Clip, Spey and Shceplr'oot Blades 

• 3"X" closed 
Available Numbered 1-100 
#3K05N S54.W 



#3803(62131 SS) 
■ Dark Amber Winterbottom 
Jigged Bone Handle 

• Spear smd Pen Blades 

• .1%" closed 

• Available Numbered 1-100 
#3803N S46.99 



ADDraoNAi Winterbottom Bone 


.1*02 (6254SS) 
3N04 (f>21.12SS) 
3806 (610096SS) 

Baby Canoe 
Tiny Toothpick 


(Serial Numbered add $5.00) 

Medium Toothpick 

#3800(61 0094 SS) 

• Dark Amber Uinlerbotloiii 
Jif&ed Ifcaic Dandle 

• lxutj* Clip Blade 
« 4 '/I" closed 

• A\ ili lablc Numbered 1-100 

. ,#3800N 843.99 w.'* '■-* 





1-888-4CASE XX or 1-800-727-4643 

TOLL FREE ♦ 7 DAYS A WEEK 8-6 • WeVe on the Web!!! www.easexx.com 



Puts you on the 


Unbreakable Fibreresin™ 

Removable S/S 
pocket clip. 

thumb stud. 

Blade: 3 1/8"- AUS8 steel 
Overall length: 7 3/8". 

Weighs only 
2.88 oz. 

Suggested retail 
only $64.95. 

It's one thing to look, but quite another 
to closely examine and handle the new 
SPEEDSTER SR, the latest unique, exquisite knife design by world- 
renowned Blackie Collins for Meyerco USA. Opens fast with a simple flick 
of your thumb. The SPEEDSTER SR is so fast "you have to look twice to 
see it open once!" All made possible by Blackie's patented internal strut 
mechanism. In its own way, the new SPEEDSTER SR is as sleek and sophis- 
ticated as a Formula 1 race car. 

See it today at your nearest Meyerco USA knife Dealer. 

Lifetime Warranty 



4481 Exchange Service Dr. 

Dallas, "TX 75236 

TEL: 214-467-8949 

FAX: 214-467-9241 

Exclusive designs by: J C^OkypjV'YT) 
Write, phone, or FAX for your FREE catalog. 


6 Readers Respond 

7 Cover Story 
1 Unsheathed 

24 The Knife [ Carry 

38 2001 In Review 

72 Your Knife Rights 

80 Show Calendar 

85 Blade Shoppe 

tOl Blade List 

102 Classified Ads 

103 What's New 
106 Ad Index 

108 Where To Net 'Em 

109 Next In BLADE 
LOT Where To Get 'Em 

i 10 Knifemaker Showcase 

130 Ed Fowler's Knife Talk 

132 Handmade Gallery 

1 34 Randa 1 1 A n s we r M a n 

138 Foxy Folder 

Have you cut with a Buck knife lately? By Mike Ha 


If vou can't identify a knife by its mark, the author can help. By Paul Basch 
Discover the favorite blade sharpeners of people like you. By Durwood Mollis 
See why lasers are no longer just a cutlery curiosity. By Mike Haskew 
How your input factors into ihe blades knife companies sell. By Joe Kertzman 

82 Want To Forge a Gladius? Read This First! 

Don't bite off more than you can chew. By Wayne Goddard 

Salute the unsinkable American spirit and BLADE Show West. By Sieve Shackleford 

Can the Armageddon withstand the author's abuse? By MSG Kim Breed 

Take in the top knifemaking-award performances of the year. By BLADE* staff 


MARCH 2002 



he award winning T12 

/Ward/ Gras from William Henry 

Knives. Featuring the stainless damaL 

wizardry of Mike Norris, sterling silver fila. 
overlays on a titanium frame and an inlaid I 
opal to finish it off, Hand forged damascus, ha 
gentleman's knife. Form and function, together like never befor 

impressive? The knife industry thought so. 
Winner: Investor/Collector Knife of the Year 2001 

For more information contact the William Henry studio or your local authorized dealer 

@ William Henry 

831.454.9409 Fax: 831.454.9309 

orders only 888.563.4500 


Worldwide production limited to 150 numbered pieces. Scheduled release November - December 2001. 

MARCH 2002 


-eaders respond 

This Is Your Column! And we want to know what you think. Do 
you tike what you've read in BLADE®? Do you have a 
complaint? A suggestion? An opinion you'd like to share with the 
largest knife audience in the world~75,000 readers per issue? 

Mail your comments to: BLADE, P.O. Box 789, Ooltewah, TN 
37363-0789, or visit our web site: www.coltect.com or e-mail: 
blade@krause.com. We reserve the right to edit your comments 
to fit the space available. 

Blades and The Schools 

I'm 55 years young, member number 
0000001 1 of the American Knife & Tool 
Institute and an honorary member of The 
Knife-makers' Guild. I just retired after 27 
years as chief of security at a hospital with a 
very busy ER and substance abuse unit. 
Before that 1 was a shift supervisor at a 
county detention center. I've seen knives as 
well as many other common items, such as 
toothbrushes, used as weapons, and often 
have had to disarm subjects carrying 

I also remember taking my pocketknife 
to school when 1 was in the fourth and fifth 
grades in the Washington, D.C., area, as did 
the teachers and most other students. The 
pocketknives were used as tools, not 
weapons. At Halloween, the teachers 
requested those who didn't carry a pock- 
etknife to bring one to class for the pumpkin 
carving, which wc all did. Again, a pock- 
etknife was a tool, not a weapon. 

The students punished for carrying 
knives in school as described in the "Blades 
and The Schools" series in BLADE's® 
"Your Knife Rights" are for the most part 
victims of those who are supposed to be role 
models. These students didn't use their 
knives as weapons but as tools. Again, 
anything can be used as a weapon. A little 
common sense needs to be practiced by 
those in authority. In both of my career jobs, 
patience, thought and common sense were 
required. Had I or others in professions thai 
deal with "the bad guys" daily acted with 
the poor judgment used by these so-called 
professionals, none of us would make it to 
retirement. Stop and think, people! 

John F. Spivey Sr„ Maryland 

No Black Magic 

I just wanted to tell you how much 1 
enjoyed and valued the articles on high- 
performance steels ("Carbides: Keys To 
Cut," September BLADE and "Hot Hunting 
Steels & Blades That Have Them" in the 
October issue}. Both offered excellent 
insights into what's happening with today's 
steels. I'm sure it will de-mystify them for 
many users or would-be users. 

Steel and blade performance are not 
black magic — they're largely understood. 

rational and controllable. However, there 
remain many variables in materials and 
knifemaking practices that still make the 
subject exciting, challenging and almost 
endlessly appealing to makers, buyers, users 
and readers the world over. 

Dr. Eugene Dimitriadis 
Melbourne. Australia 

Tip-Up & Down Tips 

I enjoyed David E. Steele's story on 
pocket-clip carry, "Tip Up or Tip Down'.'" 
in the December BLADE. 1 basically agree 
with all David had to say and would like to 
add the following: 

•As David makes clear, from a safety 
standpoint, the closing bias on a modern 
sport utility folder is very important. 1 know 
that to be true as the result of an experience 
with a locking-liner folder that didn't have a 
properly working detent — ouch! Since each 
folder is meant to be carried in a pocket, on 


The art cutlery community has lost one 
of its valuable members. Yvon Vachon 
has left our world but will be remembered 
by us all. 

His innovations in the field of micro- 
cutlery included creations boasting multi- 
ple options and unimaginable sizes. It was 
a challenge that he cherished. 

His attention to detail and his wish to 
continually respect the scale in which he 
miniaturized his creations cemented his 
worldwide reputation as a great maker of 
miniature knives. 

For Yvon, his limited understanding 
of the English language sometimes 
prevented him from expressing just how 
much concentration, precision and perfec- 
tion his work demanded. I trust that his 
knowledge, energy and creations enriched 
the world of miniature knives. I wish to 
thank each person with all my heart who 
encouraged and supported Yvon during 
his brief career in miniature cutlery. 

May the love of God keep Yvon in 
deep serenity. 

Cuylaine Paquet (Yvon 's wife) 
Roberisonville, Quebec. Canada 

a clip or otherwise, the design should ensure 
that the blades close securely. I appreciate 
the fact that most designers and manufactur- 
ers seem lo be aware of this; 

-Tip-up carry isn't a problem with a 
kickback. Cold Steel, for exampie. always 
has offered its Voyager series with the clip 
on the butt for tip-up carry. Since the rocker 
arm gives the blade plenty of closing bias, 
there's no problem. Bcnchmade's Axis 
Lock knives also have a reassuring closing 
bias, an advantage that accompanies the 
lock design. All my Axis Locks have the 
clip on the butt for tip-up carry; 

•Spyderco lists the knives in its catalog 
with a little arrow showing whether each is 
tip up or tip down. Looking at the arrows 
made me more aware of the mode-of-carry 
issue, 1 learned quite a bit experimenting 
with my Spyderco "Q" model. I've never 
had any problem with lip-up carry on my 
Spydcreo's with such an option; and. 

*l prefer tip-up carry for three reasons: 

1 ) Having the clip on the butt end of the 
knife gives my pinky finger good leverage 
when using my thumb lo open the blade; 

2) Being on the butt keeps the clip as far 
away from the blade as possible, making it 
less likely to interfere with cutting chores; 

3) If a folder with a clip ever had to be 
used in a defensive situation that involved a 
stabbing motion. I'd much rather have my 
hand wrapped around a clip whose open end 
is pointed in the direction of the thrusl 
rather than pointed back opposing the thrust, 
i.e., into the palm of my hand. 

Frank Jewett, Brea. California 

51 Percent Handmade Definition 

The knife industry is not the first to 
attempt lo define the lerm handmade. 
My definition: Any knife hand held during 
at least 51 percent of the work involved to 
produce it deserves to be called handmade. 
Milling machines. CNC equipment and 
automatic grinders don't belong as part of 
the handmade definition. With each of 
them, the blade is held by tooling, not the 
hand of man. 

R. Dannemann. Grand Junction. Colorado 

6 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

The Eagle Talon by Ryan Johnson of 
RMJ Forge is designed to punch 
through a Kevlar helmet It's an Integral 
heaii-and-handle design made from one 
piece of 1075 spring steel. The head is 
differentially heal treated to a Rockwell 
hardness in the high 50*s RC for a hard 
cutting edge, while the rest of the handle is 
tough and springy at a Rockwell in the 40"s. 
Ryan's iist price for the Eagle Talon is 
S350, which includes a Kydex •* scabbard. 
Active military can qualify for a 25 percent 
discount. Johnson has made several such 
pieces for special forces personnel, includ- 
ing Col. Stephen Bueei. personal assistant 
to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld 
For more information contact RMJ Korge. 
attn: R. Johnson. Dept. BL3. 7620 Foster 
Hixson Cemetery Rd.. Flixson, TN .17343 
1423) 842-9323 www. rmj forge. 

"The Eagle Talon is 

designed to punch 

through a Kevlar 


The desert camo hat was worn by 
BLADE® Held editor Kim Breed, former 
master sergeant in the 5th Special Forces. 
during his almost 20-year slim in that elite 
group. For more on the Eagle Talon and 
other blades used in the Afghanistan 
conflict and the war on terrorism, see 
Breed's special Story this issue. 

The cover shot is by Ross Hubbard and 

Bob Best. Blade 



Technology with an Edge 

The Technology 

The Edge 

Kershaw's Ken Onion Chive & Scallion 

Speed-Safe assisted-opening mechanism 
Ambidextrous Index-Finger opening 
Sized right for easy carrying 
Kershaw's "shaving-sharp" edge 
Lifetime guarantee 

Model 1600 
MSRP $49.95 

Bldde t 15/16 in. (4.9cm.) 

Steel 420HC stainless 

Handle 410 stainless 

Lock Frame 

Closed 1 7/8 in. 17.3cm.) 

Weight .....1.9 at. 

Model 1620 
MSRP $49.95 

Model 1620ST 
partially serrated 
(not shown) 
MSRP $49.95 

Blade 2 1/4 in. 15.8cm ) 

Steel 4?0HC stainless 

Handle Polyamide 

Lock Locking liner 

Closed, ...3 1/4 in. (8.4tm.| 
Weight 23 02. 


Kert$Onit>rt\ USA 

For informal™ or i dealer near p, rait 



MARCH 2002 


Knifemaker Michael Walker says. "When 1 applied thumb 
slucls to my locking liners in ihe '80s, il occurred lo me thai il 
could bo ihe basis for an interna] lock. I was granied the 
patent for the BladeLOCK ami have made many 
custom versions." CRKT is proud to offer the 
production BladeLOCK. 


Lets just say it's the 
strongest lock we 
have ever seen . . . 

;i hiinliwcl slain less steel bar 
encased in solid stainless steel 
Very different from the spring 
wedges of locking liners. 


Jlie BladeLOCK opens and closes with 
■ 1 1 n liiiiul usini; ihe lliunib slod. jusl lik< 
your favorite locking liner folder. 


Kni/emaker. artist and 
inventor Michael Walker 

\ iiilike other folders, the BladeLOCK locks closed, for top 
safety and security. This feature allows safe cany, regardless 
of where die knife is clipped, including secure lip-up carry. 


The Al IS 6M stainless steel blade is a Walker Clip Point in 
satin finish, pivoting on Teflon bearings. The open design 
420J2 stainless steel frame receives a contrasting bead blasi 
finish. Black ZyteP is used for the back spacer, lock covers, 
and scales. Torx' fasteners are used throughout and Ihe 
Teflon' plated stainless steel clothing /gear clip is n ■iik jv;ibli-_ 
You have lo handle one al your specialty retailei' lo know 
what a huge step forward in knife design the BladeLOCK is. 



Solid Steel -on-Steel Lock Bar System 

Trie hardened stainless steel lock bar 
Inside the blade makes a precision wedge 
tit Into the lock channels machined into the 
stainless steel frame, creating a super 
strong lock which both locks open and 
locks closed. U.S. Patent No. 4.979.301. 

BladeLOCK™ Specifications: 

4003: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 

4013: Combined Razor-Sharp and 

Tripie-Poinr Serrated Cutting Edge 
Blade: Overall length: 3.44" (3 7 cm) 
Curling edge: 3.25" {8,3 cm) 
Thickness: 0,14" (0.35 cm) 
Steel: AUS6M, 55-57 HRC 
Knife: Closed length: 4.50" (11. 4 cm) 
Weight: 4.6 02. (130 g) 
MSRP $79.99 




9720 S. W. Hitlman Court. Suite SOS 

Wilsonville. Oregon 97070 USA 

Tel: 503/885-5015 Fax: 503M2-9SS0 

Toll tree: 1-800-831-3100 

E-mail: rn/oSt/W. com Web: www. crkl. cam 

Vol, XXIX. No. 3. March 2<KI2 

Publishers Of 


f~)i i •isitf i in I Pi i hi is h cr 

Hi tilt Mc Aloon 


Steve Shackleeord 

.Maimi^iiifi IJdiftir 

Jm Ki.rtzman 

Ad\ •crtisit is; Safes 

Missy Beyer 
Traci.y Wierzba 

Advertising Assistant 
Rl UIK \ Eberhardv 

Art Oircctar 

Steve Massii-. 

Graphic Designer 

Tom Nelse* 

t-'ield Editors 

[■H Fowl l u. W\1M Ci")i)i)\Ki>. MS(i Kim 

Bri-id. Ai i rid Penpkai . Pi. n: Hamilton, 

Loweli Bray. Stem Schwarzer, 

Pah Basi ii. Bid Lam; 

( 'nr res/ ran dents 

K.u hard D. White — Colorado 

BR. Hi in us Arkansas 

Jim Uatson Alabama 


e-mail address 


H eft address 


Sn hscriplian Sen •/< -es 

(715)445-3775 EXT. 257 

III II'I.' rlSS\ IUM-SXS3I i~ pufctHhed monthly, iulIii.Iiiil the line 
tory and , ,fkni];» i»u^. hy Kiinse Puhfteatnng, Inc., 700 i Sure m 

Mi. U t -WHl l\-THn!iL.b[ fXM.k;.- ft-tlil :il kil.i \\\ >4 L J4^ mill .ilIlIiijihi.iI 
minimi! QlTi.vs Slili.Lilfitkui pna' iv | \ L '.n ful \2* 'JK. J >L'jr, tin 
543.9S; i>L.ir> Ini SdO L >H in tlk J C S Hftd IKKsetshHU I nrvi^rn xubscftp* 
m>li>. iikliklillL: ( jii.rI.i .milL Ml-mlli. twelve beWn !"i S52 ( "|>,hl'1ii 
1IM2 (l\ Ki.lusl' I'LiNk-Kiiuls. In. \tl NL'lit, reserved i'W|>l v, Iil-i. 

nnre»iv waned P0STMAST1 n Send itHrtw etangej k> m IDE, 

TOO I Stale SL, Iota, Wl M!M5. I Llii.in.il cintiih iv ihtwid :.. 

mailed ui Blade MjgM«n>. 700 I Sate Si . lob, vu HWOOOI md 

miivl tv .iLHimfUrin;d by return pi'.l.iLV ^ i SBtinK M t rt'spimslhilils 

Gm loss eh ,j.irisj|jv" nf unsolicited nuk-rnil An> materitl tcoEpted h 
Mib|cvl ta sul'Ii revisions ,iv nLL.-vvjri in nun v,,k- diM.i.-1tLin to rntvl llx- 
nequtfgfiKAIS nl dii, publicBiifin, Upun Kceptuicv. pjymjtu will !■, 

iil.uk- il oin.ill I.Ik- '.,1ikli ^i^-..-|. ill .MHi-.i -I "-. .Hill ei! L'unr,ihi,,k.i'. 

l^cdtls, 1iiIl j dud intLicvl 111 ,311,1 Ui til,- iiuLcrul ni.ii]i;,l. incliLilmg Hill Itnl 
limilvd 1,» photos, drjuin^,. dbntl .irkt Jlmlni., whldS "-Ii.iH Ix: cugSHfe- 
crixl M k-M Oil- QCI ot IH.iilnii: .11 ik-[n liiiil: .1 mtBIUKnpl .Hid lit iilUlT- 

lal vhjll cii ttv1 |[En L - J, tscpnciscd hy ihe eonfijtKMoi ilui mt mnaerntj Is 
iiriLUCLil. ;imj 111 no «tt> lui itiliiniiLiik-iil uniin Ilk* nglils ofolhcK. Ttw 
triews Bid optninitt oTauthoni 01 Bdvertlscis, expressed or nn|ilK-J 

hv?ri7IM, m' Phil lk-LTs,.l1ik ihtfec .11 tilt publlvlk'l, liIiIi'I. ,m ki.uivL' I'liMi- 

^Liiiims jm! iln."> Li^sume no rcspooedbiliQ for views arnuihOROi luIil-i- 
tiHL'r,. Letters snd questtoes to the editor tne j,-t of ntiiUni ot 
dellweririj j leneroi trnestlon snail DotisrJtyie peffnbsfaa u ^11,11 thai 
Iliili ,11 .iil> purmm uiik-Hs itiiiimitvl otherwise in ikii k-lk-r 

Printed in I he I nitctl States 
Uniusc pnhlicatiotis 

"uii I Slate St.. Ink Wl SJIWUKIH] 
Pliimc T 15445-::i4 ■ Ijv , I5-W5-11IS"' 

8 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

When you look closely at the 
1W MVS-8 stainless steel blade, 
with its detailed sawback and 
razor-sharp false-edged fighter 
blade, there's no question 
that this knife was built for 
just one purpose - survival. 
Measuring an impressive 13ki" 
overall, the Hattori Fighter" 
features a handsome blend 
of polished hardwood, nickel 
silver guards, Kraton* 
handle and a rugged, top 
grain leather sheath. 

The blades of the Junglce' Vrnied Forces Series knives are made (if ATS-.H 
and black Teflon' coated for ami-glare, ease of cleaning and extra resistance 
to corrosion, The handles are perfectly sculpted to fit in the 
hand and the soft Kraton* inlays prevent slippage. 
Produced in the world famous city of 
Jieki, Japan. 


Knife Deals for Our 
Military Heroes 

t's been almost If) years since BLADES 
published the April 1991 issue thai spot- 
lighted the knives of Operation Desert 
Storm. Now it's a much different kind of 
conflict — the one in Afghanistan and other 
dens of terrorism — but the need for knives 
among U.S. fighting personnel is as impor- 
tant now as it was then. And, just as during 
the dull' W;ir, several of today's knifeiruik 
ers and knife companies are coming to the 
aid of active military service people. 

Knifemakers Bob Dozier and Ryan 
Johnson and knife companies Emerson 
Knives, Inc.. and TOPS are either cutting 
special deals or have made contributions to 
active military personnel. There are no 
do Lib t others who are doing the same. 

"For the first time, 
their lives may truly 

depend on their 
knives." — Mike Fuller 

Dozier is offering two models' of "free- 
dom Fighter" — slimmed-down versions of 
his old No. 8 ivory-handle fighter with 
MieanaK grips instead of ivory — at a 10 
percent discount to active military personnel 
with proper credentials. What's more, he 
said he will put such personnel at the head 
of his waiting list. The knives come in two 
sizes: a 7-inch blade and 5 1/2-inch handle, 
the other a 6-inch blade and 5-inch handle. 
The larger one comes with a black Micarta 
grip, the smaller model with yellow. "The 
7- inch one will be a little longer and with a 
wider handle for the boys wearing gloves, 
particularly up in the mountains," Dozier 
noted. "It's gotta be enough of a knife to 
hold onto." Blade steel is D-2 with a double 
grind. Both knives are housed in Kydex R 
lock- in sheaths with nylon belt loops. 

At TOPS. Mike Fuller is watching 
orders from active duty personnel for the 
company's Ranger's Edge, Steel Eagle. 
Moccasin Ranger and CQT- Magnum go 
through the roof. "They're looking for 

heavy, sturdy types of materials that they 
can use for both utilitarian purposes and, if 
it ever came down to it, self-defense," 
Fuller said. TOPS is within driving distance 
of [\\o air bases and counts Apache aircraft 
crews and other active military among its 
recent rash of buying customers, "One thing 
chopper pilots aren't looking for is 
thin, flimsy and shiny. They're look- £~ 
ing for something really tough that ^^j 
they can do anything with," TOPS' 
head man explained. "They're not 
buying anything that's not both utility 

Bob Dozier is offering his 
"Freedom Fighter" at a 10 
percent discount to active 
military with proper 
credentials. He's one of 
several makers and 
knife companies 
providing such 
special knife deals 
to U.S. military J^ 

personnel on 
active duty. 

and survival 
[oriented]. They 
feel, and quite 
truthfully so, 
that for the 
first time their 
lives may 
truly depend 

on their 

tnives." With 

many of his 

active-duty customers, 

Fuller has arranged a "lime 

payment program" where they can make 

installment payments from wherever they're 


Ryan Johnson, maker of this issue's 
cover tomahawk, is offering it at a 25 
percent discount to active military. His stan- 
dard list price for civilians is S350. Johnson 
recently shipped one of the pieces to a 
serviceman whose job will be to take dogs 
into the maze of tunnels in Afghanistan to 
Hush out members of the Taliban and al- 

At Emer- 
son Knives. 
Inc., Ernest 
expertise in 

providing combat 
and self-defense 
training has been in hot 
demand by local law 
enforcement and military 
in the aftermath of Sept. 
1 1. Known as much 
for his combat 
instruction tech- 
niques in some circles as his 
knives, Emerson considers the 
former a labor of love. Meanwhile, 
he said Emerson Knives, Inc., has 
donated over SI 00,000 in knives to the 
New York police and fire departments, 
emergency personnel and several military 
groups. "We'll probably go over a quarter 
million dollars in donations," he said. "This 
is a goodwill thing. Now I gel a chance to 
pay some people back. It's fun." An inveter- 
ate surfer, Emerson rides the waves at a 
beach near Camp Pendleton, where many 
military personnel also surf. "We'll haul a 
bunch of [Marines] back to ihe truck and 
give them knives," Ernesi smiled. "It's like 
being Santa Claus." 

Other makers and knife companies may 
offer similar programs. However, the buyer 
should be prepared to provide ample proof 
of active military status. For more on the 
knives of the Afghanistan conflict, see the 
special story this issue. For contact informa- 
tion on the knives detailed herein, look 
under "Blades in Afghanistan" of "Where 
To Get ' F.m" on page 1 0°. 

Schrimshcr Succumbs 
Bob Schrimshcr. a pioneer in the knifemak- 
ing supply business, passed away last 
November. Known for his generosity in 
extending credit to struggling knifemakers 
from the late 1960's through the early 'RO's. 
Schrimshcr just recently had been inducted 
into the Blade Magazine Cutlery llall Of 

10 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

^1V' wvmii^'i ■jiBnrww' ►/ wi r m 



n&JTotal Warfare 

g When introduced in 1999, the COD' SpecOps Combat 
Knife was widely regarded as the most advanced tactical 
folder of all time. Upon request of the Special Operations 

community, a new ■ *^* . 
double-edged military HIE L.l^.lJ. 

sterile version was DaMASG S ! 

created. Featuring a 
waffled plunge lock 
and ribbed thumb 
stud, that exact knife 
(CQD- Spec-Ops LE) 
is now available in a 
limited run. Also now 
available in limited 
quantities is a new, 
highly collectable, Mpw/| | 
fully automatic 1NE - W " 
version with magnificently 
patterned DamaSteel ~ 
Damascus blades. The 
new CQD Mark V ATAC ^ 
(Advanced Tactical) — * 

Fighting Knife is a Weapon of War 

designed for the active duty Special 

Operations warrior. It is the Blade 2001 

Overall Knife Of The Year! With a 

recurved leading edge and razor sharp 

top edge, the penetration capability is 

devastating. The limited 

penetration Striker Hilts 

can guard or trap and 

can be used for 

impact strikes or to 

pry or penetrate cans, 

A Steel buttcap and 

unique hidden tang 

allow for hammering. 

A non-conductive 

handle and Kydex 

sheath for 

protected carry 

complete the 


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The Blade 
200 1 Knife 



Ofy.wimri1 HA tar MOD 7001 PhnlOgraphy " I Jim owm JMI 







/mwm mm.* A 

1A.1 ' M 



Misters of Defense. L1C 

1941 Camp Branch Ro, WiVNfsmuE. NC 28786 

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knives at war 

Knives ax war 

By MSG Kim Breed 

5th Special Forces (ret.) 

The author tries out an AT4 anti 
tank weapon at a special forces 
instructor school in the early 

Editor's note: As BLADE® wax gain/; to 
press, the Taliban was on the run with tin- 
Sort hern Alliance — hacked hy U.S. air 
power and select ground forces — in hot 
pursuit. If end when the Taliban is 
defeated, the war against terror will no 
doubt continue in other terrorist hotbeds, 
and U.S. forces will still have a need for 
the knives outlined hy the author in the 

he landscape is barren, with 

^B only sand and rocks in the 

V flats; the mountains are 

jagged with a few goat trails 

here and there, Survival in 

^ this terrain is harsh at best. 

An enemy that's hard to find; weather that 

can range from the 90 's in the daytime to 

well below freezing at night: winters that are 

bitter cold and windy: no cooking stoves or 

fires to keep you warm after dark because 

visibility is a concern — it's not a niec place 
to be this time of year. 

This is a little of what the special-opera- 
tions soldier is up against in Afghanistan. In 
the early *80*s, I worked in the 5th Special 
Forces along the border of Afghanistan and 
Pakistan with the nomads who travel the 
mountain passes throughout the region. As a 
whole, they were very friendly and a plea- 
sure with whom to work. Their culture is 
rich with tradition that's still practiced today 

12 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

The generic-kabar design — here from 
Ka-Bar (right) — and such pieces as the 
Ranger's Edge from TOPS are among 
- those being taken to Afghanistan by the 
• author's buddies from the 5th Special 
Forces. The heavy-duty Ranger's Edge 
■ features a 5.5 inch-blade of 3/16-inch- 
stock 1095 with a Rockwell hardness of 
58 RC, a black linen Micarta® handle 
and LBE-titting Kydex sheath, all for an 
MSRP of S179. The Black Ka-Bar boasts 
a Kraton G® handle and 1095 blade steel 
\ as well, with an epoxy-powder coat and 
. a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 RC. 
.. MSRP: $59.79. 


MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 13 


knives at war 

Kelly Warden designed 

f m±L 



Ketly WurrJi'n 

worldwide as 
"Datu Mailer" 
of the Filipino Art 
of modern Amis, 
is one of the most 
sought after 

For the distributor nearest you: 


www. timberlineknives.com 


| Landed 

The Eagle Talon from 
RMJ Forge features a 
one-piece design of 
1075 toot steel with the 
head differentially heat 
treated so that it's 
strong enough to 
punch through a 
Kevlar helmet. 

Bladesmith Ryan Johnson 
enjoyed more than his 15 
minutes of fame recently as a 
result ol" making a tomahawk for 
Col. Stephen tlucei. A mem her of the special 
forces. Bucci is stationed at the Pentagon serving 
as a personal assistant to Secretary of Defense 
Donald Rumsfeld. Bucci told Ryan that he had 
mounted the hawk on the wall of his Pentagon office. 
Naturally. Johnson wanted a picture. The next thing Ryan 
knew, a local newspaper had gotten wind of the story, then a 
local TV station covered it. the AP wire service picked it up, 
USA Today ran a story and there was even a snippet on the ,Y/J( 
Nightly Newi . 

The hawk in question is the Eagle Talon, designed specifically to 
punch through a Kevlar helmet. Ryan got the idea after talking to some 
special ops personnel at the 2001 BLADE Show. They saw a spiked hawk 
on Johnson's Web site called the Mohawk with a long, skinny spike and asked 
Ryan to make a combat version of it. Johnson went back to his old engineering 
textbooks to figure out how much force would be needed to punch through a Kevlar 
helmei. "[My special ops acquaintances] sent me some Kevlar helmets to play with and 
we hammered on them till we got what we liked." Ryan said. Of course, the Taliban 
and al-Qaida won't be wearing Kevlar helmets, but that just means the Eagle Talon 
will be thai much more effective. 

The Eagle Hawk is an integral head-and-handle design made from 1075 spring 
steel. "'The idea behind the integral handle is it"?, simple to make and it rules out break- 
age." Johnson noted. The head is differentially heal treated to a Rockwell hardness in 
the high 50"s RC vvilh a hard cutting edge, while the rest of the handle is lough and 
springy at a Rockwell in the40's. Weight: 2 pounds. 

Ryan's list price for the Eagle Talon is $350, which includes a Kydex* scabbard. 
Active military can qualify for a 25 percent discount, for more information contact 
RM.I f-'orge. attn: R. Johnson. Depl. BL3, 7620 Hosier Hixson Cemetery Rd„ Hixson. 
TN 37343 (423) 842-9323 www.rtnj forge. 

by ihe nomads. Unfortunately, "had apples" 
will grow anywhere. 

One key for the soldier will be to remain 
undeieeted, which includes wearing camou- 
flaged clothes, rucksacks and weapons. 
Something shiny can be seen for miles. 
Subdued is ihe word. 

I talked with a number of my buddies 
who are still in "the group" ;\m\. as I'm as 
knives are concerned, if they can gel it in 
black, they will. I've seen sand rubbed on 

shiny blades, canto slick, char from a fire, 
anything to cut down on glare. Nobody 
wants to he known as ihe one who got the 
leant compromised. It's somelhing that 
would stick with one for a long time so 
blackened it is. 

Asking group members about their 
favorite knife to carry is almost as bad as 
asking them to name their favorite weapon. 
A few will be the same but the rest will be 
as different as the soldiers' individual 

14 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Lwiorxifl Swwo rir Light 

Inc/suV - 1- > Buirfofttr 





f ^IcTxjsn 

1 Dow n 



itMMTC in .%!**/. 

| ii-iV* sn 15 woci 


' \flifueSc 


I - TfiroHf." 


Sttnpow "Suiyct 

l 14-S 8 <>f Alien U I 
Jk IiiiJikVs .vif id irwo 


•.■'. . 




SWORP 0f Snnf)"\vs 

: 2' 


hit Ilfjf Ojllotw.c' fVurjri )Y ISnjves 

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knives at war 

knives qx w3r 


The Northern Alliance, Taliban and 
Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida also have a 
variety of blades. The Afghans use their 
knives for everyday chores. Medium to mild 
steel is employed for blades because of how 
easy it is to sharpen with a file or rock. 
Diamond hones are scarce in third-world 

As a matter of tradition, Afghans would 
carry the Khyber knife, a combat blade they 
used with devastating effect against the 
British in the 19th and early 20th centuries. 
Though some Khyber knives are still used 
today, most of them are carried by the 
nomadic herdsmen. The Khybers are very 
similar to the ones sold by Atlanta Cutlery, 
though the ones in Afghanistan have goal or 
camel bone handles instead of wood. Other 
than thai, the shape is basically the same. 

However, since the Afghans' war with 
the former Soviet Uryion (1979-1989), 
battlefield-recovered Soviet bayonets are in 
use everywhere in Afghanistan, even SKS 
bayonets. The Afghans screw a bolt or 
pound soft steel onto the lug threads and 
attach a handle. Melted plastic is the most 
common bonder. Nothing of use goes to 

"Something shiny can 

be seen for miles. 
Subdued is the word." 

—the author 

Croup Member Knives 
As for the guys in the group with whom 1 
talked, they're using a selection of black- 
ened blades. The generic-kabar-style 
knives are still the most common field 
pieces. Their low cost is a large factor. 
This is the knife that gets beaten and 
abused and comes in black. The Ontario 
Spec Plus line features ai least 10 such 
pieces with blackened (epoxy powder- 
coated) blades. There were three Randall 
knives going that had blades dulled by 
bead blasting. Taetical-OPS USA (TOPS) 
knives also had three knives in the group. 
The rest were camp-style knives by various 
makers, including yours truly. 

For personal protection, many group 
members carry automatics, including some 
Benchmadc models. ABS master smith 
Charles Oehs' "Black Knife" is the most 
common. He makes them sterile by 
request. (Editor's note: Automatics are ille- 
gal for civilian use in many states. Stay 
apprised of your local, state and federal 
laws.) Most of the folders the members 
take along are locking liners with some 
type of false edge on the blade spine. 

Many group members told me they 
want some type of double-edge, dagger- 

16/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Shiny blades are out for U.S. 
troops wanting to keep tow 
profiles, so blackened it is with 
GATCO/Timbertine's Lightfoot 
Zambezi The 6-inch blade of 440C 
sports a finish of "2nd Generation 
Epoxy Resin. " The handle is 
Zytel® with Kraton® inserts. The 
sheath is Kydex® with ballistic 
nylon web gear. MSRP: $150. 

334 E. Gardena Blvd, Gardens, CA 9024B 
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-Low Cost Non-Aerospace grades 
-Complete provider of cut-to-size services 

Supplier of... 

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Web site: www.twalloys.com 

Fax: (310) 217-8777 

E-mail: RFQ@twalloys.com 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 17 


M1S by Kit Carson. Hard anodized aluminum han- 
dles, AUS 8 blades, stainless steel locking liner and 
the Carson Flipper have made this our most popular 
all-alloy series. Every detail has a working purpose. 

knives at war 

M1& Law Enforcement. Because you have only one- 
ass-to-risk. Combines the construction of the M16 
Aluminum with Gary PaulJohnston's 1 ' logo, black 
Teflon' plated blade and LE Blue anodized handles. 

M16 Military. Because those in the military have 
only one-ass-to-risk, too. The construction of the 
M1 6 Aluminum with Gary PaulJohnston's 1 1 logo, 
black Teflon' plated blade and OD anodized handles. 

MW Carbon Fibre. The strongest, yet lightest of the 
M16s. Unique textured carijon fibre handles, reces- 
sed locking liners and premium AUS 1 18 stainless 
steel blades make these true high tech values. 



V C K i tool 

Toll tree, 1-800-891 -31 00 • E-mail: inta@afct.catn 
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Knives at war 

style folder because of the dual cutting 
action. Only a few custom makers offer 
such a style. Factory knife companies 
would have to deal with local, stale and 
federal laws and the bad public image 
associated with selling such a knife. It's 
this writer's opinion that anything which 
would keep his "brothers" safer should be 
made available to them. 

There may be a possibility of having to 
ferret out "the bad guys" from caves or 
tunnels. This is the worst kind of fighting. 
including booby traps and cave-ins — just 
ask a Vietnam tunnel rat. The weapons of 
choice will be pistols and knives for close- 
in fighting — nasty, lonely work. 

In Kuwait during the Gulf War. the 
Iraqis used the sewer and maintenance 
tunnels that crisscrossed beneath the city to 
store weapons and equipment. However. 

Afghanistan's maze of cases, channels and 
tunnels is much more extensive and elabo- 
rate than those of Kuwait. The mountains 
are filled with thousands of natural caves. 
Moreover, since 300 B.C.. many of those 
who have defended what is now 
Afghanistan have used a network ol hidden 
irrigation channels ranging anywhere 
from 3-io-[00 feet deep and which today 
are mostly dry — for shelter, supply stor- 
age, and places from which to spring 
ambushes. During the So\ ici occupation in 
the l°80's. the Afghans dug eaves into the 
sides of the channels to hide weapons and 
people. Moreover, bin Laden has spent 
millions to create a network of tunnels and 
fortified underground bunkers, some of 
which are believed big enough to house 
armored vehicles, subterranean hotels and 
no telling what all. The probability of 

Four out of 10 group members canvassed by the 
author carry multi-tools, with SOG Specialty 
Knives, Gerber, Leatherman Tool and Spyderco 
leading the way. Used for repair and upkeep of 
equipment in the field, multi-toots eliminate the 
need for a toot kit, thus saving weight. The 
Spyderco SpydeRench features a lookback blade 
and a range of tools, including a slip-joint pliers, 
crescent wrench, a screwdriver with four stan- 
dard-size bits and a file. Its two halves separate 
so that both the wrench and screwdriver can be 
used at the same time. MSRP: $1 19.95. 

18/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

'.hman JLoncon 


Lfse</ (o cut a /wtfj of destruction through medieval Europe, tomes Tin 
Sword of Dracula. This beautiful sword measures 34 inches in overall length 
and sports a 27-inch blade of high carbon steel and a brass pommel. 
Each sword comes complete with a unique "coffin -shaped" 
wall plaque with an attached candle shelf, so this 
dramatic sword can be displayed in the proper 
fashion. Aim within litis unholy collection, is 
Vlad Dracula's unique walking cane. This masterpiece features Vlad's 
family crest, his father's infamous "Dragon" as its handle. Stretching a full 
38-inches in length, this dark replica can also he purchased as a sword 
cane. With a push of a button, located just under the Dragon, you can 
release the thin, deadh blade of this deceptive cane. This piece also comes 
with a wall-mounting display plaque. t 

Finally, the third piece of the Dracula 
Collection is Quincey s Rhino-head- i • 
ed Bowie Knife, Measuring 1 7" in <*^ 
overall length, this massive Bowie J 
Knife sport- a -J20 stainless mccI 
Hade. After being dragged into the 
safety of Castle Dracula, Vlad's precious Mina 
rips Quincey 's Bowie from the chest oi the 
dying vampire prince, and delivers the fatal 4 

blow by removing his head, ending his 
tormented life as Nosferatu. K "coffin- 
shaped" display stand is included and holds 
the Rhino Bowie horizontally in place, 

• Sword of Dracula - $259,95 

• Dracula's Cane -$159.95 

• Dracula's Sword Cane - $199,95 
_Bouie Knife -$219.95 

' Tiie Bram Stoker's Dracula Collection will be availab! 
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knives at war 

combat inside them is all too real. 
Weapons of choice should be left up to 
those involved. Personally. 1 would have a 
.45 pistol and a 6- or 7 -inch dagger-style 
blade just in case. 

Light weight will be a factor in the 
mountains of Afghanistan. Among the 
group members I canvassed, multi-purpose 
pieces are by far the favorite edged tool to 
carry on one's belt. Four out of 10 soldiers 
carry them. SOG Specialty Knives. Gerber. 
Leatherman Tool and Spyderco made up 
the field. Used for repair and upkeep of the 
soldier's equipment, the multi-tools elimi- 
nate the need for a tool kit. thus saving 
weight. Swiss Army knives also were in 
the running, with I 7 of them going. One 
knife per soldier is rare; most carry two or 
three blades in their rucksack. LBE (load- 
bearing equipment), in a pocket or on a 

With other nations, joining the fray, a 
bevy of different knives will emerge. 
Which ones thev will be remain to be seen. 

"Most folders are 

locking liners with 

some type of 

false edge on the 
blade spine." 
— the author 

20 /BLADE 


Having served in five combat tours involv- 
ing different special operations units, it's 
hard for me not to stay glued to ihe televi- 
sion and telephone for news concerning the 
war in Afghanistan. Because things change 
so rapidly in such conflicts, even my 
parents learned that no news was good 
news when I was involved in such actions 
as the Gulf War. So to the wives, family 
and friends of group members and others 
who sec action, as soon as it's time, you'll 
be contacted by the appropriate agencies 
concerning the welfare of your loved ones. 
Just send them your prayers. They are 
highly trained professionals and will 
perform their missions accordingly. 

1 was willing to give my life for my 
God. teammates and my country to free the 
oppressed. Now the shoe is on the other 
fool. During the week of the World Trade 
Center disaster. I received late-night calls 
from buddies of long ago just to keep me 
"in the loop." Even though I'm retired 
from active duty, I'll always be part of the 
special operations family, through thick 
and thin. Buds are buds no matter what and 
we still stay in touch every couple of years. 
It's kind of like soul searching, wondering 
if you did your best training your junior 
"com mo" or weapons man to be future 
team sergeants, knowing that long after 

MARCH 2002 


£t's alive and ready to take on your world! The 
Griptilian is single-handedly breathing new 
life into the lightweight knife gene pool. 
It's an enormous collaborative effort 
of "Frankensteinai" proportions 
with the collective design efforts 
of Mel Pardue, Bill McHenry, 
Jason Williams and the 
Benchmade team. And now 
with the release of the 
NEW! Mini-Griptilian the 
specie family has grown 
even stronger. With 
two sizes, two blade 
styles and multiple 
blade configu- 
rations avail 
able there's 
no reason to 
hold back- 
Get a Grip! 



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the creatures can be 

had for far less than 

you would expect— 

Suggested retail starts 

at $95.00 for the larger 

Model 550 and 551. And 

suggested retails start at 

$85.00 for the smaller 

Models 555 and 55( 

a Her 

Two blade styles and thumb-opener 
methods to satisfy every animal 
instinct. Go Wild— Get a Grip Today! 





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Blue Ridge Knives 

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Knife Book 

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you're gone conflicts will come and go. 
Some will survive and some won't. They 
all will give 110 percent to provide the 
enemy every chance to die for his cause 
and. in the end, we will win. 

For the contact information for the knives 
in the story, see "Where To Get 'Em" on 
page 109. 

The author is a farmer master sergeant in 
the 5th Special Farces — or 5th Group - 
and retired several years ago after almost 
20 vears in the service. He also is a knife- 
maker and mites HLADE's monthly knife 
test, "Spec Sheet. " 

22/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 


Though the author said the Khyber knife is used today 
more by nomadic Afghan herdsmen than the Afghan 
soldier, the Afghans used the Khyber to devastating 
effect against the British in the 19th and early 20th 
centuries and. according to some sources, against the 
Red Army in the Afghan-Soviet war. The standard length 
of the blade is 14 to 26 inches, enabling it to be used as 
both a knife and a short sword. Its "T" -shaped spine 
originally was designed to pierce the chain-mail armor 
worn centuries ago by Middle-Eastern warriors. Here 
are three antique versions of Khyber knife 
(lower left), with the modern reproduction 
from Atlanta Cutlery at upper right. 



MARCH 2002 

BLADE / 23 


kjjnife i carry 


The Tinker Swiss Army 
knife from Swiss Army 
Brands is really nice. One 
use I 've found for the 
Tinker 's cap lifter is lifting 
the pull top on soda cans. I 
also have a Swiss Army 
money clip; it 's my food- 
shopping tool. I also cany 
two Swiss Army key chain 
knives that I use every day. 
They 're great! 

—Theodore Scott Jr. 
Duncannon. Pennsylvania 


"My wife and I enjoy 
hiking in the North 
Carolina mountains. The 
knife made by David 
Manley that I carry on 
my belt is a drop-point 
fixed blade with a sheep- 
horn handle. I also carry 
a large Schrade Uncle 
Henry hunter in my 
backpack. My pocket- 
carry knife is a Boker 
Top Lock II. My 
key chain knife is a 
Columbia River Knife 
& Tool P.E.C.K. On 
your next hike, don't 
forget your compass or 
your knife. Oh yeah — and 
do not feed the bears!" 

— Tim Cash 

Columbia, South Carolina 

"4s a contractor, I've 

carried a Case 6347 

stockman and S3 18 

serpentine stockman 

for years. I bought a 3 3/4- 
inch saddlehorn pocket- 
knife by John Houser in 
1994 and have carried it 
from that day. In 1996, 1 
bought a 3 1/2-inch wharn- 
cliffe trapper from Tony 
Bose and started carrying 
it the day I received It. To 
use a knife on a daily basis 
as I do seven days a week, 
the satisfaction I've 
received has got to be 
worth more than any 
money I've spent or could 
get for these knives. " 

— Jim B, Haynes 
St. Louis, Missouri 

24 /BLADE 

Just tell us briefly what knife 
you carry. Add a little history or 
an interesting anecdote. Try to 
include a sharp photograph of 
you and your knife. Well 
publish your comments in an 
upcoming "The Knife I Carry." 
Your name will then be entered 
in a drawing to win a free stag- 
handle Robeson two-blade 
pocketknife. Drawing to be held 
May 15, 2002. Mail to: Blade 
Magazine®, P.O. Box 789, 
Ooltewah, TN 37363-0789, or 
e-mail blade@krause.com. 

MARCH 2002 





The new 2002 "Apprentice" Bullet™ Knile — with its 

two -blade, trapper's style design — is one ol the 

most unique yet in the modern series^ Features 

stainless-steel 3" clip blade and 3" spey blade 

wilb traditional Remington etching and a 

striking tortoise-shell -celluloid handle. Ol 

course, the hallmark' "Bullet" shield, 

holster, liners, pins and cap are till made 

ol nickel silver. 4 V closed length. 



Knife Blade 

Closed Length 

Bullet Knife Clip, Spcy 

4 . " 


The sixth edition in our Wildlife Series features a beautiful two-color etching ol 

the Remington Art Collection's "Cougar at Canyon" on the 3" drop point 

blade. At a trim 5" when closed, the canoe-style knife also comes with 

a 2'/+" pen blade. Both blades are stainless steel inset in genuine 

stag handles which have the Remington shield on the lace 

side. Brass liners and nickel silver rivets and bolsters 

(serialized Irom # 1 -# 1 500) round out this 

collectible work of functional art. Presented \ 

in a designer, four-color display box. 


Knife Blade 

Closed Length 

Wildlife Knife Drop Point, Pen 



For 33-year-old F.rik Weihenmayer 
of Golden, Colorado, a rare hered- 
itary retinal disease deprived him 
of his sight at age 13. However, he 
hasn't let his inability In see rob 
htm of a life lull of adventure, lie's an active 
and avid mountain climber, cvclist. skier, ice 

climber, rock climber, sky diver and marathon 
runner. In addition, he holds a master's 
degree in middle-school education and has 
taught 5th grade math and English, and 
coached middle-school wrestling. He's also a 
writer and motivational speaker, traveling 
frequently to give talks on how his blindness 

is not an obstacle to enjoying a fulfilling, 
active lifestyle. He seems to have done just 
about everything, right? 

Not exactly. 

It was at the 1999 winter Outdoor 
Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. Utah, that 
Erik met Pasqualc "P.V," Scaturro. a 47- 

26 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Weihenmayer carried the 940 in his 
backpack for the entire trip, saying 
the folder's Axis Lock was easy and 
safe to use and simple to operate. 
Benchmade supplied all the climb 
team members with 940 's and laser 
engraved the name of the expedi- 
tion on each of the blades. 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 27 

presenting the new... 


The ARC LITE, a new neck knife 
design from D arret Ralph, blade - 
smith and custom knifemaker 
& designer. Economically 
shaped for any hand, the 
ARGUTE packs a lot of 
performance in a por- 
table, economical 
Arc shaped handle 
cutouts lighten the 
knife and allow 
for a good grip 
under field 

subtle recurve 
helps make a 
short work of c 
cutting task. 
Custom moldc 
Kydex necklace 
sheath for secure 
carry and fast 




Blade: J 25" flat ground 420HC 

(.115" stock). Finish: Satin. 

OAL: 6.85" Sheath: Custom 

molded kydox 

necklace sheath. 

Will accept Mini Tek-lok 

(available from BLADE TECH). 

Made in USA 

CU120[plaln edge)-$27.49 

CU1 21 (partial serrations) -$29.49 

year-old geophysieisl by trade and an avid 
outdoorsman and experienced climber and 
rafter. The two immediately became friends. 
Scutum) began kicking around the idea of a 
climb to the summit of Mount Everest, the 
tallest mountain in the world, with Erik being 
an integral part of the team. Scaturro set the 
wheels in motion to organize the event, as he 
has hud many years' experience arranging 
such expeditions. To gain funding and 
support, he needed the backing of major 
sponsors. The National Federation of the 
Blind (NFB) and Allegra signed on to be 
primary backers. Many other sponsors were 
recruited to provide supplies that would be 
used during the trek. 

Scaturro is also a knife enthusiast and. 
since his father owned a restaurant, he's been 
around blades practically his entire life. 
When it came time to select a knife for the 
climb team, he looked to Benchmade Knife 

"It was a very exciting experience to be 
involved with the dedicated people of the 
2001 NFB Mount Everest Expedition," noted 
Les de Asis. Benchmade CEO. "To support 
and share the commitment and be a part of 
the drama associated with such an endeavor 
was thrilling." 

The team members selected Bench- 
made's 940 Warren Osborne Axis Lock 
folder to be the official knife they would take 
with them. Benchmade worked closely with 
team members and was receptive to what 
they wanted in a knife. 

"First, we listened to their survival and 
lite-sustaining equipment requirements based 
on the weight and space limitations, and the 
cold temperature extremes present in any 
such expedition," de Asis recalled. "One- 
gloved-hand open/close functionality, form, 
reliability, strength and an indexing grip were 
paramount in their list of expected needs. 
After they went through a range of models 
provided for their review, it was noteworthy 
to learn that two of the team leaders [Scaturro 
and Chris Morris, equipment manager] inde- 
pendently, and without each other's knowl- 
edge, selected our Warren Osbome-designcd 
Model 940 folder." 

About 8 inches long overall and 4.47 
inches closed, the 940 more than met with 
Scaturro' s approval, "Incredible workman- 
ship, a work of art." he said of the folder. "I 
was ecstatic about the expedition's choice to 
have the 940 as its official knife." 
commented cutler Warren Osborne, 
designer of the folder. "The blade is 

Camillus Cutlery Company 

54 Main Street. Camillus, NY 13031 

Phone: 800.344.0456 • Fox: 31 5.672. B832 


28 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

designed for rough-tough use. having an 
extremely strong wedged point that resists 
breaking even under emergency situations," 
And. since rope is one of the things used 
heavily by any climber, the 940' s partially 
serrated blade permitted the climb team to 
easily, quickly and efficiently cut through a 
lot of line. As Weihemiiayer (pronounced 

Farther Than The Eve Can See 

Being blind. Erik Weihcnmayer 
discovered that there were many 
things he could do if he 
approached (hem ditTcreniK Willi the 
help of his father, Ed. Erik spent summers 
trekking around the world. "Blindness 
isn't always the issue, it's people's 
perception of it that is way more limit- 
ing." Erik noted in an episode of the 
"Ultimate Ten" on The Learning Chan- 

He perceives it as his mission to show 
the world that a blind person can function 
much as anyone else. To further this end. he 
reached the summit of El Capitan in 1996 
and, in '97. the summit of Mount Kiliman- 
jaro. Next was Mount Everest. "There were 
a lot of people who had climbed Mount 
Everest, so-called experts who told me that I 
shouldn't go." Erik recalled. In typical 
gung-ho fashion, he ignored them. 

How did a blind man climb the world's 
tallest peak? "A team member would hike 
in front of me with a bell. They'd jingle it to 
the right if they wanted me to move right, or 
to the left if they wanted me to move left, 
and I just hiked behind them and tried lo 
stay in their footsteps. In sections like the 
Khumbu iccfall. where it's very specific 
in terms of where you step, they were 
kind of 'tapping' their footsteps with their 
poles. They were telling me. 'OK, we 
want you to step two feet here and three 
feet there.'" 

Alter almost 2 1/2 months on Everest. 
Weihcnmayer and his cohorts reached the 
summit. Once again, he had proved that a 
blind man can do something most people 
with sight can't. "Blindness is not a death 
sentence," he noted. "Now. when people 
think about a blind person or blindness, 
they won't think about a guy selling 
pencils on a street comer — they'll think 
about a guy standing on top of the world." 

For more on Weihenmayer's amazing 
story, read his autobiography. Touch The 
Top Of The World: A Bit ml Man 'x Jour- 
ney To Climb Farther Than The Eye Can 
See, published by Dutton, a division of 
Penguin- Putnam. Also, check out Eric's 
Web site at www.highsightspresenta- 
tions.eom, as well as the Web site 
www.200leverest.com. And. if you can 
catch it in reams, look for the episode of 
"Ultimate Ten" on The Learning Channel 
in which Weihcnmayer is one of 10 
featured stories of survival. 

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... 5.51 dz. 


Phone 1.800251025* Fa* 423247.5371 E-Mail taylor@ preferred cam Web wwwsaylorcullerv.com 

summit steel 

W[NE-mayer) noted, the 940 blade is "super 

Constant Cutting 

As an experienced climber, Erik knows the 
importance of having a good, sharp knife at 
all times on the trek. What arc some of the 
typical uses to which he puts a knife while 

"On a mountain, you use it for every- 
thing." be began. "If your tent is buried in the 
snow, you have to cut the ropes free. You 'a* 
cutting webbing constantly." Weihenmayer 
carried his °40 Axis Lock in his backpack for 
the entire trip, saying n was eas\ and safe to 
use and simple to operate. Many knives are 
difficult to open with gloves but. due to the 
ultra-smooth action of the Axis Lock, 
Weihenmayer said he and his teammates w ere 
able to operate their knives without any hassle 
at all. "We used the Benehmade knives to cut 
virtually everything [that needed cutting] on 
the expedition." Scalurro added. "All the 
dynamic and fixed climbing ropes used were 
cut with Benehmade knives, approximately 
1 ,200 meters or 4,000 feet [of rope]." 

The NFB climb team members didn't 
limit i heir use of the 940"s to utility jobs only. 
"'We ate all of our meals using Benehmade 
knives, including lots of cheese and salami," 
Scalurro grinned. "There were literally 
hundreds of things we did with the knives," 

As for Benchmade's part in helping back 
the expedition, Scaturro couldn't say enough. 
"Benehmade was absolutely one of the most 
supportive of any of our equipment sponsors 
on the climb," he stressed. "Their excitement 
level was tremendous and almost contagious." 
Scaturro indicated that he was particularly 
impressed with the fact thai Benehmade laser 
engraved the name of the expedition on the 
blades of their knives, and was able to deliver 
them in a very timely manner. In summation, 
he said. "Benehmade is one of the most 
professional companies we have ever worked 
with on any expedition." 


The NFB climb is an extraordinary tale of 
how knives are used to accomplish an 
awesome feat. With so many stories in the 
news portraying knives in a negative light, it's 
a tale such as this one that reads like a breath 
of fresh mountain air. Weihenmayer and his 
cohorts relied on their knives to help them 
w ith many tasks on their way up Mount Ever- 
est, ln many ways, their lives depended on 
those blades. And, on the morning of May 25. 
2(101 , Benchmade's knives were atop the 
world with the rest of the climb team 
members on the summit of Mount Everest. 

For more information on the knives used 
during the Mount Everest climb, contort 
Benehmade. ami: T. Notehoom. Dept. BL3, 
300 Beavercreek. Oregon Citv. OR 97045 
(503) 655-6004. 

30 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

profile in 

oroTile in sxeeT 


Many of Chantal Gilbert's knives resemble little creatures, 
often with wings, shells and antennae, always with a 
beak/blade of some sort, in damascus more often than not. 
"Pelleas" features a damascus blade and a body/handle of 
sterling silver and ebony. Overall length: 10 1/2 inches. 

By Bud Lang 

Chantal Gilbert's art knives always 
have turned heads. Often shaped 
like winged creatures of one sort 
or another, you could be forgiven 
for thinking that one of her knives might 
take flight at any minute. 

But that's part of Gilbert's intent. As her 
catalog states, her "work stems from a 
desire to codify the knife in a different 
way." As knife purveyor Gary Shaw 
observed. "That kind of crossover — knives 
as art or art as knives- — is really needed." 
And no knifemaker crosses the boundary 
between knives and art quite tike Chantal, 

From the get go. Gilbert has been an 
artist in the making. She's been fascinated 
with beautiful jewelry since childhood and 
always has professed a love for the fine arts. 
As a young lady she longed to study in a 
professional jewelry-making school. 
However, finding no such school in Quebec, 
she worked on her own for four years, learn- 
ing by trial and error the techniques neces- 

sary to create beautiful custom jewelry. 
When a new jeweler's school finally 
opened, she immediately enrolled in its one- 
year course, later taking post-graduate 
courses as they came available, fine tuning 
her ability to make gorgeous jewelry. 
Finally, a four-year jewelry school in her 
home province opened, the Quebec City 
Jewelry School, and for the past If) years 
she's taught there. 

The jewelry she created in those early 
years was original and exciting. She often 
worked with precious metals, such as silver 
and gold, and as one might expect, the art she 
created was one-of-a-kind. The same materi- 
als and techniques she used to create jewelry 
she would soon use to craft her art knives. 

Fortunately for everyone in the world of 
edged art, she received a government scholar- 
ship a decade ago. permitting her to work 
with Jacques Jobin, one of Canada's masters 
when it comes to creativity, imagination and 
art knives. Chantal' s discovery of handmade 

knives was one of the most exciting things to 
occur in her young life. Totally fascinated 
with edged instruments. Gilbert immediately 
began making art knives of her own design in 
1 99 1 . pieces that would go on to win awards 

Thanks to the many skills she has 
acquired over ihe years in creating custom 
jewelry. Chantal found the move to art knives 
relatively easy. While Jobin was the only 
maker who taught her some of the skills 
necessary to create art knives, specifically the 
blades, Canadian makers Jose dc Braga and 
Gactan Bcauchamp provided her with solid 
information and lots of encouragement. Jose, 
especially, has been working with her on 
folder designs, and it's quite possible Gilbert 
will one day offer a collaboration with him. 

Because she loves working with 
malleable metals, many of her edged 
creations feature handles of hand-molded 
silver and gold. As her catalog notes, her 
'■approach reflects a twofold desire: relating 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 31 

32 / BLADE 

to the object in Us im^si primary function (rhc 
blade] and moving away Irvm traditional 
knifemakmi: ions 3rd a typically ftmMlM Ijfli- 
vimii " N cs. she's a lath-, an artisi and a kink 
maker. ami her work rerteeis these facts \* ell. 

Her knives that resemble little creature* 
0IL-11 some wiih wings, shelK and antennae, 
and always with a Ivak blade of some mvi, in 
<Iarn.iM.us in:**: often than ntrt. for stainless 
steel, ■she relic* an A IS- 3-4 The bodies or 
bundle* of Iter art form* are usually of silver 
that the artist carefully form* 10 shape via 
special mold* and a press. She also USCJ 
ehory and fossil ivory foi liaixlk's She often 
embellishes her art knives with rubies, mcte- 
orilc. I Xk go4d awl similar elements, all in an 
effort to nuke them special 

In addition to displaying her knives in 
Mvefll art ealleiK-s in (''ranee. Switzerland. 
Sweden and the LISA, tiilbert also attend* a 
number of max* knife shows In rccetM years 
her artisirv has earned her the C ulpo del 

( li.iut.iM.illuil 
Dept HI 1.291 rue ( hnstophct olomb 


Quebec City. Quebec. C. I K 3TI, 

(418)5254961 HM{4I8) s??-*t*b 

www .tcilrvrtu/ medium com 

N|>tilaltl<-v M Might an knives iHwit may 
resemble eicaimcs. .->:tvi MriA vil 
shells and antennae, always with a Ivak 
MM sort: li\ed-blaiies in j feminine 

slv le 

lilade Steel* \ I S ) 1 ami (tiiruwu> 
Handle Materials Isually silver thai 
site lorms to shape via special naldl 
and a pre**, clxmy aixl fossil 1*01 . 
Miscellaneous Oiic-i embellishes her 
art knives with rubies, meteorite. IXk 
gold and similar clcmcntx 
Price Raagc SSOO-W.000 

MARCH 2002 

Technology with an Edge 

The technQiOQY Kershaw's Ken Onion Black Out 

The Edge 

• Speed-Safe assisted-openinq 

• Sleek, black ti-nitride coating 

• Economic design 

• Kershaw's "shaving-sharp" 

• Lifetime guarantee 

Model 1550 
MSRP S89.95 

Model 1550ST 
partially serrated 
(not shown) 
MSRP $89.95 

Blade. ...3 1/4 in. (8 .4cnU 

Steel .440A stainless. 

ti-nitride -coated 
Handle... Polyamide 
Closed..4 1/2 in (11.3cm.) 
Weight _.3.Soz 

For infomwtton or a deatef near you. cat 

mm.kersl)aw knires.com 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE / 33 


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1 2 m owoli. - coin edge. Uock 

hr«shed corbon jiee Wod" Pc*shed leather 
. .. cooed metal ajatd and 


Co.amic >r«it Knife, 4.3 la., 


btock wooden 


Ceramic Chof's Knife, 
S in. 

motched -viff- gn ».- npnomir -i^t 
hU Sao hondVi 



Multi-Pller 700, Urban 





,S' Ml 8 Carton Folder, 

Red Inlay, 3.135 In., 

Combo Edga, £061 76 rard 

••,' avaiirLm Son- 

odnne textired GIO. 

ond o combined Kjrof-shcrp ond 

•"pleflo-- ' 

RIVER .?, 

CRF4 - 1 2 

F4 Canon N«<k Knife, 

3.5 In., ComboEdge, 

i->r Ih* 5 stucred ol higr qi.oliyAUS6M 
crl AUS « W?el i»=d 

RAMI 1 020 LED. Light For 
| ASF* Expandable Baton 

»? bjr ccp ol yout baton 4 

■ • «y> PAVi 

&ov* UgKt. Mds less 

rhar 2 inches A«igns 

l than 6 1 

rami 1021 L.i.D Light 

For Ram Catco 
Expandable Baton 




Light, Blue Crystal, 
United States Of 

Sapphire Light, 
Blue Crystal, U.S.A. 




Micra Tool, Translucent 


" 75 


X. co»r> 



Mlnuto Man, 

;rbon s>ee blodes 2 
ied. Sdid bro&s 
■34. mctd Sih«ei 
bobtetv Oefrm hande 
^ rj limef jhield 

15.000 items in stock! ■ No minimum order! ■ Same day shipping! 
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Talonite, CM 154, Plain, 

Blade length of 3.75 in. Overall 
length of 7.5 in. Wilh molded 

Kydex shealh. 



2.25 in. modified drop-poinl blade, 
and the handle is quince wood inlay. 


3V Executive Push Button 
flashlight. Gun Metal, 

Uses 1 DLI23A battery. 
65 lumens. Stainless steel pocket clip. 

D Cell Flashlight, Dark Green, 

1 in. and is constructed of aircraft grade 
aluminum, with over 30,000 candle power. It 

features adjustable spot to (bod beam, rotating 

switch and complete O-ring seals. Il requires 

2 D Cell batteries. 

colo sim 



. AUS 8 A stainless steel blade and 

the forged titanium handle. It's also 

equipped with a full length titanium leaf 

spring lock. Overalllength 8.75 in. 


Elishewitz, Carbon 

Fiber /Wood Handle, 

Satin, Plain, 

Model 690 1 54CM stainless steel 
two-toned 3.25 in. blade. Sapphire- 
blue anodized double titanium liners, 

modified locking-liner Black carbon 
fiber & rose color wood handles. 





Stub a/ Demo, 

Rarest SOG knife and the 
rarest military knife in existence. 
Features a 7 3/4 in. double edge 
bfode with serrations along the spine 


k n i vm E s 




1 Stainless steel handles 

provide strength for I he 

frame Lock. Blade made out 

of AUS 6A. 3.5 in. blade 

length. Plain edge. 

cap «5*** . 

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"A couteaux tires" or "Knife Fight" 
features damascus blades and handles 
of ebony and mammoth Ivory, each of the 
latter with sterling-silver fittings. Overall 
lengths: 11 and 15 Inches. 

Fulmine Award at the 1998 Milan. Italy. 
International Show, [he 1998 Grand Prix des 
Metiers d'arl du Quebec, and the Coup tic 
Coeur Award at the 1994 International Art 
Knife Show in Paris. 

"Jose de Braga has 

been working with 

Chantal on her folder 


— the author 

She will again attend The Knifemakers' 
Guild Show July 12-14 in Orlando, Florida, 
and I he Paris show this October. Chantal has 
had some of her art on exhibit al a major 
gallery in New York, and she recently partici- 

pated in the Sculptural Objects and Func- 
tional Arts Show (SOFA) in Chicago. When 
she"s not traveling, her time is spent in her 
shop in the city of Quebec, her home terri- 

Like many other handmade knife design- 
ers/makers, Chantal sometimes is asked if she 
will make a custom-ordered knife. She said 
she really prefers to create her own designs 
and have the customer choose from her selee- 
tion. At limes, however, she has made 
custom pieces for collectors who know her 
work and really enjoy it. In such cases, Chan- 
tal will use a collector's ideas for materials, 
symbolism and the overall size of the piece, 
and. of course, will work with the collector 
on price. She said such collectors trust her to 
create very original pieces of edged art. And. 
when it comes to original. Gilbert delivers. 

36/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 



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Model "S" 
Flex shaft machine has ball 
l/S hp motor. Kit 
rleclronie foot ton- 
vy duty handpiece. 
35 accessories- 

\Flex shaft r 
hearing 1/8 
include* ele 
trot, heavy 
and 35 acces 

- FT230 . $229.95 



Include 440C Stainless blade, handle material, 
pins and instructions. 


Overall length is 6 1/4' 
SSI67K Renaissance kit 10.95 


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Sharp, flexible stainless steel blade is 12' over- 
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SS910K Fillet Kil .' 16.95 


Use with white rouge to sharpen and potish. 

AG200 I s 30 Leather Belt 11.95 

AG20I 1 i 42 Leather Belt 13.95 

AG202 2 x 72 Leather Bell 34.95 


t .v' with r 1 1 n l" l- in othei compounds loi 

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Quick and easy way to Satin finish a Made Specify 

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i 7AV overall ailh 4 l«" Made 

55783 Navajo Blade nnlv 24.72 

KS7»3K Complrtc Kit ...„,.,,.,...., 32,20 

Standard Panavisc with 3f*T \j( 

(iil.i11on.ind ISC nil IVik-u \- \» 

an^le for any )oh 2 1/2" nylon \ fE*4p» 
jaws withstand heal to 200°F. 

PV30I Standard Panavise .32.25 


By Richard W. Barney and Robert W. 
I Loveless 
I BOKI01 „..I1.95 

A Slcp-by-Step Hon To by Ron Lake, 
1-KLKk Cl-i:!. .I.iji^- ,uk! V\ ,,vik'1. Ilv 
BOK102 1 1.95 


By Tim MtCrelght 

BOSCK..., 13.95 

ForginR Your Way to Perfection 
By Jim llrisuulas 
BOP301 .... 39.95 

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Best magnifiers available, 
adjustable heudband fils 
all. Easily worn over glass- 
es. Lenses are ground & 
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Made in USA. 

iyei Wk. Pi si. Enffi 

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= fcrf-1 






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m.iit i/i 

111.3321) ■ 1 

BL333H V-l 




1/2" 159.95 

I/2" 159.95 

3/4" 325.IKI 

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Used by professionm!* fur razor ek\ui edges on 
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- 3/4" - Sffi" - «r IrCartwc. 





Kit includes: Four 3/4" sewed muslin wheels, one 
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Specify Arbor SLic I i/2 - . Sit", 3/4' I 

n"Kil„ 59.95 

8" Kit 79.95 

10" Kit „ W3K 


1 1 pc. traditional style cutlery set includes pre- 
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SS80 1 1 1 pc. Traditiuaal Set .. 

SS807 * Caning Set 

SS803 ** Steak Set 

„ 69.95 







Precision machined of solid brass 5/16* heads 
skilled for easy inslallatinn. Use RD3 Rivet 
drill forperfcci countersinking and alignment, 

CPIW1 Pkg 12 Rivets 1 12.12 

RD3 Rivet Drill 19.95 


440-C Stainless blades are aboui 10 1/4" 
overall, blades are 5 1/2", Kits supplied w-ilh 
blade, brass guard, threaded pommel and 

block o! l!iymoridw^xl handle material. 



■|he Texas Bowie Blade, i 12 l/2 ft overall, 7" x I 
1/2" it 3/16" thick blade], brass guard laid pom- 
mel ami a pm-drilled dyniLUklwiiinl IiIikI for the 

SS494 Blade onlv 27.95 

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SS91 1 Cape Blade onlv „ 1 8.95 

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Made from 44UC Stainless Siecl 



Overall length 7", blade 4 l/R", 

SS262GOI Hook Blade 8.70 


Overall length 7", blade 2 3/4". 

SS260 Tundra Blade 8.70 


Overall length 6 1/8". blade 2 1/2". 

SS26I Kodiak Blade 8.10 


Overall length 5 1/2". 

blade length 2 7/S". 2 


SSI 76 Shark Blade 


Supplied with 3 rivets. Made from 440C 
Stainless Steel. 

SS50 1 Dinner Kn ife 

Overall length is 8 3/4". blade is 4 1/2*. 
serrated pan of the blade is 2 3/4*' long. 

SS502 Dinner Fork 

Overall length is 7 1/4", it is 1' wide l 


SS503 Dinner Spoon 

Overall length is 7 1/4", II is I 1/2* wide 

at Ihc I 


4 piece sci of blades foe 
wood carvers. Overall 
length of each 4 1/2-5". 
SS2G3 4 pc. sel 


1 -800-351 -S900 

MARCH 2002 


2001 review 

38 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Nobody M 

A groundbreaking year in knives took a back seat 
— as did everything else — to Sept. 11 

By BLADE® staff 

When historians look back on 200 1, 
the events of Sept. 1 1 no doubt will 
dominate any and all retrospectives 
of the year. It should be no other way. 

However, other events also took place, 
including many in the cutlery industry that 
require recording herein, even as America 
continues to deal — as does the world— with 
today's new realities. Following is a capsule 
of what were some of the venris most impor- 
tant knife occurrences. There were no doubt 
others, many of which were recorded in 
BLADE's® 12 monthly issues front the year 
past. (Author's note: Due to BLADE's two- 
month lead lime, events listed as occurring in 
January 2001 were reported in the March 
2001 issue, events occurring in February 
were reported in the April issue, etc.) 


The knives of the late D.E, Henry experi- 
ence a surge in popularity among collectors 
... The hottest knives debuting at the 2001 

Propped on and against the helmet of 
retired New York fire department lieu- 
tenant Rick Ludwig are the Victorinox 
Tinker and Timberline Discovery, exam- 
ples of knives carried by the ground-zero 
heroes who have been cleaning up in the 
aftermath of the World Trade Center 
disaster. Clockwise from top: the knife 
over 50 makers and artisans collaborated 
on and presented to actor-comedian 
Shelley Berman at the 2001 Solvang 
Custom Knife Show for his many years of 
supporting the handmade knife industry: 
the Marto Daga Romana from Pro Cut. 
one of the year's many versions of the 
Roman blade craze left over from the 
movie. Gladiator; Blackie Collins (left) 
and A.G. Russell accept on behalf of Bob 
Schrimsher for the tatter's induction into 
the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall Of Fame 
during the 2001 BLADE Show: the William 
Henry Knives Icon, among the hottest 
knives seen at the 2001 SHOT Show; and 
the M.O.D. Duane Dieter COD Mark V 
ATAC, the Blade Magazine 2001 Overall 
Knife Of The Year®. 

MARCH 2002 

"Clyde Fischer was the 
man every little boy 

thinks he's going to be, 

and every old man 

wishes he had been." 

— B.R. Hughes 

SHOT Show include the William Henry 
Knives Icon. Kcrshaw/Onion Chive, 
Bench made/EIishewitz Model 690, Ka- 
Bar D-2 Impact, Sehrade Van Barnett, 
GATCO/Timbcrline Warden Tactical, 
Outdoor Edge/Ralph Pflragee, C amil- 
lus/Ralpli ArcLite, CRKTAValker Blade- 
LOCK, Chris Reeve Mnandi, 
Delta-Z/Ralph Osprey, M.O.D. CQD 
Mark V ATAC and others ... The Randall 
Knife Society makes the Model 4 8-inch 
lighter, a repro of a I940's Randall design, 
its 2001 club knife ... The new year denotes 
the 25th anniversary of the American 
Blacksmith Society. 


CPM 3 V. CPM S60V, CPM S90V, BG-42, 
I54CM, VG-10 and Talonite are among the 
hottest hi-tech blade materials ... Repros of 
Samuel Bell bowies arc popular in hand- 
made knives ... In an exclusive interview in 
the April BLADE. Chris Reeve decries the 
many switchblades on the market, saying. 
"If you just fly in the face of cultural norms, 
you arc going to get slapped down, and 
that's going to happen [to the knife industry] 
sooner or later." 


BLADE identifies Swedish cutler Jonny 
Walker Nilsson as one of knifemaking's 
best-kept secrets ... In an exclusive inter- 
view in Ihc May BLADE. David Crosby of 

Crosby. Stills, Nash & Young fame says of 
knife collectors: "'1 think we're a fairly rare 
breed, people who appreciate it as an an and 
as a tool at the same time" ... A BLADE 
story in the May issue outlining in picture 
format how to tell good knives from bad 
receives critical acclaim. 


Glenn Marshall. 83 years young, is still 
cranking out knives from his Mason, Texas, 
shop, with no sign of slowing down ... A 
measure entitled SH 274 is considered lhal 
would add language to the California 
.switchblade law requiring manual one-hand 
knives to employ "a detent or other mecha- 
nism" to maintain their legal exemption 
from the law. However, there is concern that 
I he proposed amendment's requirement that 
all manual one-handers must have a detent 
or other mechanism or else the knife could 
be classified as a switchblade potentially 
threatens the rights and makes criminals of 
both the makers and users of folders not so 
equipped ... In the June BLADE. Eugene 
Shadley writes that the Minnesota Slate 
Board of Arts earlier had approved his grant 
request to provide apprenticeship knifemak- 
ing training for two of his students ... The 
June issue also reports that U.S. servicemen 
are downsizing their knives, many with 
blades under 4 inches ... The National 
Knife Museum is sold for SI million, with 
the over 12,000 knives contained therein 

"I'm not looking for 

anything to change for 

at least three years." 

— Masecrcifi '$ Marjorie 

Hartman of India *s export 

ban on sambar stag 

BLADE / 39 




moved to an undisclosed site until it's 
decided what to do with them ... A special 
handmade knife collaboration involving 
over 50 knifemakcrs and other artisans from 
24 states and Canada is presented to come- 
dian, actor and knife aficionado Shelley 
Reiriiitrt a( the Solvang Custom KniTe 


The spring hammer-in at the Bill Moran 
School of Bladesmithing in Washington. 
Arkansas, is reportedly the last one at the 
school in which Bill Moran will actively 
participate ... The shortage of sambar stag 
continues to worsen. Meanwhile, in its 
place, other n a I Lira I materials such as 
mother-of-pearl, fossil ivory, exotic woods, 
horn, bone and stones take up the slack ... 
Credit -card or wallet knives are still on the 


The BLADE Show celebrates its 20th 
annual edition at the Cobb Galleria Centre 
in Marietta, Georgia ... The original oil -oil- 
can v as portrait of Jim Bowie and several 
other personal items that reportedly 

belonged to Jim and Rezin Bowie are 
auctioned by Butterfield & Butterfield ... 
Hie Blade Magazine 200 1 Knife-Of- 1 lu- 
Year Awards® are named at the BLADE 
Show and are (award names in parentheses): 
the M.O.I). CQD Mark V AT AC (Over- 
all): Kershaw Black Chive (American- 
Made): Columbia River Knife & Tool 
BladeLOCK (Imported): Chris Reeve 
Knives (Manufacturing Quality); William 
Henry Knives T-12 Mardi Cras 
(Investor/Collector): T i ge rs h a r p Technolo- 
gies Neon (Most Innovative Imported 
Design): Sehrade Van Barnett (Knife 
Collaboration): TiNives Bavo Knife (Most 
Innovative American Design): Camillas 
ArclJte (Best Buy): Sentry Solutions 
knife-and-lool care kit (Accessory): 
Columbia Rher Knife & Tool (Publisher's 
Award); and Paul Basch (industry Achieve- 
ment) ... Boh Sehrimshcr, a pioneer in the 
knifemaking supply business, is inducted 
into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall Of 


Many styles — including though not limited 

to low -end hunters, dressed-up and standard 

Gone But Not Forgotten 

The year saw the passing of many friends of the knife community. Following are 
some. Please forgive us if we have omitted anyone: 

Brad Embry — A full-time maker who made his first knife in 1 974, Embry 
specialized in hi-tech and art folders. He enjoyed knifemaker emeritus status in The 
Knifcmakers' Guild. 

Rick Fields- -A master of the art of scrimshaw; Fields was also one of the leading 
suppliers of fossil ivory to custom knifcmakers. 

Clyde Fisher — Knifemaker, pistol customizer. avid hunter, rodeo star — "a library 
of the human experience" l'i slier was a pioneer knifemaker of the modern era who 
later overcame a stroke to learn how to make knives left-handed. 

Dave Griffin — Past shop foreman and supervisor at Randall Made Knives. Griffin 
worked in all areas of the shop, from the forge to the front office. He originated the 
Randall handle with the single finger groove. 

Joe Huddleston — Huddleston was known for making ornate Scottish dirks, 
daggers and sgian dubhs. winning many honors for same, including several BLADE- 
handmade' x1 Awards. 

Donald Langt — A bladesmith who had earned his rating as ABS master in 1989. 

Paul Lenlz — Long-lime collector of Buck knives, displnyer of those knives and 
vice president of the Buck Collectors Club. 

Zollan MeCarty — A specialist in working knives and period pieces. McCarty was 
a full-lime cutler who made his first knife in 1971. 

Carl Nelson President of Texarkana College, Nelson was instrumental in the 
administration of the Bill Moran School of Bladesmiihing and was a pasi recipient of 
the ABS's prestigious Don Hastings Award. 

Bob Sen rims her- -A pioneer in the knifemaking supply business. Sehrimshcr ran 
an open tab for many financially sirapped knifcmakers in the I960's and "70"s at a 
time when they sorely needed it. I le had just been inducted into the Blade Magazine 
Cutlery Hall Of Fame this past June. 

Yvon Vachon — Regarded by many as the world's finest maker of both miniature 
and micro-miniature knives. Vachon won many honors for his pieces, including 
several BLADE handmade Awards. 

tactical folders and fixed blades, slip joints 
and damaseus naturals •- stand out at the 
32nd annual Knifcmakers' Guild Show as 
il returns to Orlando. Florida, after a five- 
year hiatus ... A survey is circulated among 
voting members during the Guild Show 
business meeting to try to arrive at a defini- 
tion of exactly what is — and isn't — a hand- 
made knife. Reportedly, the survey would 
be mailed to a!! Guild members for them to 
till out ... SB 274, an amendment to the 
California switchblade law requiring manual 
one-hand knives to employ "a detent or 
other mechanism" to maintain their legal 
exemption from the law. is adopted and will 
become law on Jan. 1. 2002 ... Roman 
blades as popularized in the hit movie. 
Gladiator, continue to he hot. 


Jim Batson, Jerrv Fisk, Paul Burke, 
Daniel Searles and Bruce Ynylcs are 
inducted into the AB.S Hall of Fame ... In 
the October BLADE, a story names the 
Buck 110, Spyderco Mariner, the Michael 
Walker LinerLock™, the Ron Lake tab- 
lock inicrfranic, Gerber LST and Chris 
Reeve Scben/a as the most influential 
modem (1960-2000) folders ... The Seagel 
Blade Forging & Knife Exhibition, the 
first ABS-sponsored seminar of its kind in 
the Midwest, is held at Dr. .James Lucie's 
residence in Fruitport, Michigan. 

"The guys who died 
are the real heroes." 

—New York fireman 

Mike Ros sella on the 

WTC disaster 


The crashing of U.S. passenger aircraft into 
the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and 
a lonely Held in Pennsylvania by terrorists 
stuns humankind and appears to change 
forever what had been a complacent world 
view toward terrorism ... In the wake of the 
terrorist attacks, anything with an edge 
from knives to fingernail clippers— is 
banned from being carried on U.S. passenger 
tlights ... The nth annual BL ADEhandmade 
.Awards, presented to kni/'emakers uho.se 
knives have won in selected categories .i\ 
shows participating in the BLADEhandmade 
program, are announced at BLADE Show 
West (for more on them, see the special 
story this issue). 


Boron carbide is the latest blade coaling to 

be the rage in the factory knife industry. 

40 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

"I think the horse has 
been out of the barn 
far too long and we 

aren't going to turn it 

around now." 
— Ed Brandsey on the 
widespread use of hi- 

tech machinery by Guild 

members in the crafting 
of their knives 

appearing on such knives as the Kershaw 
Black Chive, Be n eh made Osborne 770, 
William Henry Knives Carbon Fiber 
series, TiNives Tactical and others ,,. The 
December BLADE contains a story on the 
little-known C harpy Test, a gauge of the 
toughness of blade steel ... A December 
BLADE story takes an informal poll of 
seven Guild knifemakers. asking them 
exactly what is — and isn't — a handmade 
kni fe, 


A January 2002 BLADE story identifies slip 
joints with fewer blades, repros and updates 
of traditional patterns, and some in hi-tech 
and/or more exotic materials as a mini -trend 
among handmade knives ... The January 
BLADE'S "Your Knife Rights" concludes an 
insightful three-part series entitled "Blades 
and The Schools" ... Advances in technol- 
ogy result in a new, laminated sheet -of solid 
carbon fiber that's colored through and 


The movie. The Eel I oh t/j ip of the Ring, 
"starring" several blades reproduced by 
United Cutlery, opens in theaters across the 
USA ... On the 60th anniversary of the 
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Bob 
Terzuola and Allen Elishcwitz announce a 
limited edition of 61 eommemoratives to 
salute the landmark event ... The February 
2002 BLADE "Unsheathed" alerts Boston i- 
ans to a proposed ordinance that, if passed, 
would in essence ban the sale or carrying of 
knives with blades over 2 1/2 inches long in 
the city ... The blades used by New York 
firemen and police during the cleanup of the 
WTC disaster are pro tiled in the February 
BLADE story, "Knives of the Ground-Zero 
I leroes." 

MARCH 2002 

T^L-IC3l= t [).. 

*Cr-i*= SIAJO R ' >', Of 


'Cri't /DAT\C5 Ar<,i A is! 

1uli.v functional 

Atlaniean Sword and lather's Sword 

Alitmoimzi.ii. Alithenticahu And 

Exclusively Replicated from thi Original Molds 

under the direct ion of 

looY Samson 

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in a 20th Anniversary Edition Commemorating 

thf |0tf2 Major Motion Picture Rtleasi 



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< l-888-806«M 

M I* Itll IVU'.r 

i Wl 
>NAN Fkotfrhb 
nan htomiiiEv 

■ [KiUJlKTS 

BLADE / 41 



rule when 
hunting big 
game and 
surviving big 

By David Jaye 








42 / BLADE 

The author's big guardless bowie by Mark Francis McGee features a flat-ground, 9- 
inch blade made from a file of a tool steel most likely similar to 0-1. McGee forged 
the blade down at the heel so the user's fingers won't slip onto the cutting edge 
during use. The maker employs an antique finish that gives the blade the appear- 
ance, the author notes, as if it's "been used a couple of years but not abused. " The 
handle is whale bone. The book is Nessmuk: Woodcraft and Camping, The Great 
American Classic of Camping by George Sears, a.k.a. "Nessmuk," 

MARCH 2002 

I wonder about writers of hunting 
stories who claim all that's required 
of a sportsman's knife is for it to be a 
folder or a 3-to-4-inch drop-point 
fixed blade. Such knives may be quite 
adequate for the hunter who doesn't stray 
far from his pickup and field dresses his 
game only, leaving the balance of the 
butchering for the local meal cutter. It's 
hunters who trek far from their vehicles. 

butcher their own game and are more self- 
sufficient with whom I share my praise of 
large knives. 

When the game is down, I may be 
several miles from camp. If the terrain is 
rough, I may have to not only field dress the 
animal but skin, quarter and even de-bone it 
on site to prepare it for the long carry out. A 
large knife will help me do these jobs much 
easier than a pocket knife. A visit to a meat- 

eutiing establishment or large grocery store 
with in-house butchers reveals that they 
don't rely solely on small-bladed knives. 
They've learned through experience that 
larger knives with 6-to- 10-inch blades 
lessen hand fatigue, thereby making the 
butchering task easier, for example, try 
carving a roast with your poeketknifc. 
You'll see what a chore it is — not to 
mention the mess that results. A hunter who 

"Like the saw, axes 

and hatchets lack 

the versatility of the 

large knife." 

— the author 

Other of the author's large McGee pieces 
include, from top: a Rifleman's long knife 
with a 9 1/4-inch blade and whale bone 
handle; a crown-stag belt knife with a 7 
1/2-inch blade: and a muzzle-loader's bag 
knife with a curly maple handle and 6 1/2- 
inch blade. Blades on all three are forged 
from Black Diamond files, most likely of a 
steel similar to 0-1. 



tjfxfihrr iwin$ untUHr cutting rfjitipmeni 


saddles, bridles, 
chaps, harnesses 
garments, belts, 
boots, shoes, 
holsters, sheath, 
crafts, etc. 

{saddle crratalujinit 
u ITppmnttH tirt.\.*l 

Leather creations 

No leather creation is beyond the imagination 

wiih I he use of high powered, precision. 

Tippnuinn sewing and die culling machines. 

For a free brochure, call 1-866-286-8046 

a ^P&J CKER 

air powered die cutting machine 


hand stitcher machine 

air powered sewing machine ^j; 

4520 lil len wood O. • I -oil Wavnc, IN 46K0f> • vwvvv.lip 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 43 

According to the author, the 
leukko is a big blade used by 
Laplanders for heavy duty 
work such as cutting poles, 
etc. He said that prior to World 
War II, the Lapps used the 
knife to build shelters while 
herding reindeer. 

44 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

butchers game in the field should consider 
complementing a smaller fixed blade or 
folder with a knife sporting a blade from 6- 
to-9 inches long. Any longer and the knife 
wouldn't be of noticeable benefit and more 
likely would be inconvenient to carry. 

Big Blades on ihe Frontier 

In the pas!, hunters knew the value of long 
blades. In his I X3t)"s autobiography. Davy 
Crockett wrote of his experiences on the 
Obion River in West Tennessee, one fall 
supplying many of his neighbors with bear 
meat. He made several references to the 
"large butcher" he carried, using it to field 
dress, butcher and sometimes dispatch bears 
when the proximity of his dogs to the bear 
made a shot impossible. In 1!UK. Rczin 
Bowie. Jim Bowie's brother, wrote a letter 
to a newspaper trying to correct the miscon- 
ception that Jim had used a specially made 
combat knife in the famous Sandbar Fight. 
Rezin claimed the knife was designed and 
made as a hunting knife with a single edge. 
Eyewitness accounts of the event concur 
thai [iouic used a "large butcher knife." 

In his book Solitary Rambles, a report of 
a trip taken in i 847. John Palliser. an Irish 
sportsman, suggested a large butcher knife 
for the sportsman traveling to the American 
Plains in search of game, G.O. Shields' 18K5 
book. Camping and Camp Outfits, recom- 
mended a blade of not less than 8 inches of 
the best steel available, sharp on one edge 
only and nearly a quarter-of-an-inch thick at 
the back, and suggested it should have a 
strong buck-horn handle. Finally, in the 
l'J06 book. Camp ana' Trail. Stewart 
Edward White claimed to have carried a 
Marble's kitchen or camp knife for seven 
years that was a "longer bladed affair." 

In Scandinavia, knives with small 3-10- 
4-inch blades called pttukko.i in Finland. 
tollkniv in Norway and moraknivar in 
Sweden are popular. Used mainly for wood- 
can-ing. a national pastime to some Scandi- 
navians, or hunting, fishing and even in the 
household, such knives are general-purpose 
tools. In the far north of the three Scandina- 
vian countries and parts of northwestern 
Russia live the Sanii (also known as Lapps 
or Laplanders). They still live, lor the most 
part, a semi-nomadic life in the wilderness. 
healing reindcei and carrying a iargei knife 
called a Leukko with a 7-to- u -ineh blade. 
My Leukko has an 8-inch blade and a friend 
of mine has the same style of knife with a °- 
inch blade. After hundreds of years of 
harvesting the caribou-like reindeer, the 
Sanii have developed a no- frills knife thai 
works well at what they need it for — 
butchering animals. Some of the knives are 
beautiful handcrafted folk-art items and arc 
highly collectible. 

Smoothing It 

I tend to go off the beaten path in search of" 
game. I've hunted in the Kootncy and 
Omenica Mountains of British Columbia 
and have made several trips to the Slikine 
plateau in northern B.C. The Stikine is so 



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MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 45 

blades afield 

uf/ior uses W 
free. Note (he 

ale-bone bowie to 
ife on his belt 

' ' 

.' .' 

A Southwestern bowie made by 
the author follows his precept of 
larger is often better. The blade is 

9 inches and the handle is elk 

46 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

inaccessible and remote that the Canadian 
Geographic Society has staled that possibly 
more people have walked on the moon than 
have traveled the length of the plateau. This 
is where my friend. Marshall, and 1 go lo 
hunt moose and caribou in ihe early days of 

In the areas vvc frequent, I carry a large 
knife for protection. The grizzly reign 
supreme here and blaek bears 6 feet tall and 
weighing 500 pounds aren't uncommon. 
These two large omnivorcs — though they 
may regard men as a link in the food 
chain — aren't usually a threat and would 
sooner avoid hunters. If a large bear 
happened to take the initiative to charge and 
I would be unable to stop it with a shot from 
my rifle. I would be in for a mauling. Even 
if I were to succeed in killing the bear with a 
knife, I would be in for a world of hurl 
(which is to be avoided at all cost, according 
to my wife). As a result. I carry a knife for 
protection not against bears but rather 
against an unsheltered night. 

When the large Canadian geese point 
their long vee's south and wc stalk the 
mountains in search of big bulls, as soon as 
the sun sinks below the Western saw-teeth, 
it gets seriously cold. If you have to stay 
away from camp, you'd better know how to 
stay warm and dry. The twilight doesn't 
offer a lot of time to get back to camp, and 
Marshall and I push the envelope of the one- 
hour-after-sundown shooting time to its 
legal limit. In most instances we can make 
our way out with our flashlights. However. 
when the nearest help is 500 kilometers of 
hard travel distant, a broken bone can put 
you in a grim situation, pure and simple. In 
such instances, it's sometimes smart to wait 
it out till morning. 

George Sears, under the pen name of 
"Nessmuk," wrote, "... we do not go to the 
woods to rough it. but to smooth it." 
Anyone in a remote situation who's able to 
provide shelter, a fire, a comfortable bed 
and perhaps a warm meal for themselves is 
"smoothing it" as far as 1 sec. My large 
fixed-blade knife helps me accomplish that, 
cutting saplings for shelter and browse for 
thatching and bedding. Such a piece will fell 
a small dead tree, split it to reveal the dry 
inner wood when the outer shell is damp- 
ened by precipitation, and also help prepare 
a meal. 

Marshall prefers a smaller knife and 
carries a folding saw but recently bought a 
knife with a 6-inch blade, which leads me to 
have hope for him yet. Some experienced 
bushmen may argue that a hatchet or axe 
would work better than a big knife, and they 
would be correct. However, as with the saw. 
1 find that axes and hatchets lack the versa- 
tility of the large knife. Moreover, they're a 
bit of a bother to carry all day in the moun- 
tains on the off chance I may have to spend 
the night. 

Depending on the trip I'm taking. I use a 
blade 5-ta-9 inches long and feel a 7-inch 
blade to be a good compromise between size 
and portability. Several years ago I wrote a 

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MARCH 2002 

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story on knives in which I noted that the 
best blade to carrv is the one that's so inob- 
trusive that you don't know it's there until 
you need it. It has to be comfortable to carry 
or you lend not to wear it, in which ease the 
knife will have been left in camp when you 
need it most. A well-designed sheath makes 
the difference in comfortable carry. ( have 
my sheaths made b> Waller Oslin. a world- 
class holster maker. 

"Larger knives with 


blades lessen 

hand fatigue." 

— the author 

Large Knil'e Requirements 

There are arguments in 'favor of stainless 
steel, especially around water, and today's 
improved stainless steels are remarkable, 
but I prefer high-carbon tool steel. When 
stainless and high-carbon tool steels are 
tempered correctly, it's my opinion that 
high carbon still holds a better edge. 1 
could be wrong but even though I'm not 
from Missouri, you have to show me. 1 feel 
a blade hardness of 59 RC or thereabouts 
on the Rockwell scale is optimum for the 
tool-steel blades 1 use. Anything over 60 
RC is too difficult to re-establish the edge 
in the field. Several knives I own are 
forged by Mark Francis McGee from old 
mill files of a tool steel most likely similar 
to O-l. Mark edge quenches and draws the 
temper three times for a blade that's both 
strong and holds a phenomenal edge. The 
blade should be flat ground from spine to 
edge to give a good edge profile for slicing 
chores, which is the main duty of a knife. 
A guard is a good idea but not a necessity. 
If too large, it lends to get in the way when 
I choke up on the blade for more delicate 

1 find handles of natural material, antler 
or wood, preferable to synthetic, a purely 
personal choice, though I do have knives 
with both. 1 also have pieces with narrow- 
and full-tang construction. Each style has 
merit and 1 don't know if one makes that 
great a difference over the other. I've never 
broken the handle from the blade but 1 
don't use my knives as pry bars. 

A large knife is a mailer of personal 
choice and, like a friend, can make or break 
a wilderness adventure. Choose well alter 
much consideration. 

For the contact information for the knives 
and sheaths in the story, see "Where To Gel 
'Em" on page 109. 

48 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

SW1 15. !.'< IV SbMeeal N«c* Knap (29.99 

- I 


SP2502. Combat Survw» Kukri $59.99 

KKROI.Kuk/iKyaexHepiacemeniSrwBih $29 99 

- Personnel Service 

• Utility and Durability 

Hxjtt carbon steel Tarto-s^yJe blades take an edge quickly and 
hod it *«1 FoWors feature thumb studs lor one-handed 
ambidextrous operation Knives are assembled with Tore 
fasteners lor easy maintenance. Al knives except the MK-IV 
feature removable deep-draw pocket dips tor instant access A 
fine nr*sh and subdued black color make the line a fovorile wth 
Pubic Service professionals as well as serious crWians. 


• Arodized aluminum hardies with rubber grip inserts 

• Smooth openrtg side toe* 

• MK l Hefty dmenwms make the a trie all-purpose knrte. 

Ssecs. Overal- 8-1/2* • Ctosed- 4-3.4' • BWe- 3-3/4" x 1/16" 

• mk II: Sightly smaller tor easier carry/concealment. 

Specs Own*- 7-\W • Ctotad- 4' • BSade- 3-1 /4' x 1/8* 


• Frame lock totters utitze cne side of the skeletonized carbon 
s!«n frame as the lodorg mechanism wim food-ttlaoe safety 

• Milled thumbrest tor positive control 
Black powder-coated handle 
Black Teflon'-coaied bade 

• Specs Overal- 8-1/2* • Closed- 4-3'4' . Blade- 3-5/8' x 1/8* 


• loeal. concealable backup weapon 

• Sturdy chan is designed to Dreak under undue pressure to 
p-cvent choking 

• Black *iber-reirforced nylon handle 

• Black TeAon'-coated blade 

• Fber reintorced nylon sheath with positwe click-stop retention 
ana built-in emergency whistle 

• Specs: Overall- 6-78" • Blade- 3" x 0. 10* 

The legendary Gurkhas, renowned warriors from the Nepalese 
Himalayas, served as mercenary wamors for tic Brftsh crown as 
late as World War II. Tales of the r fearlessness in battle are stall 
told today, and Tie kukri, their weapon of chc«ce for dose quarter 
combat, lives on. mproved wrm modem steel and a gripoy 
Kraton' handle. 

• Perfectly balanced ter chopping. w*h deep belly tor slicing, tood 
preparator or game sknnng 

• 1096 Carbon Sleof fuliung blade 

• Epoxy powder coated tor corrosion resistance 

• Kraxm* handle with birtfs-beak pommel and lanyard 

• Dimensions - 1 7" overal with 12" x 0.187" blade 

• VYegM • 2 lbs 

• Bacx Cordura' nylon belt sheath 

• Made m the U S.A by Ontario Knilc Company 

See Your Local Knife Dealer or Call: 


Spec Ops Knives 

BQM. Ltd 

PO Box 100001, Konnesaw, OA 30144-9217 

Dealer A Distributor Inauiries Call: 


Fax: 770-419-2895 

E-mail: Y/holesale€t>rl9adoam.com 

Ktr> sio.i 

factory focus 

50 /BLADE 

Limited-edition Buck pieces include, from top: the Koji folder w/ATS-34 blade, 
"stone-step" bolster design, quincewood handle, ~3 1/2 inches closed ($170 
MSRP); Damascus Dagger w/3-inch blade and Bahama cherrywood handle 
($230 MSRP); Buck 110 Wyatt Earp commemorative ($126 MSRP); and 
Vanguard w/24k-gold deer laser cut into the blade ($166 MSRP). 

MARCH 2002 

The Basic Concept 

is Still the Same — 


Buck Knives 

By Mike Haskew 

When Hoyt Buck developed a 
steel tempering proeess to 
help the grub-hoes of his 
hlucksmithing customers hold 
an edge longer, he was responding to a 
need. That was in 1902. A hundred years 
later, the knife manufacturing company that 
succeeding generations of the Buck family 
have built and nurtured continues to do the 
same thing. 

The growth of today's Buck Knives 
began in earnest in the days following 

World War II. Since that lime, the company 
has been guided by the simple tenets of 
producing the finest cutlery in the world and 
providing great value. Today, Buck's 
continued focus on the marketplace has 
resulted in the development of a line of hi- 
tech locking-lifter and tactical folders and 
poeketknives that complements its standard 
folders, fixed blades, CrossLoeks and the 
versatile BuekTool. 

"What we've done is taken our products 
and divvied them up by consumer use." 
explained C.J. Buck, 
company president and 
CEO. "Whereas before we 
had them categorized as 
fixed, folding, pocket and so 
on. we decided that approach 
wasn't helping consumers 
make a purchase. Wc 
thought it would be much 
better to divide the knives 
into categories as the 
consumer would use them. 
Thai's done a number of 
things for us. It's helped us 
focus our advertising so that 
we have the right products in 
the right venues, and when 
we looked around we real- 
ized that we had some real 

The realization was that 
there were simply some 
voids in the Buck line that 
needed to be filled, both in 
the knives themselves and in 
price points and values. As a 
result, strong consideration 
was given to the uses of 
knives, giving rise to five 
new categories: hunting, 
outdoor, tactical, everyday 
carry, and limited edition. 
"The other thing we came to 
terms with is that we're not 
experts in all categories," 










SSI Mini Stride 


In the field, failure fs never 
an option * that's the thinking 
behind our premium tactical 
knives. State-of-the-art 
materials and HO years of 
knrfe-making experience 
ensure your knife will 
perform when it's critical. 

1-800-735-2825 buckknives.com 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 51 

Darrel Ralph's 


Now Available from 


DeltaZ Knives, Inc. P.O. Box 1 1 12, Studio City, CA 91614 
(818)786-9488 Fax (818) 787-8560 www.DeltaZ-Knives.com 

Gerber has been producing classic knives 
since 1939. This year the tradition continues 
with the .Spectre. Designed with hard use in mind. 
Spectre has all of the premium features today's 
knife buyer demands in performance cutlery. 
Spectre has titanium liners and G10 scales, 
making it lightweight, yet incredibly 
strong. It's 154CM razor sharp blade 
is coated with black titanium nitride, 
subduing glare wliile increasing 
corrosion resistance. These 
features make Spectre one 
of the best production 
folders available. 

Weight: 3.7 ounces 
Clip: Stainless Steel 
Liners: 6AL4V Titanium 
Blade: 154CM w/Matte Black 
Titanium Nitride Coating 
Handle: Black Machined G1G 
Length Closed: 4 5/16 inches 
Length Open: 7 7/B inches 
Blade Length: 3 1/2 inches 


Proutfy made in the USA 


Gertsef Legendary Blades ■ Flskars Consume! Products, Inc • 14200 SW 72nd Avenue. Portland, OR 97224 

factory focus 

factory focus 

continued C.J. "1 consider myself a pretty 
proficient hunter and able to spot a winner 
in a hunting knife, but when it comes to 
kayaking, climbing and backpacking, our 
direction was to collaborate with expert 
users in those particular fields." 

One of the most successful of these 
collaborations has been with designers Mick 
Strider and Duane Dwyer of Sirider Knives. 
The result was a powerful foray into the 
tactical arena with the Strider. Mini Strider 
and TacLitc. all available in G-IO handles 
with ATS-34 stainless blades. The Strider 
comes with a spear-point blade, and the 
Mini Strider debuted last year. 

In the everyday-carry line. Buck said the 
Odyssey and Lightning HTA locking liners 
have met with immediate success. The 
Lightning is available in two sizes with an 
aluminum handle in a choice of a pewter or 
black oxide color, and a 420 HC steel blade 
with either a plain or 'half-serrated edge. 
Another Lightning version features an ATS- 
34 blade and a lightweight carbon 
fiber/Kevlar handle. In addition, ihe Light- 
ning HTA II is available in a limited-edition 
Artists Series with wildlife artwork 
anodized on the handles. The Odyssey is 
also available in 420 HC or ATS-34 blades 
with a textured thermoplastic handle. 

"We've taken our 

products and divvied 

them up by 

consumer use.' 

— C.J. Buck 


"Probably the thing we have been most 
tickled with is the NXT." noted C.J. "It's a 
solid, inexpensive knife. With one-hand 
opening it's easy to operate, and the handle 
is made with a two-shot rubber overmold 
that just feels good in your hand. It locks 
and unlocks easily, and the blade action is 

Tailor-made for outdoor activities such 
as camping, hiking, rock climbing or rafting. 
the NXT handle is rubber backed by glass- 
reinforced nylon. For variety, the handles 
are available in blue, cobalt, red and gray. 
The blade is 420 HC stainless. 

Another everyday-carry design is the 
Ecco, begun as a collaboration with Sakai 
Cutlery of Japan before Buck brought 
production entirely in-house. The Ecco 
features a glass- 111 led nylon handle with 420 
HC blades in spear-point and sheepfoot 
patterns. Available in two sizes weighing a 
scant 2.6 and 2.9 ounces, respectively, the 
Ecco is easy to carry and opens with one 

The anodized aluminum handles of the 
Memory Scries fill the bill for everyday 
carry with a single drop-point blade opened 

52 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Among Buck's everyday- 
carry knives are those in the « 
Lightning artist series with 
brilliant wildlife scenes 
a nodi zed on aluminum 
handles. The partially 
serrated blades operate on 
locking liners and come with t 
metal pocket clips. Closed 
length: 4 1/8 inches. Weight: 
3 ounces. MSRP: $82 each. 



Phone: (561) 863-3205 • Fax:{561) 863-3277 • For Quick Service Toll Free:(800) 500-3879 

e-mail : mail@joyenterprises.com • Catalog available to dealers only. 

Please include letterhead, phone number & resale license number. 





90087 - 7" 


Muela Spain 



MARCH 2002 

BLADE / 53 


. Stop 

; 1 Knife 






Uhiuc CurLeftv UC 1264 

Sting Sword 
f OUR PRICE: $11 9.99! 


Glamoring Sword 
our p«ict . S 185.99! 

a CuTLCHr 

Sword of 


our price: $185.99! 


Sure Fire E2» B ,«.»s t .»™, 

MSRP, 599*99 ^,.,,.,, : A ,.- : ., : ..., , 

our pr'ce- $56.99!!! S6 „T 9m , 

MSRP: 599.99 ■—»«» 

OUR PR/CE. $64.99!!! h&Sm 


Kershaw Chive 

MSRP: S50.00 

OUR PRICE: $31.99!!! 

Why Pay Retail?!?! 

Internet Prices, Home Town Service 

Order Toll Free: 


Information & Help Line 



Order By US Mail; 

[include $f> rot UPS GROUND Smrpmo, 

OneStopKnifeShop. com 

5875 Mining Terrace 

Suite 104 

Jacksonville, FL 32257 

easily via a nail nick. "The anodizing on the 
Memory Scries is almost like color print- 
ing." said C.J. "The detail and richness are 
amazing, and it's as if the aluminum has 
actually changed color. The color wears off 
only as the aluminum surface itself wears 

For the climbing enthusiast, the Hitch- 
Hiker Series is ideal, featuring a carabiner 
clip that attaches easily to a bell loop, back- 
pack or strap. Constructed with a lough 
stain less-steel-laminaied handle, ihe llileh- 
lliker comes in versions with a single blade. 
a personal groomer with a nail file and cuti- 

cle tool, and one sporting a small pair of 

The BuekLiie and BuekLite II folding 
loekbacks are outdoor ready with single 
drop-point blades, either plain or half 
serrated, and durable thermoplastic handles 
in black or translucent aqua, red and cobalt 
to mulch outdoor packs and gear. 

Also new in the everyday-carry line are 
the Access and Juno one-handers, both with 
economically contoured handles and single 
blades of 420 HC stainless. Both have glass- 
tilled thermoplastic handles, and are avail- 
able with a handy pocket clip. The Access, 

The CrossLock 3-Function Hunter — with 
drop-point, gutting/skinning and bone- 
saw blades — employs Buck's ton fusion 
technology for super'hard (a Rockwell of 
80 RC) blade surfaces. According to 
Buck, blades coated with the process 
stay sharp five times longer than stan- 
dard blades. Closed length: 5 inches. 
Weight: 4.5 ounces. MSRP: S82 

The Ecco features a glass-filled nylon 
handle with 420 HC blades in spear-point 
and sheepfoof patterns. Available in two 
sizes weighing a scant 2.6 and 2.9 ounces, 
respectively, the Ecco is easy to carry and 
opens with one hand. Closed lengths: 3 3/8 
and 4 inches. MSRP's: $42 and S46. 

54 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Buck Knives 

attn: C.J. Buck 
Dept liL3. POB 1267 
El Cajon. CA 92022 
(800) 326-2825 

Specialties Hunting, outdoor, tactical, 
everyday carry, and limited-edition 
knives, including hi-tech locking liners, 
folders, fixed blades, pockctknives and 
[he UuekTool multi-tool 
Blade Steels ATS-34. 42(1 HC. 420 J2, 

Handle Materials Various synthetics, 
including G-10, glass-filled nylon, 
translucent thermoplastic, a carbon 
fiber'Kevlar composite, anodized 
aluminum, and a stainless steel lami- 
nate; and various natural handle materi- 

Miscellaneous lonfusion process in 
which zirconium nitride is bonded to 
certain of Buck's 420 HC blades for a 
Rockwell surface hardness of 80 RC 
Sheaths Leather and molded 
MSRP RangeS 1 7-S5.000 

which C.J. describes as a "simple, solid 
knife at a great price," is available in two 
sizes, the smaller weighing only 1 .5 ounces. 

One limited-edition knife with a $5,000 
price tag will be unveiled in Las Vegas Feb. 
2 at the SHOT Show, the annual retail- 
trade-only event. Only 100 of them arc 
being made, and C.J. promises that they will 
be dazzling. 

For the past year, the Buck management 
and production teams have concentrated on 
items to be introduced at SHOT. Their work 
lias included collaborations with Peter Whit- 
taker, whose family is world famous among 
mountain climbing enthusiasts. "We have 
worked with Peter and his guides Jo deter- 
mine what's needed in a climbing knife, 
how it has to look and feel, and what il will 
be used for. Then, we'll manufacture a knife 
lo fit those recommendations." C.J. 

At Buck, the future continues to promise 
innovation and discovery. "We've got a 
bunch of new knives coming." smiled CJ. 
"There are some brand new things for hunt- 
ing and outdoors, and they have great looks 
and prices. These have all been designed 
with an expert looking over our shoulder. 
The way we like to put it is that we have 
high integrity design and (lawless manufac- 
turing. High integrity design means thai the 
product was designed by an expert who 
would use it." 

Buck Knives has come a long way since 
the days of Hoyl Buck, but the basic concept 
is still the same — quality. While there has 
been much acclaim over the years, the great- 
est days for Buck may still lie ahead. 

Creating Quality Knives 
for Generations 


Get a 

Marble's Catalog 

before Ven luring 


Game Getter Woodcraft 98™ 

Webster Marble was a timber cruiser 
who loved the outdoors. He began to 
formulate ideas on new and useful 
equipment that truly enhanced ones 
outdoor experience. By 1898. Mr. 
Marble was in lull production of his 
specialty outdoor products. Marble's 


P.O. Box 111, Gladstone, Ml 49837 ■ 906-428-3710 

products are as innovative and useful 
today as they were over 100 years ago. 
Our new products keep this tradition 
moving into the new century. To see 
a full listing of Marble's' products, 
send S3 to P.O. Box 111. Gladstone. 
MI 49829. 




Specializing in Custom & Randall Knives Since 1971 

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed by our Return Policy 

Visit our Web Site, 

now also featuring 

manufactured sport knives 

and kitchen cutlery 

1634-C6 Copenhagen Dr. 
Solvang, CA 93463 U.S.A. 

or (800) 992-6574 (orders only) 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 55 


nife ID 

"D J^T it M V 


The makers' marks above are those of, from 

left: John R. Johnson, the "mystery maker" 

of the knives at the lower left of the page. 

Ron Howell and Mike Peilegrin. 

By Paul Basch 

BLADE® Held ed 


If you've ever been unable to identify a knife by its 
mark, this new BLADE department is for you 

Other than What's this knife worth'.'. 
the most common question I get 
asked is Who made this knife'.' I'm 
speaking of custom or handmade knives, not 

Beginning with this issue and in every 
other BLADES or so, "Whose Mark is It?" 
will help you recognize assorted makers' 
marks. Eventually, maybe enough marks 
will be identified to fill a book, thus unmask- 
ing many previously unidentified pieces. 

A personal observation: If I were a 
knifemaker and 1 spent the time to make a 
knife h\ hand. 1 would want to put nij name 
on it. Think about it Maybe 10 or 20 years 
down the road, a collector or a collector's 
widow or family goes to sell a knife but the 
maker's mark or name isn't on it. To get the 
best price for that piece, the widow or 
family needs to know who made it. 

When 1 buy knives that aren't marked or 
arc otherwise unidentifiable. I pay fO-15 
percent less for them. 1*11 say it just once 
knifemakers. put your name on the knife 
that you've just created! Moreover, if you 
hu\ a knife that's unmarked or you can't 

identify it. don't be surprised if you have 
trouble reselling it or must sell it for less 
than what you paid. 

On this and the facing page are some 
makers* marks that I've identified, as well 
as one knife I've left unidentified to see if 
you know who made it. The answer will be 
in the next installment of "Whose Mark Is 
It?" And, if you have a knife or knives with 
marks that you can't identify, send me a 
picture or drawing of the mark and I'll try to 
identify it for you. Send vour letters, pictures 
to: "Whose Mark Is It?," POB 789. Oolte- 
wah. TN 37363-07K'> blades krause.com. 

The author is a buyer and seller of Nudes 
for A.G, Russell Knives und has been buying 
and selling handmades for over 20 years. 
He may attend more knife shows than 
anybody in the business and is in constant 
demand for his expertise on kni/e identifica- 
tion, knife values, etc. This past year, he was 
honored with the Blade Magazine 2001 
Industry Achievement Award for his contri- 
butions to the In dust rv. 


rffcHsi. «* 


-i $ 


How about it? Can you tell who made 
these two knives by the mark ("RS")? 
The answer will be in the next install- 
ment of "Whose Mark Is It?" 

56 / BLADE 

For his mark, Thomas 
Gerner employs 
initials that read as 
"T.G." in the Viking 
alphabet. His 
address: Deep River 
Farm. Dept. BL3, POB 
30. Walpole 6393 W. 
Australia (61 f 
898401016 phone/fax. 
(PointSeven photo) 

MARCH 2002 

"CP" in fancy cursive is the 
mark of Cliff Parker. He 
forged this mosaic damas- 
cus and carved mother- 
of-pearl beauty. Closed 
length: ~4 1/8 inches. 
~\ His address: 6350 
^^''*xX '-- Tulip. Dept. BL3. 

||v; ' Zephyrhills, FL 33544. 
i iU\ i WJMl ' ) (PointSeven photo) 


Smith & Wesson 

Mie Magnesium 

Blade 3.645" [9M!tnm] 

Closed W [115.94mm] 

Steel 44DC Rem] Eiasted 

UleigliL, 1.03 dZ. 

Includes Pocket [lip 




feigned 63. 

OarreU Ralph 
Mihe Lamprey 


Phone: 1.800.251,0254 

Fax: 423.247.5371 

E-Mail: taylor@preferred.com 

Web: www.taylorcutlery.com 




6101 and 8111 2.63" Blade. $$4.99iusrp 
B102 and 8112 3 25" Blade. $69.99 msrp 



fll lS 6M Stain less Blode; Bead Blast Finish 
I liter Frame Stainless Bui ill , lytel' Scoles 

Tighe Rectangular Thumb Din 

Teflon ' Bearingt, Custom S/S Pocket Clip 

I rian Tighe is an extraordinary Canadian custom knife- 

i maker whose knives have been described as "artfully 
tactical," Our production version of his Tighe Tac folder 
is both graceful and rugged. It combines a AUS 6M stainless 

steel blade with a Razor Sharp (or Combination Triple-Point'" ^J COLUMBIA 
Serrated) cutting edge. It's fits in a jeans pocket, thanks to its 
rugged InterFrame stainless steel locking liner, bolsters and 
Zylel scales- yet the superb finish. Tighe rectangular thumb 
disc and trademark tie" clip make it at home in a tuxedo, too 



M I F E 

For the name of a dealer near you 

Phone 1 -800-891 -3100 Fax: (503} 632-9680 

E-mail: mfowrkt.com Web: www.crkt.com 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE / 57 

sharp attack! 

sharp Attack! 


While seeing action in the Gulf War, Oren Sprague (second from left) discovered 
the Eze-Lap diamond sharpening rod. "White I retired from the service a few 
years ago, " he noted, "I stifl use the same Eze~Lap sharpener today on every- 
thing from kitchen cutlery to hunting knives. " Shown here is the Eze-Lap Model 
M ($19.95 MSRP) being used on the Emerson Knives, Inc., CQC-7B SFS. 

58 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

There are a number of ways to 
sharpen ail cdye, I've found thai 
most knife users have discovered 
for themselves through trial and 
error what works best for them. Even so, 
some still struggle with this common chore. 
Let's look at what five real knife owners 
and users employ lo sharpen iheir edged 

Ilium' Game Butcher 

David Long is an outdoors man and home 
game butcher. A contractor by profession, 
he's been involved in sporting activities for 
as long as he can remember. 

"At home, on the job or in the field fish- 
ing and hunting, a knife is often the only 
tool I need," he began. "The most important 
consideration, however, is a sharp edge. The 
old whetstone method of sharpening worked 
for me, but it took time lo produce an 
adequate edge. In my search for something 
better. 1 tried one knife sharpener after 
another. A friend suggested the 
Chef sCho ice electric knife sharpener. I'd 
already tried nearly every other kind of edge 
restoration system, so why not go electric? 
After looking over EdgeC raft's entire line of 
sharpeners, I settled on (he Edge Select 
[Model 120] three-stage diamond hone." 

"Magnets hold the 

blade against the 

sharpening guides for 

perfect angle control. 

— David Long 


What long likes about the Edge Select 
is thai 1 here's no need to secure the knife 
manually at a particular angle. "The Model 
120 has magnets that hold the blade against 
the sharpening guides for perfect angle 
control. The first sharpening slot in the 
machine sets a new edge bevel. The two 
subsequent sharpening singes create 
secondary and Icrtiary micro bevels. All I 
have to do is pull ihe blade Mi rough the 
sharpener while the electrically powered 
diamond-abrasive plates do the work. The 
eniire process takes only a few minutes. The 
results, however, are amazing. And those 
superior sharpening results come quickly 


Custom Handmade Knives 

One Knife or Entire Collections 
Highest Prices Paid— Quick Payment—Free Appraisals 

We Also Sell the Finest Knives 

Knif emasters Custom Knives (1963) 

P.O. Box 208 Westport, CT 06881 
Phone: 203-226-521 • Fax: 203-226-5312 

www.wlknive s.eo 


Hnives by: IM Colter * Barry Gallagher - Jut Singh Hhalsa 
ID. Pease • Barrel Ralph - Shane Taylar ami 
many rare fkraahfirs. 




35 th Anniversary 

of Vietnam-era 

knives of 


designed by 

Conrad Ben Baker 

EvcUisiwlv From: 


McGregor Village Shopping Center d 109 
LOT EdbihurEh South, Cary, NC 2751 1 
Fan 919460*7772 

E-mail : beu Its*.- urk'r v^miriiNprin».com 
Website: www bee k m- mlm a ^ mi 

These knives are the only authorized Reproductions handmade by Gary Hicks from Bilker's original 
drawings. Each knife CGQtGS with a certificate of authenticity and handselled by Baker. The first 100 
are sold in sets; individual knives may be ordered with serial numbers higher than 100- 

TMbiTiomi to nam 


Macon, Gk 31210 
website: www.dempseyknives.com 
email: dernpsey@dempseyknives.com ■ 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE / 59 

A Division at the Great American Toot Company, Inc. 


Vailotton Des. 


- Assisted 
opening cam 
action lock 

- AUS 8 bead- 
blasted finish, 
3.1" blade 

- 6061 ~T6 
scales t 

No. 94051 





— Locking liner 
-AUS 8, 3.5" 


- ZyteP scales 

■ 60/40 

For the distributor nearest you: 


and with hardly any effort on my pari. lk>i 
of all." he stressed, "there are no pans to 
lose, components to holt together or set up 
necessary. Plug il in. turn ii on ant) I'm in 
the sharpening business." 

Of course, there are those situations 
where electricity isn't readily available. For 
such occasions. Long uses flic 
ChefsChoice manual hones based on the 
same irttilli-stage sharpening technology. 
The hand-held Model 450 Diamond Hone 
Knife Sharpener and the Model 4 SO Pocket 
Diamond None Sharpener are lightweight, 
compact and use the same metal -redact ion 
technology found on the electric models. 
The only difference is thai you don't have to 
plug them into a power outlet. 

"Every bunting season I use my knives 
for field dressing, skinning, boning and 
butchering game at home. And il seems thai 
all mv hunting buddies consider me their 

David Long, who does his own butcher- 
ing of game animals, is a big fan of any 
number of ChefsChoice hones, espe- 
cially the Model 120 electric sharpener 
($129.95 MSRP). here being used to fine 
tune the edge of the Schrade 246 OT fillet 

own private game butcher," Long said. "Just 
when things quiet down, one person or 
another will show up at the door with a deer, 
elk or wild boar carcass in need of butcher- 
ing. With all that cutting and slicing to do. 
sharp knives are essential. The 
ChefsChoice line of knife sharpeners has 
made that possible I'm tile "" 

Retired Army Veteran 

Orcn Sptague, a retired U.S. Army major, is 
a graduate of West Point Military Academy, 
a combat veteran, and a dedicated hunter 
He has more than a passing acquaintance 
with knives and edge maintenance. 

■"I carried a Randall Model I for much 
of my military career. It was a tough and 
reliable knife, no mailer what the circum- 
stances," he recalled. "I used the blade to 
whack, chop and slice through almost 
anything. Depending on (he assignment, the 

60 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

knife was used lo cut rope, strip the insula- 
tion off wire, eul through metal and plastic 
banding, and occasionally even as a digging 

As you can see. the ex-Army officer was 
hard on his blades. Fortunately, the sheath 
of the Model 1 holds a tine-grit whetstone. 
"To restore the edge, I simply worked the 
little stone along [the length of the edge] in 
a circular motion. It was impossible to 
precisely measure the sharpening angle, but 
my best guess is that 20 degrees would be 
about right." he said. "If the sharpening 
angle was any less, the edge wouldn't have 
held up to the abuse it received." 

"The Eze-Lap diamond 

sharpener eliminated 

the drudgery and there 

was no messy lubricant 

to deal with." 

— Oren Sprague 

While seeing action in the Gulf War, 
Sprague discovered the Eze-Lap diamond 
sharpening rod. "it put an edge on my knife 
quicker and with less effort than the whet- 
stone." he noted. "Knife sharpening had 
always been a tedious and grubby chore. 
The Eze-Lap diamond sharpener eliminated 
the drudgery and there was no messy lubri- 
cant to deal with. While I retired from the 
service a few years ago, I still use that same 
Eze-Lap sharpener today on everything 
from kitchen cutlery to hunting knives." 

Guns & Ammo lid i tor 
Lee Hoots, editor of Guns & Ammo Maga- 
zine, is anything but an armchair firearms 
enthusiast. I know because the two of us have 
shared more than one hunting camp together. 
As a hunter, his views on knife sharpening 
have evolved from broad experience under 
extreme conditions, where a sharp knife can 
make a real difference in the end result. 

He uses his knives for game care, which 
includes field dressing, skinning and butcher- 
ing. When the blade edge starts to deteriorate, 
he usually employs a small Hal whetstone in 
a medium or fine grit. "The edges on my 
knives are a little thicker than most knife 
users like, but that suits me just line." he 
remarked. Like Sprague, Hoots prefers a 
sharpening angle of about 20 degrees, finding 
thai it gives a longer-lasting edge. 

Lee is a big fan of "V" sharpeners. "I've 
used several different models, including A.G. 
Russell's Field Sharpener [Model AG3750], 
the Spyderco Tri- Angle Sharpmaker [Model 
204 1 . the Lohman Ceramic Sharpener [Model 
CS-3600] and the Lansky Sportsman's 
Pocket Sharpener. My only requirement for 
this type of tool is that it must be self- 
contained," he stressed. "Believe me. 'V 

MARCH 2002 

Easy, Secure, 
O it-Line 





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BLADE/ 61 

sharp attack! 

Lee Hoots (inset), editor of Guns & Ammo, tikes the edges on his 
knives a little thicker than most. He's also a big fan of "V hones and 
has used several models, including A.G. Russell's Field Sharpener, 
the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker ($68.95 MSRP)— shown here 
being used to sharpen a Western WW47 — the Lohman Ceramic 
Sharpener, and the Lansky Sportsman 's Pocket Sharpener. 

sharpeners arc proven systems, without all 
iIil' hassle associated \\iih .in nil slime." 

IK'puly D.A. 

Thad Young is a Los Angeles County clepuiy 
district attorney and an avid hunter. Like his 
lather before him, he carries a pockeiknife 
nearly every day. When 1 asked Thad about 
his knife sharpening preferences, he was 
quick to reply. 

"I really like the DMT Diafoid quarter- 
inch-round diamond rod [model FR]. The 
molded [polycarbonate] handles fold closed 
for protective storage of the sharpener's 
diamond surface and allows it to easily fit 
into my pocket. Even though the rod's abra- 
sive surface is extremely fine, it can 
produce a suitable edge in just seconds," lie 

62 / BLADE 

"Though the rod's 
abrasive surface is 

extremely fine, it 
produces a suitable 

edge in seconds.' 
— Thad Young 


Thud's everyday poekelknife has two 
blades -large spear-point and liny pen 
patterns. He sharpens the larger blade at an 
angle of about 20 degrees, which he said 
results in an edge that works well opening 

cartons, cutting through rope, stripping wire 
and the like. He sharpens the small pen blade 
at about a 10-12-degree angle, which 
produces a razor-sharp edge for more precise 
cutting chores. 

"For field dressing and skinning big 
game, I find that an angle of about 1 5 degrees 
can lake me right through the entire game- 
care procedure with only an occasional 
touch-up." he advised. "Light, compact and 
efficient, the DMT diamond rod has been all 
the knife sharpener I've ever needed." 

Apprentice Meat Cutter 
Nate Wenns started his meat-cutting appren- 
ticeship about three years ago. At the lime. 
his primary knife sharpener was a three-sided 
oil stone. 

"I had good results with the oil stone, but 

MARCH 2002 

il Huik lots of lime to produce an edge. A 
Tittle while ago. ihc company bought a Tru 
Hone [Model LC] electric knife sharpener. 
Even if the knife blade is nicked or 
chipped" — something that happens quite 
often in the meat-cutting business — "the Tru 
I lone sharpener can easily put the edge back 
into shape in seconds. Trying to do the same 
thing with an oil stone can be an impossible 

The Tru Hone Model LC is an industrial- 
strength sharpener for restaurants and other 
venues that must be able to hone many 
knives on a daily basis. It has three sharpen- 
ing stages, from coarse to fine. Weims said 
he seldom uses the coarse setting, but it's 
there if needed. "What I really like about the 
tool is that il encases the cutting edge within 
the sharpener as it's guided along the honing 
wheels. When you use an oil stone, the blade 
edge is constantly exposed and this often 
results in an accidental laceration. Whether a 
large Forschner sheer or a smaller boning 
knife." he attested, "the Tru Hone sharpener 
works on any blade, no matter how big or 

The Author 

As an outdoor writer. I spend more time with 
a knife in my hands than most folks. For 
several years now, I've been a fan of the 
diamond-coated rod sharpener. The one I 
carry is the Kershaw Edgc-Tck with pulse- 
arc-fused carbides on a tapered shaft. 
Another knife sharpener that has proven itself 
to me is the FireStone Two-Stage Knife 
Sharpener by McGowan Manufacturing. This 
handy tool re- hones your knife edge with just 
a few strokes. The hone's fine-grit ceramic. 

The Tru Hone Model LC is an industrial- 
strength sharpener for restaurants and 
other venues that must be able to hone 
many knives on a daily basis. "Whether a 
large Forschner sticer or a smaller boning 
knife, " attested apprentice meat-cutter 
Nate Weims, "the Tru Hone sharpener 
works on any blade, no matter how big or 
small. " 



If you're looking 
lor some really handy 
and Strong fixed Made 
survival knives, you 
should cheek this eou|ile. 
Built to bring you hack 
tram the woods, the l-"l 
and S I are equipped with 
sturdy blades made of the 
hi-end stainless VG 1 
steel. The l'I has been 
used as the official 
survival knife of the 
Swedish Air Forces since 
1995. while the SI is used 
by elite soldiers stationed 
at the Polar Circle. Bolh 
knives have now also been 
tested and approved lor 
use in the US Air force. 
When ) du consider buying 
a survival knife, you 
should take a closer 
look Upon these tried 
and pro\ en companions 

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MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 63 

For the fastest edge possible, few 
hones work as quickly as the style 
represented by the Lansky Easy 
Grip Knife Sharpener (S7.99 
MSRP). Place the ■"[/" in the head of 
the hone over the blade where It 
joins the knife handle, here on the 
Gerber Air Frame. Hold the sharp- 
ener roughly 90 degrees to the 
blade and, using light pressure, 
draw the hone toward the tip three 
or four times. 

"For the fastest edge 

possible, nothing beats 

the Jiff 'V sharpener 

by Smith Abrasives.' 

— the author 

free-rolling abrasive stones really do the 
job — and quickly. That said, for the fastest 
edge possible, nothing beats the Jiff "V" 
sharpener by Smith Abrasives. This little 
sharpening wonder features a pair of crossed 
carbide cutters that will peel a new edge on 
your knife in about 10 seconds. Place the "V" 
in the head of the hone over the blade where 
it joins the knife handle. Hold the sharpener 
roughly 90 degrees to the blade and. using 
light pressure, draw the hone toward the tip 
three or four times. The carbide sharpeners in 
the head of the Jiff "V" do the trick. 


One thing I've discovered after years of 
knife use is that a dull blade is an accident 
waiting to happen. When 1 was young, 1 
used my knife right to the bitter edge of its 
performance envelope. Now that I'm 
"seasoned." good sense has finally 
prevailed. Besides. I never did like visiting 
hospital emergency rooms. Now, when my 
blade starts to drag during culling jobs, it's 
time to work on the edge. With the plethora 
of knife sharpeners and sharpening systems 
on the market, edge restoration is no longer 
a bothersome ehore. 

For the coniact information for the sharpen- 
ers in the story, see "Where To Get 'Em " on 
page 109. 

64 /BLADE 

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riot ci 





Speed, accurate repetition 
to tight tolerances and 
rigid specs, and 
cost efficiency make 
lasers a wise alternative 

By Mike Haskew 

fl ■ A V' 1 ' atu ' wore, the 
I K fl I advent of hi-tech equip 
I / I I merit is changing the 
\ \ I face of knife manufac- 

> 1 \ Luring. Though it's 

* 1_ ' revamping operations 

more rapidly for some than others, and in 
different ways, the laser is gaining accep- 
tance in certain applications, 

"Wc started doing work in the knife 
industry about Five years ago for one 
customer. Then, through word of mouth, our 
customer base in knife manufacturing 
spread." explained Gary Brock man Jr., of 
Custom Laser, Inc., a New York -based 
provider of laser-contracting services. 

"Now, there arc quite a few of them, includ- 
ing Schrade, SOG, linker, Cutco and 
Ontario." United. Kershaw and Buck also 
use lasers or have experimented with them 
in one fashion or another. Some custom 
knife-makers also employ the technology. 

The laser itself is a complex and expen- 
sive piece of machinery, so for some knife 
manufacturers its value must be detenu ined 
within the larger question of capital expen- 
ditures early on. and the rewards of savings 
and utility to be realized later. Using a 
highly focused beam of light energy, the 
laser approaches the temperature of the sun 
when directed on an area of about 10-thou- 
sandlhs-of-an-inch in diameter, which is a 

presenting the new... 

Every Qay flurry 


V We ore so confident you will love 

^k the latest Darrel Ralph frame 

^ lock design, we are calling it 

the EDC, "Every Day Carry". 

It has all the features of more 

expensive knives and then 

some. The contoured 

l stainless steel frame has 

I stmilat cutouts as the 

ARCUTE neck knife 

for weight reduction 

and for positive grip 

under adverse 

i conditions. 


recurved edge 

(or cutting 


with the 


lock in its 


The look 

of the 

[ future, 

\ now. 



Blade: 2.95" Ftat ground 420HC 

(.100" stock). Finish: Satin 

OAL: 6.85". Scales: CUOA Silk Matte. 

Skeletonized Heat Treated 420 Stainless 

Steel. Carry Method: CUDA Slik Matte 

Stainless Sleel Pocket Clip. Made In USA 

Suggested Retail: 

CU220 (plain edge)-$69.95 

CU221 (partial I y serrated ! - S69 95 


™ U.S.A. 

C a m i 1 1 v s 

54 Main Street, Co 
PKone: 800.314.0456 


, NV 13031 

MARCH 2002 


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Knives -Plus 

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hot ci 

68 / BLADE 


standard cutting width. 

The benefits of laser use for knife manu- 
facturers include speed, accurate repetition 
to light tolerances and rigid specifications, 
the cost-effective completion of short runs 
in sonic components, and savings related to 
investments in tooling. Some operate lasers 
on a continuous basis on the manufacturing 
floor, others use them on a limited basis, 
and still another group takes advantage of 
the out-sourcing option. 

"The beam of light 
travels all the way 
around the blade." 

— Gary Brockman Jr. 

Though the stamping of blade blanks 
may be a faster process than laser cutting, 
the overall time involved may lake longer. 
"The laser does take more time because 
when a die punches the steel, the whole 
blade comes out," said Brockman. "With 
the laser, the beam of light travels all the 
way around the blade. Depending on the 
intricacy of the blade, the cutting time 
might run from 10 seconds to a minute-and- 
a-half. In the entire process, though, it may 
be faster to use the laser because you don't 
have to spend time manufacturing the dies. 

"There are a couple of very important 
things the laser can do," Brockman contin- 
ued. "It can develop the shape of a knife 
without having to go through costly 
changes in dies. It's a simple program 
change, which costs the company about 
$25, and they can continue to work with the 
shape of the knife at a low cost until they 
get it like they want it instead of going with 
hard tooling, which is very expensive. For 
low runs of under 15,000 we're very 
competitive because the tooling is so 
expensive, and there's wear and mainte- 
nance required with dies." 

Custom Laser can efficiently produce 
runs as low as five or six blades for a small 
order, while also simplifying the cutting of 
materials such as ATS-34, 154CM, some of 
the steels in the CPM and 440 families, tita- 
nium, the steels used for liners and even G- 
10 for handles. Lasers cannot achieve the 
satisfactory results of stamping on many 
softer materials such as brass because they 
dissipate rapidly in the intense heat. 

Precision and Control 

For several years, Bcnchmade has been a 
leader in blazing the laser trail. "'We have 
three C02 high-power lasers, and we use 
them to our advantage in processing materi- 
als that are otherwise difficult to blank.'" 
related company president Les de Asis. 
"The components produced with the lasers 
are consistently used in our line, and 

MARCH 2002 

they're balanced with those produced by 
other conventional processing methods. Wc 
look at overall demand and cycle time, 
which is how long it takes to eomplete the 
production of a part." 

The most important aspects of laser use 
at Bench made include precision and 
control. It's very difficult to make tooling 
for some materials that a laser will cut, and 
consistent performance to rigid specifica- 
tions boosts qualily. De As is says that the 
Qenchmade decision to buy lasers for ongo- 
ing operations grew from an assessment of 
the company's future. 

"Our three lasers run in a controlled 
environment to generate the consistency 
we're looking for as a beginning step," he 
assessed, "and from that point on we use a 
strong maintenance program. Lasers are 
becoming more of a consistent production 
machine and not a curiosity. If the laser is 
set up to run on an optimal basis, 1 think it's 
;i Hue fool, but like anything else you have 
to take care of it and have the right tool for 
the job." 

The use of lasers is limited at Bokcr. 
However, lasers do provide tangible bene- 
fits, according to eompany CEO Ernst 
Felix. "We're using them for test runs of 
new products for final approval and for 
photo samples," he remarked. "We also use 
lasers in special orders for products in 
which we don't have stamping tools avail- 
able, or in which the lead time or volume of 
the order doesn't allow investing in tool- 

Some of the blades in the Boker line are 
made from powdered metal and steels that 
are too hard for efficient stamping. In such 
instances, the laser is the most efficient 
method of production. "Because of our 
limited use, we haven't invested in our own 
laser equipment," said Felix, "but we have 
taken advantage of the many companies in 
Solingen [Germany, home to Boker head- 
quarters] offering their laser-cutting 

"It can take 

approximately six 

seconds to do the logo 

on a blade." 

— Craig Green 

Kershaw owns a single laser and its sole 
purpose is for marking blades. Some laser 
work, including the blades and liners, is 
outsourced on the Avalanche and Boa fold- 
ers. "On these knives, we may make 1 ,000 a 
month, and that number doesn't justify the 
expense of fine blanking. Plus, the CPM 
440V steel is very tough and cannot be fine 
blanked." commented factory manager 

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120 has a revolutionary 
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serrated blades. 

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MARCH 2002 

BLADE / 69 

hot cuts 

not curs 


A pioneer among cutlery manufacturers in the 
use of laser technology, Benchmade uses its 
three C02 lasers to fine blank the 44QC blade 
and cut out the G-10 handle material for the 
new Model 555 Mel Pardue design. The MSRP 
of $85 includes the company's Axis Lock 

70 / BLADE 

It can develop the 
shape of a knife 

without having to go 

through costly 

changes in dies." 

—Garv Brockman Jr. 

Craig Green. "We use the laser for them for 
thai reason." 

Most of Kershaw's parts are fine 
blanked, hut the expense of that process can 
run as high as % 2 0,000 for one part, and 
potentially as high as Si 00,000 for a 
complete knife. "The tooling for rine blank- 
ing is very expensive, but the per-pieee 
price is less than a laser-cut price. You have 
to weigh that based on the volume that 
you'll produce. Is it worth it?" Green asked 

Kershaw's product line has dictated that 
fine blanking is best at this lime for the 
majority of its components, but when it 
comes to marking the blades, the laser 
proves its worth. "We use the laser for that 
because of repeatability and cost," Green 
said. "It can take approximately six seconds 
to do the logo on a blade, depending on the 
complexity of the knife. Typically, wc make 
between 2,000 and 2,500 pieces a day in 

MARCH 2002 

"It's a fine tool, but 

like anything else you 

have to take care of it 

and have the right 

tool for the job.' 

— Les de As is 


two shifts. The laser is busy five days a 
week, but it can handle it." 

Another factor in weighing the pros and 
eons of laser use is the product lite cycle. 
"That may be only two vears." Green 

remarked, "and at that point your tooling 
isn't worth much except as a boat anchor. 
So, a lot of companies have been going to 
laser cutting for several years," 

Bmckman estimates that 10-15 percent 
of the business at Custom Laser is from the 
cutlery industry, and that percentage appears 
to he growing. As knife companies continue 
to seek production efficiencies without 
sacrificing precision and quality, the laser 
will continue to emerge as a viable comple- 
ment to standard procedures. 

For the contact information for the knives in 
the story, see "Where To Get 'Em " an page 

Technology with an Edge 

The Technology Kershaw's Double Cross 

The Edge • One-hand opening & dosing 

• Two blades-one locking liner 

• AUS6A premium-quality steel 

• Beautiful Stamina" wood 
inlay handles 

• Kershaw's "shaving-sharp" 

• Lifetime guarantee 

Model 4380 
MSRP $69.95 

Bladel 2 3/8 in. (5.9cm.) 

Blade2 1 7/8 in. |4.TcmJ 

Steel AUS6A stainless 

Handle Stamina' wood inlay 

Closed 3 1/2 in. (8.9cm.) 

weighl 2.2 oi. 


KcnAOtthnY USA 

for information or a dealer near you. call: 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE / 71 

knife rights 

By Judge Lowell Bray 
BLADE* field editor 

The Element oi intent 

In part one of two, the author explores the importance 
of one's intentions in cases involving items that may 
fall under the courts' definition of knife 

In the past, "Your Knife Rights" has 
discussed the problems that arise for 
courts when they try 10 decide whether 
items — in this realm, of course, knives — 
identified in criminal statutes' come within 
the purview of the term weapon. Frequently, 
the courts try to resolve such questions by 
inquiring as to whether the person used or 
intended to use the knife as a weapon. In 
particular, California courts recently have 
adopted an "intent test" to save the constitu- 
tionality of the broad language of the state's 
definition of it irk or dagger. Their theory 
was that the statute banned so much inno- 
cent conduct that the statute could be consti- 
tutional only if the state were required to 
prove that the defendant intended to use the 
knife as a weapon. The California Supreme 
Court, however, in Rithaktmt. rejected this 
idea, removed the intent clement, and found 
that the statute was still constitutional. 

The Supreme Court of Colorado also 
has dealt with the issue of intent in at least 
two cases involving items that come under 
its definition oi knife. In this installment and 
the next, "Your Knife Rights" will consider 
these cases. 

Precedent Setter 

The predecessor of the two cases is one that 
involved not a knife but a gun. In 1979, the 
court considered the case of Louis Tenorino. 
Mr. Tenorino was arrested in June 1976 in 
Denver. Police officers responding to a 

Tenorino did anyway, in the process with- 
drawing a revolver. The officer grabbed 
Tenorino' s arm and took the gun. A box of 
ammunition was found in the purse, and a 
second box was found lying on the grass 


Frequently, the courts try to resolve such 
questions by inquiring as to whether the person 
used or intended to use the knife as a weapon. 

— the author 


radio dispaich concerning an incident 
involving a weapon arrived at Barnum Park. 
They found Tenorino. an adult male, an 
adult female, and a child sitting on the grass 
in the park. As the officers approached with 
guns drawn, Tenorino stood up and reached 
for a white purse lying on the ground. One 
of the officers ordered him not to pick up 
the purse, but Tenorino did and turned his 
back on the officer. The officer then ordered 
him not to reach inside the purse but 

Because Tenorino had a previous felony 
conviction, he was charged with Possession 
of a Weapon by a Previous Offender. The 
defendant presented no evidence at trial and 
was convicted of the charge and sentenced 
to prison. He appealed on several grounds, 
one of which was that the court erred when 
it refused to instruct the jury that the slate 
must prove that the possession of the 
weapon was "intentional" and "voluntary." 
On the issue of voluntariness, the court said: 

72 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

your knife rights 

No instruction that the act of possession 
must be voluntary is required unless there is 
some evidence which would support a Find- 
ing that the possession was involuntary. 
Becouse no such evidence was presented 
here, the trial court was correct in refusing to 
instruct that possession must have been 

The court also rejected the argument 
that the possession had to be intentional. In 
doing so. however, the court said: 

To convict one of possessing a weapon, 
the jury must find not mere possession but 
that the defendant "knowingly" possessed 
the weapon, and that he understood that the 
object possessed was a weapon. 

Tenorino's conviction was upheld, but 
the decision in the case laid a basis for the 
rulings in later cases involving knives. 

Gross v. Colorado 

In November 1990, Boulder, Colorado, 
police arrested Glenn Douglas Gross and 
charged him with the same crime — Posses- 
sion of a Weapon by a Previous Offender. 
Police officers were familiar with Gross, 
who had exhibited hostility toward them in 
previous encounters. They stopped him for 
braking his vehicle in a careless manner and 
because they believed his driver's license 
had been suspended. When he was told to 
gel out of the car. he turned his back on one 
of the officers and reached under the seat. 
He withdrew a 16-inch screwdriver and hid 
it from the officer's view. 

The officer told him to get' out of the car 
and to place his hands where they could be 
seen. Gross exited the car but kept his hand 
hidden and assumed an offensive posture. 
After two officers drew their guns. Gross 
finally dropped the screwdriver. He later 
stated that he had thought of jabbing the 
officer in the face with the tool. At trial 
there was evidence he sometimes carried the 
screwdriver as a means of intimidation. 

The charge against Gross specified that 
the weapon he possessed was a knife. The 
theory was that the screwdriver came within 
the following statutory definition: '"Knife" 
means any dagger, dirk, knife, or stiletto 
with a blade over three and one-half inches 
in length, or any other dangerous instrument 
capable of inflicting cutting, stabbing, or 
tearing wounds, hut does not include a hunt- 
ing or fishing knife carried for sports use. 
The issue that a knife is a hunting or fishing 
knife must be raised as an affirmative 

The defendant moved to dismiss the 
charge against him, and the court granted 
his motion. The court found that the statute 
was unconstitutionally vague and over- 
broad. On appeal, the Colorado Supreme 
Court reversed the trial court. In doing so. it 
relied on the requisite element of intent it 
had engrafted on the statute by the Tenorino 

"The intent element 

diminishes the 

susceptibility of a 

statute to a challenge 

for vagueness." 

— Colorado Supreme 


The state supreme court found the 
statute not to be unconstitutionally vague. It 
said it believed that the people were capable 
of evaluating an object to determine 
whether it was capable of "inflicting cutting, 
stabbing or tearing wounds" if used as a 
weapon, and therefore the statute wasn't 
vague. In addition, the court said: 

... on essential element of the crime of 
possession of "any other dangerous instru- 
ment capable of inflicting cutting, stabbing, 
or tearing wounds" by a convicted felon is 
the intent to use the instrument os a weapon. 
The presence of such a specific intent 
element diminishes the susceptibility of a 
statute to a challenge for vagueness, for in 
such circumstances ... the accused cannot be 
said to suffer from lack of warning or knowl- 
edge that the act which he [commits] is a 
violation of low. 

For the foregoing reasons, we are satis- 
fied that in defining weapons classified as 
knives, the legislature achieved a constitu- 
tionally sufficient balance between the coun- 
tervailing demands that a statue be 
sufficiently specific to give fair warning of 
the proscribed conduct, while remaining 
sufficiently general to he capable of applica- 
tion under varied circumstances. 

In discussing the overbroad argument, 
the court noted that a statute is unconstitu- 
tional if it threatens the existence of funda- 
mental rights or prohibits innocent or 
legitimate activities. The overbroad argu- 
ment as applied to this statute was that 
man\ objects which would come within the 
expansive definition of a knife are tools 

necessary for the pursuit of a trade or busi- 
ness, and are designed, possessed and used 
for constructive and innocent purposes. The 
court didn't accept this theory either. Again, 
it depended on the intent limitation: 

... Tenorino holds that in order to convict 
under ... [the statute], a jury must find not 
mere possession, but that the defendant 
"knowingly" possessed the weapon and that 
he understood that the object possessed was 
a weapon ... As applied to the "other 
dangerous instruments] within the definition 
of 'knife,'" it follows from Tenorino that the 
criminal offense defined, in ... [the statute] 
requires as on essential element that the 
defendant intended to use that instrument as 
a weapon. 

Such use need not be the exclusive use to 
which the defendant intended to put the 
object, nor is it necessary that the defen- 
dant's intent relate to a particular occasion 
or a specific victim. All that Is required is 
that one of the uses for which the defendant 
intended the instrument was to employ it as 
o weapon. 

"The court firmly 

engrafted the intent 

element onto the broad 

definition of knife as it 

appears in Colorado's 

criminal statute." 

— the author 

By these two cases, the court firmly 
engrafted the intent element onto the broad 
definition of knife as it appears in 
Colorado's criminal statute. 

Next lime. "Your Knife Rights" will exam- 
ine a 2001 ease involving u somewhat more 
traditional cutlery item and an attack on the 
"intent element" — an attack that argues, 
among other things, that the California 
Supreme Court, in Rubaleava. rejected the 
intent element as part of California a defini- 
tion rj/"dirk or dagger. 

The author has been a lawyer since 1973 
and a judge since 1982. He's also a member 
of The Knifemakers" Guild, a journeyman 
smith in the American Bladesmith Society, 
and a charter member of the Florida Knife- 
makers Association. 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 73 

Can You 
Grasp Thes 

mcehi Iviii' 

LiLLtLiiLLy. L-LLitaLvLLLht 


r i ' v 

By Joe Kertzman 

. w 


Long known for introducing 
knives to the public for 
feedback, Sal Glesser of 
Spyderco estimates that 
half of the concept knives 
unveiled for potential 
buyers become standard 
company models. The 
Meerkat was introduced at 
the BLADE Show and was 
received well enough by 
show attendees to warrant 
its production. 

74 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

i concepts oecame realities, inert 
'd be driving automobiles like the 
gato Raptor. Ford F.x (Extreme), 
dillac Vizon, Fiat Doblo. Isuzu 
,iom or Honda STREAM. They are 
s of concept cars, and according to 

e, they rarely become realities. 

Concept knives, on the other hand, are 
often built shortly after introduction if. and 
only if, there is positive public reaction. In 
the case people are less than enthused, the 
beauty lies in there being no prior commit- 
ment to making the early-stage kniTe 
models. Unlike prototypes, concept knives 
are just that — concepts! 

"To rnc a prototype is something you 
plan to produce. It's the first one of a line. 
You've worked out the problems in a proto- 
type," Spencer Frazcr of SOG Specialty 
Knives says. "Conversely, in the conceptual 
stage, you're testing the waters. 

"We don't usually do product dev< ' 
merit that way. If we come up wi 
something we think is worthy, we go 
with it," Frazer explains. "However, 
according to customer requests, we 
change fringe things, like handle 
materials in limited editions. 

"What we have to be careful of 
is that sometimes what is told lo 
us by a handful of people is not 
indicative of what the public * 

will purchase," he notes, ■A 

rrazer gives ere 
and says if you really w : ant to know about 
concept knives, you should talk to Sal 
Cites ser of Spyderco. 

"There are some knife companies I've 
seen throwing out conceptual models. 
Spyderco has become famous for it." 
Frazer allows. "Sal has at*"" 
shown a plethora of ideas to th 
public. It's one of his signa- 
ture things he's done. We 
choose to do our devel- 
oping more quietly. 
It works for us." 

nothing quiet 
about how 



^zer of SOG Specialty Knives 
wanted to bounce the idea of an unusual 
knife model, like the SOG Duo, off his 
customers, he insists he'd show it to a select 
few distributors and international reps. 
Using a screwdriver or coin to loosen a 
screw holding the blade of the Duo in place, 
the blade can be flipped over and reattached 
to the handle with the screw for serrated or 
plain-edge options. 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 75 


The Chameleon came to Gerber as 
a concept knife and prototype in 
one, according to company prod' 
uct manager Mike Jones. An engi- 
neer approached Gerber with a 
physical knife model. Gerber 
received mixed feedback on the 
Chameleon from customers but 
decided to build it on a production 
basis anyway, with Jones and 
others trusting their own instincts 
as to the knife's feasibility. Jones 
says sales are good. 

MARCH 2002 

conducts business. Whether at the BLADE 
Show, the S.H.O.T. Show, the New York 
Custom Knife Show or the Oregon Knife 
Collectors Show, Spydcrco's company pres- 
ident has a special glass display case filled 
with concept knives. 

"The concept knife comes from the auto 
industry. They have concept cars. They 
bring them to shows and say, "Look what 
we made. What do you think?* There are no 
commitments," Glesser explains. "That's 
what we do. We build knives to where we 
can show ihem to the public, and we put 
tags on them to mark them as "concept 

"We show them to everyone. They're in 
the case, and I'm usually the one working 
that part of the booth nearest the case," he 
says. "We don't show concept knives when 
I'm not working. I get the feedback." 

When asked why he isn't more selective 
about whom he chooses to reveal concept 
knives to, Glesser answers, "You don't 
know who will give you a good suggestion. 
A 15 -year-old kid will come along and have 
more input on a knife than anyone else all 

Wing-It Knives 

"I test concept knives all the time. I call 
them 'wing-it' knives," says Gary Faddcn of 
Al Mar Knives. "We tested the Havana 
Clipper [a combination knife and cigar 
cutter]. We made a couple and took them 
mainly to shows, to cigar-bar-type places 

and to cigar shops to see what people 

"But, we didn't ask people what they 
thought," Fadden qualifies. "We just 
showed them the concept knives and their 
initial reactions told us what we needed to 

"I test concept knives 

all the time. I call them 

'wing-it' knives." 

— Gary Fadden 

From the Havana Clipper sprung another 
concept knife, the SLB. With the A I Mar 
SLB, even the name of the knife was, and is, 
just a concept. "The cigar market has wound 
down," Fadden explains, so we played with 
the design of the Havana Clipper, and the 
SLB evolved with no hole in the handle [for 
lopping off the ends of cigars], and it has a 
stubby, spear-point blade. 

L "SLB' stands for Stout, Lightweight 
Blade, or Sweet Little Blade, or Sharp Little 
Blade, or Stout Little B#*%!&. or whatever 
you want it to mean," Fadden says. "Guess 
what one of our best sellers is today?" 

Fadden explains concept knives this way: 
"A concept knife is fluid. It's less refined. By 
the time you get to a prototype, it's more 
finished, it's pre-production. A concept knife 

is back to winging it, to saying, '1 wonder 
what would happen if we did this?'" 

In testing concept knives, Fadden shows 
them to people of all walks of life, including 
police, military, students and businessmen 
and women. "We cheek with n on -knife 
people because they have different perspec- 
tives from knife guys and women," he says. 
"I tell the guys in the shop to ask people what 
they think, to strike up a conversation. 

"If we decide to show it to you, you'll see 
it," Fadden says. "Otherwise, I'm letting the 
cat out of the bag. If I show it to the wrong 
guy. he runs to the competition and says, 
'See what Fadden is doing," and the competi- 
tion beats us and takes money out of our 

Frazer warns. "When you show some- 
thing like a knife design publicly, you have 
one year to patent it. So, 1 don't want to 
disclose a design if I'm still developing it. If 
it's not patented within a year, it becomes 
public domain. Thai's a key to the story. 

"People always like to sec new develop- 
ments, but they also become frustrated if you 
show them knives you never produce," 
Frazer adds. "The people who like a potential 
new knife model ask, 'How come you never 
came out with it?' Instead of gaining credibil- 
ity, you lose credibility." 

At the New York Custom Knife Show in 
November, Spyderco presented 25 knives in 
a ease. Some were concept knives, some 
prototypes, "1 keep track of who likes certain 
knives, who wants to see them and how 







February 22,23 & 24 2002 


FRIDAY 12:00 NOON - 7:00 PM SATURDAY 10:00AM - 6:00 PM SUNDAY 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

For additional information e-mail SCblades(a)SCbladeS,COm or (818-368-7110) 









MARCH 2002 

BLADE / 77 

> NEW 

St -Q™ 

PHONE 503 670-9080 FAX 603 633-4789 


X Mother 




Pearl slabs including; 

while, gold. pink, black, brown &, 


Pick. Smooth & Stag Bone in a 
rariety of colors & patterns: Mosaic 
Abatone Buffalo & Ram's Horn. 
Stingray Skins, Wnilt-ts & Belts. 

See us at the 

Las Vegas Classic Knife Show 

February 1-3 Las Vegas, NV 

Gator Show Cutlery Club 
February 15-17 Lakeland, FL 

East Coast Custom Knife Show 
March 8-10 New York, NY 

Catakxf send $5.00 or doumttxidfrom our 
Web site ro; 

Mother of Pearl Company 

P.O. Box 445. 

Franklin. NC 28744 

Phone (828) 524-6842 

Fax (828) 369-7809 


www. s tingrayprod ucts.com 

C.O.D. • Prepayment • MC/VISA 

sharp ideas 

share ■ s 


many people want to sec them," G lesser 

"We've had concept knives we've never 
made," he notes. "We built a big Native with 
a 4-inch blade and a G- 1 handle. The people 
who loved it, loved it, but there just weren't 
enough of them. " 

G lesser estimates that roughly half of the 
concept knives Spydcreo shows the public 
become standard models. Comparatively, 
F'adden puts the success rate of Al Mar's 
concept knives closer to 25 percent. 

Serve No Knife Before Its Time 

"The Mcerkal was a concept knife introduced 
at the BLADE Show a year-and-a-half ago. 
Reaction to it was good. That's why we're 
producing it," Clcsser says. "We introduced 
the folding ulu as a concept knife. It didn't 
gel a big response, but I think it was beyond 
people's imaginations. A concept knife might 
tell you it's ahead of its lime or that it's 
behind its lime." 

Faddcn agrees, "I have metal file cabinets 
full of ideas we haven't done, yet some of 
them were before their lime. In the past, we 
played with some ^^^^^_^_^^^ 
fixed blades the 
market wasn't ready 
for, and it looks like 
now might be the 
time. Because of thai, 
we are debuting the 
SERB Operator now." 

Another advantage 
of a concept knife is 
for refinement, 

according to Glesscr. 
The public might like 
a knife in general, but ^ ^^ — ^^ — 
recommend changes to si/e, weight, thick- 
ness, materials, blade shape or configuration. 

"We might experiment with price by 
showing :i knife we wanl to make in (I'M 
si eel for SI 50 versus $100 if we make it in 
AUS-K." Glesser says. 

Al Mar's original SERE 2000 had a 
polished, smooth handle, according to 
Faddcn. "All the customers we polled said. '1 
don't like it." So, we showed them smooth 
and textured, and everyone wanted the 
version with the textured handle." 

Gerber Legendary Blades approaches 
concept knives far more conservatively than 
car manufacturers approach concept cars, 
according to Mike Jones, product manager. 

"Concept cars are way out there," he 
says. "There is extremely limited appeal 
because car makers are cramming as much 
new technology into uric aulo as they can. 
We wouldn't approach concept knives by 
adding every single bell and whistle we could 
put into them. We don' l have the bankroll car 
companies do. Our goal is always to sell 
something. Either sell it or kill it. 

"We test a concept knife to refine it tor 
production," Jones explains. "We'll start with 
a concept, which may be just a drawing, get 

"We don't have 
the bankroll car 
companies do. Our 
goal is to sell some- 
thing or kill it." 
— Mike Jones 

feedback, and create it into a model that 
might go out to a limited customer base. 
We'll get more feedback, and if the feedback 
is good, we'll make it into a prototype." 

The Chameleon came to Gerber as a 
concept knife and a prototype in one, accord- 
ing to Jones. An engineer approached Gerber 
with a physical knife model. 

"We took it out there and got some feed- 
back from customers, but it was mixed. You 
cither like the Chameleon or you don't," 
Jones relates. "It was unique enough, though. 
that we thought it would go, and we do trust 
our own instincts. 

"Typically, we show concept knives at 
the BLADE Show or S.H.O.T. Show," Jones 
adds. "The major industry players are there, 
and if they like the knives, they wanl to know 
when they will be available." 

Ruo Concepts By Customers 

SOG also relies on the rich customer base 
attending knife shows for feedback, "We 
don't have a mentor group in- ho use, but we 
have a huge mentor group in our customer 
base," Frazcr says. "We took a few Jet Edge 
^^^^^_^^^^^_ models we had made 
Lip with wood 
handles to the 
S.H.O.T. Show and, 
in time, we produced 
them in a limited 

"I'm taking some 
models to this year's 
S.H.O.T. Show 'to get 
a feel for their recep- 
tion, bui 1 won't put 
them on display for 
~~~~ ^^""^ — ^^ everyone to view," 
Frazer reveals. "Sometimes I show them to 
a carefully selecled few distributors and 
international reps." 

Tapping into the whims of knife 
customers is how Fadden views his role in 
revealing concept knives to the buying 
public. It's of utmost importance, he says, to 
figure out what potential knife customers 
want immediately and make it. 

"Shows give us information we otherwise 
have difficulty getting." G lesser says. "When 
I go to an end-line-user show, like the 
BLADE Show, even though we see a lot of 
dealers, we see more consumers. Now. I'm 
talking to the guy who. in my opinion, is the 
customer. He cuts with the knife. 

"When you go to a trade show, you're 
talking to dealers, and their opinions tell you 
whether the knife will sell. I need both opin- 
ions." Glesser determines, "If a customer 
likes a knife but the dealer can't sell it, it's a 
problem. And. if the dealer likes it but the 
customer doesn't, it's a bust." 

For the addresses of the knife companies 

included in lite story, see "Where To del 

Em " on page 109. 

78 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 79 


Note: Shows marked with an asterisk (*} have knives as the main focus. Events marked with two asterisks 
are knifemaking instructions/seminars, knife-throwing competitions, etc, Bl.ADK's" "Show Calendar" 
also can he seen on BLADE'S Web site at www.coilect.com. 


.Ian. 12-13 Salem, OR Great Northwest 
Knife Show. Reed Opera House. Contact 
Kim Vestal or Krista! Glass (800) 61 1-8849 

Jan. 25-27 Chattanooga, TIN NKCA Chat- 
tanooga Show, Hamilton County Conven- 
tion & Trade Center. Call the NKCA 
business office (423) 892-5007.* 

Jan. 25-27 Novi, MI Wolverine Knife 
Collectors Club Show, Novi Expo Center. 
Contact Pat Donovan. Depl. BL3. 14543 
Yale, Sterling Hts., MI 48313 (810) 247- 
5883 or Frank Meek (810) 264-2031 


Feb. 1-3 Las Vegas, NV 10th Annual Las 
Vegas Classic Knife Sbow, Riviera Hotel & 
Casino. Contact the show c/o POB 355, 
Dept. BL3. Beatty, NV 89003 (702) 553- 
2233 or (520) 855-8095* 

Feb. 15-17 Lakeland, FL 24th Annual 
Gator Cutlery Club Custom, Modem and 
Antique Knife Show, Lakeland Center. 
Contact Dan Piergallini (813) 967-1471 or 

Feb. 15-17 Lewishurg, PA 14th Annual 
Keystone Blade Knife Show. Contact 
Marlyn Kepncr (570) 584-4835 or Skip 
Fryling (570) 275-1524.* 

Feb. 16-17 Little Rock, AR Arkansas 
Knifemakers Association Custom Knife 
Show, Little Rock Hilton Inn. Contact 
Roger Massey, Dept. BL3, RR 19, Box 
3300. Texarkana, AR 71854 (870) 779- 

Feb. 22-24 Buena Park, CA Knife Expo 
, 02, Sequoia Athletic Club & Conference 
Center. Contact the Southern California 
Blades c/o (818) 368-7110 


Feb. 23 Ozark, MO Knife Club of the 
Ozarks 5th Annual Spring Cabin Fever 
Knife Show, Ozark City Park 4H Commu- 
nity Bldg. Call Randy Long (888) 584-8138 
fax (417) 581-7380.* 

Feb. 23-24 Atlanta, GA I 7th Annual 
Atlanta Area Knife Show, Showcase Event 
Centre. 1-75 Exit 221 Atlanta South. Contact 
Jennifer Houston (706) 216-7561* 


March 14-15 Dunnellon, FL Riverland 
Knife Collectors Club Show, St. John The 
Baptist Catholic Church. Contact Bob 
Ferring (352) 489-5027.* 

March 15-17 Cincinnati, OH NKCA 
Cincinnati Area Show, Robertson Conven- 
tion Center. Call the NKCA Business Office 
(423) 892-5007.* 

March 16-17 Godfrey, IL St. Louis Area 
Show, River Bend Arena. Call Dale Rice, 
Dept. BL3. 108 Pickett. Bethalto, IL 62010 

March 16-17 San Pedro, CA 2002 ABS 
West Clinic, Ft. MacArthur Museum. 
Instructors will include Jim Batson, Don 
Fogg, Jay Hendrickson, Steve Schwarzcr 
and others. Contact Bill Herndon, Dept. 
BL3. 32520 Michigan, Acton. CA 93510 
(661) 269-5860 bhemdon@aol.com.** 

March 22-23 McKinney, TX The Knife 
Show At McKinney. Contact Ronnie Loftis, 
Dept. B1.3, 1 1 1 Tanners Farm Rd., Ferris, 
TX 75125(972)842-2918.* 

March 22-24 Jancsville, \V1 19th Annual 
Badger Knife Club Show, Holiday Inn 
Express and Janes vi lie Conference Center. 
Contact Badger Knife Club, Dept. BL3, 
POB 511. Elm Grove, WI 53122 (414)479- 
9765 rschrap@aol.com.* 

March 23-24 Kamloops, British Columbia 

Kamloops Knife Show presented by the 
Western Canada Knife Association. 
Kamloops Exhibition Arena. Contact Bob 
Lay (250) 379-2265 wcka@stardatc.ca.* 


April 5-7 Harrisonburg, VA Ilth Annual 
Greater Shenandoah Knife Show, Rocking- 
ham Co. Fairgrounds. Contact Edmund 
Davidson (540)997-565!.* 

April 19-21 Louisville, KY NKCA 
Louisville Show, Holiday Inn South 
Convention Center. Call the NKCA Busi- 
ness Office (423) 892-5007.* 

April 20-21 Eugene, OR 27th Annual 
Oregon Knife Show, Lane County Conven- 
tion Center. Contact the OKCA, POB 2091, 
Dept. BL3, Eugene. OR 97402 (541) 484- 
5 5 64 www . o regonk n i fee I ub . org . * 

April 27-28 Gulfport, MS Gulf Coast 

Custom Knifemakers Show, Airport llolidas 
Inn. Contact Perry Wingo, Dept. Bl 3. 22 
55th St.. Gulfport. MS 39507 (228) 863- 
3193 PBWlNGO@BelISouth.net.* 

April 27-28 Lugano, Switzerland Fspo- 
lama Knife Show, Palazzo del Congress!, 
Piazza Indipendenza 4. CH-6900. Contact 
Espolama, c/o Coltelleria Bianda, Piazza 
Grande 13, CH-6601 Locarno/Switzerland 
0041-91-751 62 03 fax 0041-91-751 64 21 


May 4-5 Jackson, MS Mississippi Knife- 
makers Association Show, Trademark 
Building. Contact Russ Jenkins (601) 373- 
3135 bladezealot@jam.rr.com or 

May 31 -June 2 Marietta, GA 21st Annual 
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Cobb Gallcria Centre, 1-285 & US 41, one 
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Hotel. The world's largest combined show 
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Over 570 tables and 90 factory booths. Join 
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Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Famc 
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To ensure timely publication of your 
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BLADES' requests that you send all 
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information. BSl ftQE 

80/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 





February 2nd-5th, 2002 

Las Vegas Convention Center, 
Las Vegas, Nevada 

Booth #4624 

Blade Magazine Advertising & Editorial Staff 

Along with the 

Gun List and Gun & Knife Show Calendar Staff 

Krause Publications Outdoor Publications Staff 

And the Staff ofDBI Books 

MARCH 2002 BLADE / 81 

Want To Forge a Oladius? 
Read This First! 

I: I've had the urge to forge a blade for 
many years and am now in a position to 
do so. I realize that plenty of information 
is available on how to forge a knife blade, 
but one of my goals is to forge a sword — a 
Roman gladius. I'd like your thoughts, 
comments or suggestions on forging a 
gladius. or anything you might think is 
important as I begin to embark on this 
quest. (Michael Cheek, Milford, 

I just finished teaching a three-day blade- 
smith workshop sponsored by the North 
West Blacksmith Association. The students 
each forged a blade or two and what they 
did to the steel wasn't a good thing. There 
were times when the forges would be too 
hot and this would cause an excess of scale, 
which was then hammered into the surface 
of the steel. In order to grind the surface of 
the steel clean of the scale, the resulting 
blades were ground almost loo thin to make 

By Wayne Goddard 
BLADE® field editor 

usable knives. At other times the blades 
would be hammered when they were too 
cool, which can lead to cracking. The 
finished forgings were all twisted and bent; 
any resemblance to the straight steel bars 
with which the students started was gone. 

With a moderate amount of practice and 
a properly regulated forge, the problems 
mentioned above can be overcome fairly 
easily on hunling-knife-sixed blades. When 
I started forging, it took me nearly a year 




Illustration #1 

The vise the author uses most is mounted at a 45-degree angle to the front of his 
workbench. It's also set out from the front of the bench approximately 3 inches. The 
vise is mounted at an angle so it can be used from two positions ("B" and "C"). 

82/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

question & answer 


before I could forge a 10-inch blade with 
relative ease. After I'd done several )Q-tnch 
blades, they became easier and I moved up 
in size. My first 12-inch blades gave me a 
ureal deal of trouble but. the more ! made. 
the easier they got. I do 1 5-inch blades now 
with more ease than the 8-inch blades I 
forged when 1 was getting started. 

What I'm saying is, it takes time and 
practice to gain the skill to forge a large 
blade such as a sword. Keeping the blade 
straight enough to be able to clean it up 
with the grinder is Obstacle No. 1. Getting 
an even heal on it for the quench is Obsta- 
cle No. 2. Obstacle No. 3 is the straighten- 
ing after the tempering, and the final 
challenge is the finish grinding. 

I said all that so I can give this advice: I 
think you should start out making hunting- 
sized knives and progress to larger and 
larger blades until you have the confidence 
and skill it takes to do a gladius. A short 
glad i us has a blade about 18 inches long; 
the average is something like 22 inches. As 
noted, it's best to work up to such a blade 
length. It takes practice to gain skill at 
grinding, and doing some stock-removal 
knives will increase your skill level faster 
by eliminating the time-consuming forging 
phase. Think about it: the stock-removal 
maker starts with nice, clean bar stock. The 
profile is carefully scribed out and the blade 
is sawed and ground to the finished profile. 
A centerline is marked for the edge and the 
bevels ground into the blade. This is an 
easy procedure compared to the one of 
forging employed by the bladesmilh, 

2: What type vise is best for a beginning 
knifematcer? (Michael Viehman, 

A 3-ineh bench vise with an enclosed screw 
is a good starting vise. The imported ones 
will do for light work but won't stand up to 
the heavy work that a Wilton top-of-lhe- 
line model v. ill. The enclosed screw i> 
important because the square box that hides 
the screw holds the soft jaws in position. 
The inexpensive vises with exposed screws 
are more difficult to fit soft jaws to and, 
when closing the jaws of such vises, care 
must be taken so that the edge of a knife 
does not contact the screw threads. 1 broke 
a piece out of a nearly finished knife by 
closing the jaws while the edge of the blade 
was against the screw thread. 

I've never found one vise that would do 
it all. I'm a sucker for any quality vise that 
comes along at a good price, so I've got 
seven or eight scattered around my shop 
and smithy area. I'm always upgrading my 
collection as better-quality vises come 
along. I have three on my main workbench 
and assemblv area. The one 1 use most is 

To some they are 

To others they are 

The #1 Hard use Knives in the World 

(310) 542-3050 wwiDu.eniersonknlves.coni 
Contact your Local Outdoor Outfitter Made In the USA 

CAUTION: Do not open in 
a dark movie theater. * 

Now showing — The SwitchPlier® 
Featuring: Multiple Locking Tool Components 

The SwitchPlier is a novel tool that reacts like a switchblade by releasing the world's 

only automatic opening pliers with a push ol a button. It you hear the ClIcK, 

WATCH OUT., someone may be attempting to fix something. 


Creators of Extraordinary Tools and Blades 

888-SOG-BEST ■ www.sogknives.com 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 83 

question & answer 

mounted at a 45-degree angle to the front of 
the bench. It's also set out from the front of 
the bench approximately 3 inches. The vise is 
mounted at an angle so it can be used from 
two positions ("B" and "C" in Illustration 
#1 ), The vise in Illustration #2 is mounted so 
that the jaws are horizontal for holding blades 
on a knife board for draw filing or hand 
finishing. It also holds assembled knives by 
the blade for hand finishing the handle 
details. The third vise on my main work- 
bench is a lightweight Wilton in the glue-up 
area. It flips up 90 degrees and also swivels, 
and is handy for a variety of jobs. 

New vises of the best quality are expen- 
sive, but over the years I've been lucky 
enough to stumble onto some real bargains. 
The main vise in my smithy is a 4-inch 
Wilton with pipe jaws. It lists at over S500. I 
bought it in a secondhand store for S3: 5. I 
have a 4-inch Craftsman vise — a SlO-yard- 
sale special — mounted on a portable "retro- 
tech" workbench in the backyard where 
"The S50 Knife Shop" was set up. I paid 
SI 2 for the horizontal-mounted 3-inch 
Wilton. It was a bargain because it was such 
a mess. Someone had hammered on it and 
knocked a chunk out of the front jaw when 
the screws holding the jaw inserts broke 
loose. It had been brazed but the joint had 
come apart. The main screw and nut were 
good, so 1 fished out the broken screws, 
made extended Miearta® jaw inserts (see 
Illustration #2) and gave it a paint job. Now 
it's enjoying a new life on my workbench. 

3: Until 1 can get a little further into grind- 
ing, Pm ordering some blades from Texas 
Knifcmakers Supply. That gives me prac- 
tice with I he handles and pins. How should 
I go annul learning lo add bolsters? (Doug 
Snell. Lemoore. California) 

1 had a hard time with bolsters before I 
figured out by trial and error that soldering 
wouldn't hold them on the tang. 1 started 
riveting them through holes in the tang but 
then had difficulty getting a nice fit between 
the bolsters and the tang. The bad fit 
between parts was the result of using a belt 
grinder to flatten them. My friend, knife- 
maker liob Lum. clued me in on disc -grind- 
ing technology and I soon built what I call a 
flat-disc machine. The disc machine solved 
the problem of gaps in my bolster fit. It's 
nearly impossible to apply a small pail like 
a bolster to a spinning disc, grind it and then 
lift it off without making it ever so slightly 
convex. That's why the Oat-disc machine 
should be set up with a foot switch to acti- 
vate it, or you won't necessarily grind the 
parts flat. Here's how it works. 

The first step is to flatten the tang area of 
the blade. One side of the tang is applied to 
the disc and then the foot switch is activated. 
The disc is slopped and the tang checked for 
flatness. Inking it in with a red marking pen 

helps to tell when it's truly flat. The bolsters 
are then flattened using the same method and 
checked for flatness against the tang. Holes 
are then drilled for the pins, holes that should 
be very close to the size of the pin stock. 
Place trial pins in the two bolsters and clamp 
them together, and finish the shape so they're 
exactly the same size. A taper-pin reamer or 
other long, tapered, mounted point is used to 
open up the hole in the bolsters. The usual 
countersink is too shallow and that makes it 
more difficult to get a pinned joint without a 
gap showing. The bolsters are pinned to the 
tang by carefully riveting the pin stock down 
into the tapered hole. 

1 use Klingspor wet or dry paper for the 
abrasive and 3-M or a similar spray-on glue 
to hold the sandpaper to the disc. Sixty grit is 
used for rough grinding and 120 for the final 
fit. Use the glue according to the directions 
on the can. A worn-out disc is peeled off and 
a new one stuck on; no additional adhesive is 

necessary for as many as four to six changes. 
When the discs won 'I stick, more spray-on 
glue can he added. When the glue gets lumpy 
it should be cleaned off with WD-40. and any 
residue should be removed with lacquer thin- 
ner or a similar agent. 

Send your questions to BLADE, P.O. Box 
789, Ooltewah. TN 17363-0789 e-mail 

hladelakranse.com. Include an SASE for a 
personal response from Mr. Goddard or e- 
mail him at wlgoddard@continet.com. Due 
io the large volume of questions, please be 

patient in receiving your answer. 

Another of the author's workbench vises 
is mounted so that the jaws are horizontal 
for holding blades on a knife board for 
draw filing or hand finishing. It also holds 
assembled knives by the blade for hand 
finishing handle details. 

Illustration #2 

84 / BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Dan Burke 

EDMOND, OK 73034 
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stainless steel blade approximately l/S" thick 3 1/1" long blade is 
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no) included; this gives you the option ta choose your lovatilo. 

Ho. 605DP $36.95 eo 

All items included in the Standard Kit, plus premarhined handles with 
strew boles drilled and countersink ready to be finished wilh black 
in car io back spacer pie-drilled lo fil knife. 

No. 605UG-1 fBkxk/giteakm) S49.95ea 

No.605UG-2 (BtoiGJOJ S49.95ea 

The Mini 605 Spedat 

A smaller version of the highly popular 685 Special 

The some as the 605 Special with the exception of: Blade lenglh is 1.5", 
ihirkness is .100, overall length is 5-3/4" and has a gloss beaded satin 

Mo. M605DP S34.95 ea 

All items included in fire Standard Kit, plus pje-nrabirted handles wilh 
strew holes drilled and countersink ready lo be finished wilh a block 
micorta back spacer p re-dulled to lit knife. It is highly recommended thai 
you use gloves and o respirator when working wilh ihese materials. 
No. M605-UG-5 lArt'rJiie iWI $47.95 ea 

No. M605-UG-2 (Sferi 6KB S47.95 ea 

No. M605-UG.3 fediirw (ilium) S47.95 ea 

No. M605-UG-4 (Caibm fiied S57.95 ea 



fm tethnkal odVin, 

The Finest in Knifemuhing Equipment & Supplies 
far Over 25 tears! 

Visit our Showroom at: SS19 lartey St., New Albany, Ohio 
Or Visit us online nt; 
www.kamlknivei.com * email: kovai@kavalknhei.cam 

far o complete Corn/no of knUsmakinj supplies itijef $4.00 tor 
Koval Knives • P.O. Be* 492 • Hew Albany, OH 43054 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 93 

fbe Custom Edge On The Web 

Da Swnci: 

Tom Anderson 
Alan Blade 
Phil Boguszewski 
Kit Carson 
Ed Chavar 
Geno Denning 
Andre De Villiers 
Bob Dozier 
John Greco 
Lynn Griffith 
Wally Hayes 
Mike Irie 
Bob Lum 
Tom Mayo 
Bud Nealy 
Patrick Nihiser 
Ken Onion 

Bide Arl Inc. 

14216 SW 136 Street Miomi, FL 33186 

Morry Carter 

Kris Cutlery 

Busse Combat 

Masters of Defense 

Webb & Fisher 

Jason Jacks 

Fred Perrin 

Darrel Ralph 

Frank Recupero 

Chris Reeve 

Dale Reft 

Trace Rinaldi 



Mike Snody 

TinkerbJades Swords 

Laci Szabo 

Brian Tighe 

Tim Wegner 

Email soles© blade arf.tom 

Phone 1305] 255-8684 Fax: 1305} 233-6943 


Custom Sticks 
and Picks 

79 Derry Road, 

Methuen. MA 01844 

Phone: (978) 688-2785 


Come visit our 

updated Web site 


e-mail: willyb@willyb.com 

Willy B. Ellis Knifemaker 

Awards For Artistry 

Special i/rntj In: 

Hand Carved 


Antler and (lorn 

Exotic Woods 

File Works 

Stone Settings 

! lartdmade Sheaths 

]. GDichAet ODcRae 

ABS Journeyman 

ScoriA CDec&CuioRh 

7750 Matthews-Mint Hill Road 
Mint Hill, NC 28227 


email: scotiaffl carol in a. rr.com online: wvwv.scotiarnet alwrirk.com 







• 40% Discount 

• Full Credit On Unsold Copies 

• Free Display Material 






DEPT AT 800-894-4656 

EXT. 580 

Please contact me about 
increasing my profits. 


Cit y 




Urn iia b ¥ubll Bull Dili) 

700 E State St • lola, Wl 54990-0001 


FAX: 715-445-4087 


94 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

in Knife Laws, 

Public Awareness 

and Education 






Memberships for 
individuals, retailers, 
distributors, importers, 
collectors and 
manufacturers. Be part 
of this important 
Join Today! 


(877) 752-8770 (toll free) 


PO Box 68 

Burlington, I A 52601 

Bud Nealy's New Kwaito & MC5 System 

Offer Maximum Security 

in a Suit on Wall Street or a 

Parka on the Appalachian Trail 

Double-edged Kwaito 

(with or without serrations) 

4" blade length - 8" of cutting surface 

ATS-34, Grip-Guard G-10 handle, 

S295. including 9-position 

MCS System 


IHE55 h 

Free Brochure: 

Bud Nealy 

1439 Poplar Valley Road 

Stroudsburg, PA 18360 

Phone: 570-402-1018, 

Pax: 570-402-1019. E-mail: budnealy@ptd.net 



l ^m^D 


1278 Colina Vista 
Ventura, CA 93003 
(805) 658-6610 voice/fax 

KNIVES LTl>. mom&gtm \jN$V<£ 

nm^ sm %& ** sssst is:, 


Smith & Wesson® 




rresi^Cuiknf \fmv£s 





Bitiii VT Last A Lifetime. 

«-■* .f. nan ^COLUMBIA 


Call Us Toll Free 

1 -800-447-4342 


Brand Names 

Dependable Sales Staff 
■Courteous Operators 
■•Quick Service 

PO BOX 188 Forest City, NC 28043 Telephone 828-245-4321 Fax 
E-Mail us at nkdi@nkdi.com oi Visit our web site at ww> 

MARCH 2002 


BLADE/ 95 


1500 E. MILLER RD.. MIDLAND, Ml 48640 
SHOP: 517-531-3952 RES: 517-631-5744 E-MAIL:LGCBINFORG@AOL.COM 

2" x 72" SANDING BELT, 
3450 RPM 

1 Horse Motor $550.00 

1-1/2 H. Motor $600.00 

2 Horse Motor $650.00 

Variable Speed $900.00 


The Art of Lonewolf 

'Damascus Blade 
Slug Handle 

J. A. Lonewolf & Son 
481 Hwy 105 
Demurest, tJA 30535 
Phone: 706-754.4660 
FAX: 706-754-8470 

Internet no.: 

https'/hemc-net' ~Ionewnlf 

Brochure SI. DO 
VISA & MC Ai-rt-pir 



§ ^Sr^C 1 ■' J % www.americanbladesmith.coni 

V ^^K - : V g Learn to make knives by the traditional forging methods. 

Send check in mail to or Order from 
Jan DuBois at ABS Office 

P. O. Box Box 14S1 

Cypress, TX 77410-1481 

Phone 381/225-9159 or fax. 281/225-9163 


"William F Motan & His Classic Blades" 
by B R Hughes &. Houston Price 
214 page, 8 X 10 1/2, full color, hardback 
with over 260 colored pictures of Bill & his knives 

Knifemaking 1985 & Damascus Steel 

is 8 1/2 X 1 1. 50 page reprint of notes & 

illustrations by Paul Tarantino of classes taught 

by Bill Moran at RJT between 19S4& 1991. 


From The Past by William F Moran, Jr 

is a 5 1/2X8 1/2, 43 page reprint of the first five 

ABS Newsletters, 1978- 1980 on knife blade forging 

heat treating & finishing* January 1984 ABS 

Newsletter on Forging a Damascus Billet. 


Introduction To Bladesmithing 

by E Jay Hendricks on 

was written to assist ABS Apprentice Bladesmiths 

in the art <& craft of forging blades, 

8 1/2X 11, 20 pages 



Videos of W. F. Moran Jr 

#1 Handle, Guards & Sheaths, VHS $65 

n The Making of a Knife, VHS $55 

#3 Damascus. VHS $55 

New Master's Series Videos 

Vol. 1 Hollow Grinding, Johnny Stout $25 

Vol. 2 Flat Grinding, Harvey Dean....$25 
Knife Care by Jerry Fisk $25 

Add $5 for snipping one tape 
and $3 more for each additional tape 

Build Your Own Hydraulic Press 

by James Batson 

This 60 page, 8 1/2XII pamphlet is a complete 

set of directions, drawings & schematics 

for building a C framu or H frame forging press. 


Shipping is included in book prices 






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D W 


96 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Eric O. Bergland 

Custom Knifemaker 
Investment grade 

Sami and Finnish 
style knives 
and sheaths 


P.O. Box 186 
Blue River, 
OR 97413 
E-mail: eofoknivest?' aol.com 
Weyer Photo 



knife i.:iji i h:nuis wo bhsim s.s iNifEdrrjRics 



Blue Ridge Knives y^<\ 

166 ADWQLFE RD. ' DCI'T BL ■ M4HI0N, VA 24354 

Phone 276-7S3-G143 • F*x 27G-7B3-929S 

www, blu eridgekn i ves.net 



s PV d 


Don't minx the next 

BLADE Magazine 


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May 2002 
June 2002 


December 19,2001 
January 16,2002 
February 20, 2002 

For more information contact 
BLADE Magazine 

700 E. State St. 
lola. Wl 54990-0001 

FAX (715) 445-4037 


----- pj^gyrjg KNIVES 

Orders: (toll free) 1 -866-667-5965 • Info: gpk@empowering.com 
2230 Liebler Rd. • Troy, IL 62294 PH: 618-667-2323 • FAX: 618-667-7231 

as well as sharpeners,, kitchen cutlery and much more. 

Cobra Imports Ltd., Inc. 


13-500 - , ^M r J 

All siMird Wades an- full tang unci made of 

hitlli (.arhim sprite Steel, Each sword 

aunts wilh a heav> leather sheath. 

13401 German Maximilian Helmet 1)95.00 

1 3402 European Close Helmet $225.00 

13003 European Comb. Marian $185.00 

1 3-004 Spanish Morion [sometimes colled A Pol) 

1 3-500 New Celtic Sword (2d ,J blade length, 
ebony handle, solid brass hardware] $189.00 

13-501 Knight Sword (27" blade lenglh, hard- 
wood hartals, solid brass guard) $210.00 

13-502 Flaming Cris Sword (27" blade lenglh, 
hardwood handle, brass guard) $199.00 

13-503 Gladius Sword (22" blade lenglh, han- 
dle is 3-piece construction oF hardwood wifh brass 
Krtingsl $17°.00 

55 Springhill Drive 

laurel Springs NJ 08021 

TeL (856| 435-1005 

Tel/Fax 856] 435-0795 

Email. caDraimports@ao1.com 

Visit us online oi www.cobraimports.com 

Shipping 3, Handling Charges ore $15 00 ior 

one «lem Add $5.0v for each additional ilem. 

MARCH 2002 


BLADE/ 97 

Wolf Den Knives 





Wolf Den Knives 











Write for more information. 

Preserve the FORGED BLADE 

Support the 
American Bladesmith Society 
WWW, americanblad esmith.com 
P O Box 1481, Cypress,TX 77410-1481 
281/225-9159, spqjanl@aol.com 

Visit The New Knife Gallery 



Historic Arkansas Museum, 501 /324-9351 

200 E Third St., Little Rock, AR 72201 

Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing 

Washington, Arkansas 
American Bladesmith Society 2002 Schedule 


Eugene Stiadley & Don Hethcoat 

Jay Hendrickson 

Bill Fiorini 

Rick Dunkerley 

Billy Hicks 

James Walker & Harvey Dean 

Don Fogg & Larry Harley 

J, Fisk, G. Neety & M. Williams 

James FLCook 

James Batson & Charlie Ochs 

Joe Floumoy 

Hank Knickmeyer 

Ron Newton 

Kenny Rowe 

James C rowel I & Roger Massey 

Steve Dunn 

Michael Conner 

Stephen Schwa rzer 

Greg Neely & Joe Keeslar 

Mike Williams & Greg Neely 

Jim Jackson 

Contact Mr. Scotty Hayes, ABS School Director - 903/838- 4541 , ext.237 
Texarkana College - 2500 North Robison Road - Texarkana, TX 75501 



Multi-Blade Folders 

11-15 Feb 

Intro to Bladesmithing 

18 Feb -1 Mar 


4-8 Mar 

Advanced Damascus 

8-12 Apr 

Silver Wire Inlay 

11-13 Apr 

Intro to Bladesmithing 

1 5-26 Apr 


29 Apr- 3 May 

Spring Hammer- In 

4-5 May 

Handles & Guards 

6-10 May 

Intro to Bladesmithing 

1 0-21 June 

Handles & Guards 

24-28 June 

Mosaic Damascus 

1-5 July 

Silver Sheaths 

8-12 July 

Leather Sheaths 

15-19 July 

Intro to Bladesmithing 

9-20 Sept 


23-27 Sept 

Handles & Guards 

30 Sep -4 Oct 

Forge Welding Clinic 

10-12 Oct 

Intro to Bladesmithing 

14-25 Oct 

Fall Hammer-In 

26-27 Oct 


28 Oct -1 Nov 



Big0 est 


Large selection of Hunting Knives, 
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Genuine Military Knives, Fantasy and 
Exotic Knives from around the world, 
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Includes Tomahawks, Kukris, excel- 
lent Civil War Sword reproductions, 
U.S. Military Dress & Drill Sabres, 
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Xj ATLAtiTA Box 839FQ 
Jrd CUTLERY Conyers. GA 30012 

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98/ BLADE 


Now Available! 

The Good Book of 
Knife Patents 

160 Patented Designs 
with complete specifi- 
cations for: 

Blade opening means, 
Folding knives. Sliding 
Blades, Dirk, Butterfly, 
Concealed Blade, 
Pinch Pull, Safety Pocket 
Knive, Split handle Jack 
knife, Synchronized 
folding knife, Trick 
Pocket knife plus many 
more types from 1859 
to 1996 features detailed 
information for 137 
years of Pocket Knife 
Manufacturing secrets. 
Unbelievable details! 
Amazing ideas from 
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The Good Book of Knife 
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MARCH 2002 

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Logos, lettering, symbols, sizes to 
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Tang Holder, or press application. 
Evers... professional 
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72 N. Oxford St., Providence, Rl 02905 
TOLL FREE: 1-800-55-EVERS 

Phone: 401-781-4767 Fax: 401-781-9561 



{TWi.'|VT'=— =■" 




Gnry Moore, Dealer 

P.O. dux 633 * Lockport, IL M)441 

708-301-4201 • Fax 708-301-4222 

e-mail: GJrv@nu)orefUtlery,t inn 

" J " * ■*- ' -»-■-»-» .»-■-*-» -»----- *--- rr._ ■-...-.-.-.-■ 



Everything for 
Knife Making! 

201 W. Stillweli 
DeQueen, AR 71832 

(870) 642-7643 

FAX (870) 642-4023 

E-MAIL: uncleal@ipa.net 



from SEKI JAPAN, Capital of Japanese Sword 

SEKI. Capital of Japanese Sword has about 800 years 
traditional history of forging Japanese Sword* 

Get Genuine Japanese 

Sword I 


GIFU-PREF. 501 -3932 JAPAN 
TEL 81-575-22-8892 FAX 61-575-24-1895 
e-ou E-mail: sunny@setncul.co.jp 
CUTLEKT rttlpVAwiv.selocul.co.iP/ 


Plaza Cutlery 

South Coast Piaza 

Costa Mesa, CA 92626 


Phone Orders Welcome! 

We accept MasterCard, VISA, & 

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Visit us at 
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Ail of our custom 

Knives, Randall, Chris 

Reeves, William Henry 

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are updated daily. 

Founding member 

iNahijnal IntfetJCfitfenS 
Cullery Assoctal lon.i 

Featured this month is Chris Reeve 

We carry all of the Chris Reeve folders 

and straight blades including eight 

variations of the Sebenza. 

Folders: $295 95 on up - including the N.I.C.A. tanto in left & right hand 

MARCH 2002 

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lit-iiusL- llnlilit'iitions, the worlds largest hobby & collectibles publisher, is proud to announce that every 
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(Consecutive Issues Only CM The Same Ad.) 

1-2 Issues No Discount 

3-6 Issues .15% 

7-12 Issues ......20% 


Only 550 per word 

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Category Note: Classified ads containing multiple knives for sale will be broken up 
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IMPORTANT - If including name and address in your ad, 
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Please use an additional sheet of paper for larger ad 

Ptease calculate each Individual ad you run using the following worksheet. 

Total Words (in this ad) x 55c = S __ 

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MARCH 2002 


"Noiv I have one complete source lhal's a real-world price guide ,,n knives tteinn sold todav." 



6262 Pal Cutlery Co, 

6940 Smith & Wesson 

7540 Scout 

9789 Ruana (Rudy) 

9730 Dealers fenlei! 

S010 American Knife Co. 

6281 Russel Barlows 

6944 Sog Specialty 

7546 Senator 

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63DD UEica 

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6310 Wade a Butcher 

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9780 Beat Treating 

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7674 Misc. Knife Types/Patterns 


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7420 Machetes 

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81 B8 Hudson (Rabbin) 

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9988 Show Cases 

fi22S MafWe Arms £ Man! Co. 

6942 Puma 

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971 5 Collectible Advertisements 

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972D Collections 

9996 Miscellaneous Products 


* Join over 100 advertisers who already reach an additional 150,000 

buyers by listing your knives in Gun List classifieds. 
Choose from: 5640 Knives For Sale, 5641 Knives Wanted 





• Over 400 firearms and related classifications in each issue 

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Classified Word Ads 1-800-9420673 

If you ha%e 5 ads or less and run a minimum of 3 issues, you can now place your knife ads by phone 
when you call 1-8(1(1-942-0673. Placing your ads in the nation's number one marketplace for both 
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Kratise Publications 

700 East State Street • Ma, Wl 54990-0001 
888-457-2873 • Fax: 715/445-4087 
http://w ww.gu n list, net 


MARCH 2002 

BLADE /1 01 

CASE FOR Sale. Tested, XX, USA. 70s, 80s. Also all new cases. 
We handle most German knives and older American knives. 
Since 1950. Robert Werner, 209 4lh St. SW. Cullman, AL 
35055. 256-734-5291. 

OLDER CASE pockelkmves tor Sale. XX. USA, 10 Dot and oth- 
ers. Clean outstanding knives with pretty handles. Please call 
or write tor my list. Charlie Mattox. PO Box 1565. Gallatin. TW 
37066 1-877-520-9192. voice mail oager. Mobile phone 61 5- 

419-5669. Http://www.mattoxkn ite.com 

AZINE. 1-800-942-0673. 

WANTED: CASE pccketknives especially 10 Dot and older 
Check with Charlie before you sell. Call or write, Charlie 
Mattox, PO Box 1565, Gallatin. TIM 37066. 1-877-520-9192, 
voice mail pager. Mobile phone 615-419-5669. 

Htt p : //www.mattoxknif e .com 

PUMA. KNIVES. The finest since 1769 We are exclusively 
Puma. Your number one Puma knife resource, specializing In 
new old stock. Brochure and discontinued list $2 Investment 
Cutlery. P.O. Box 544B, Auhurn. MA 01501 


REMINGTON BULLET knives and poslers, all years available. 
Knife and gun related memorabilia, product information. 800- 

REMINGTON H1253 bullet. Lightly sharpened, no cracks in 

bone handle. Picture available S1 ,200 Tom Hawkins. PO Box 
L Copper Center, AK 99573 


THROWING KNIVES - Professional quality Pierce-Arraw and 
Vanishing Point throwing knives 604-538-6214. Crescent 
Knife Works, PMB 18. 816 Peace Portal Dr.. Blaine. WA 98230 
http :// www. knivesonnet.com 


KNIFE CATALOG. Major brands. Midwest's iargesl selection. 
S3 (refundable with first order). Safe & Knife Company, 550B 
Lakeland Ave. N„ Crystal, MN 55429. 


BIG BOWIES and large lighters. My Personal Collection top 
makers. LSASE for list. L.O. Drake, Cutler, -Tall Oaks" Ridge 
Ln„ Mill Neck. NY 1 1765-0349 516-922-2874. ldrake@opton- 
line.net lodrake@aol.com 


COLLECTOR. MANY high class custom knives, 
http ■■.■www holtmanknives.com. Wall 800-527-8050. 

COOPER, RIGNEY, Corby, D swell, Tigoo, Maxwell. Luckette, 
" si?.— 

Hale. J.Smlth and others. Walt 800-527-8050. 


COLLECTOH, MANY high class custom knives. 
http://wmv.hoftmanknives.com, Walt 800-527-8050. 

SHAWN HANSON. Lake, Osborne, Davis. Embretsen, Horn, 
Buslield, and others. Walt 800-527-8050. 


CUSTOM SLIP- JOINTS wanted Wilt buy Bose, Davis. Shadley. 
Krapstein. Burke. Hoel, Horn, Japanese makers and others 
Neil, 954-566-2670. or sterling39@aol.com 


AUTOMATIC KNIVES. Great prices. Free shipping and info, 
Voza, 76 Prospect St.. Pa ram us. NJ 07652. 


LAGUIOLE FOLDERS, factory direel distributor, best prices. 
Also Laguiole hunting knives, and "Le Kooto" folders. Dealers 
inquiries invited. Frantech: 404-687-8707. Fax 404-687-8662. 


FISK KNIVES Buy. Sell. Trade. Darby 370-898-4706 


BUYING LOVELESS knives. Top prices paid, Rhett Stidham. 

Box 570, Roseland. FL 32957. 561-589-0618. E-mail: rstid- 

LOVELESS KNIVES wanted: Gordon White, PO Box 181. 
Cuthbert, GA 31740. 229-732-6982 anytime. 


MORAN KNIVES wanted by collector. Bob 415-768-4821. 


I WILL pay top dollar for old Randall knives wilh Heiser 
sheaths in good condition. McCotter 252-633-5697. 


BUYING SCAGEL knives. Top prices paid. Rhett Stidham, Box 
570, Roseland. FL 32957 561-589-0618 E-mail: 


SCAGEL KNIVES and Axes wanted Gordon White. PO Box 

181 Cuthbert. GA 31740. 529-732-6982 anytime. 


QEMPSEY KNIVES tacticals to traditional. 478-474-4g48, 

JACK GRAIN hollow handle knives wanted. Fred 773-769- 

PRECISION TOMAHAWKS by Two Hawks, vanadium spring 
sleel heads and gunstock finished premium handles. These are 
precision tools, not toys. Web site http://wvwr.2hawks.net or 
Postal Box 641 , Fort Benton. MT 59442. 

SCOTTISH SGIAN dubhs, bowies, hunters, and other fixed 
blades by bladesmith Jarod Kearney. Call 336-656-4617. 

email jarcdk@mindspring.com or visit: http://www.jaro- 

SMITH AND Bolton Knives. A trio of Canadian Knife Makers 
creating fine blades of sole authorship. From lixed blades to 
folders; stainless to high carbon. Visit our online gallery at 
http://www.SmiihandBoltonKnives.com E-mail: 

sales@SmithandBoltonKnives.com or call 905-719-3135. 

WANTED: SCAGEL, R.H Ruana. Randall. Loveless, Morseth, 
Remington, and Marbles knives and axes. Any Heiser knife or 
axe sheaths. 229-732-6982. anytime. Gordon White, Box 181, 
Cuthbert. GA 31740 


BUY OR sell your guns, knives and accessories on our auction 
web site. Make our site your site. Http://gunandkniteauc- 



FUR HATS, mitts headbands, earmuffs, and tanned furs, 906- 

632-2768. hnbarbeau-'fj30below com 


http://www.codewiz.net for details. 

and sword FS. 


A1 KNIFE Site on the interne!! Best selection and prices. 
Retail. wholesale. and specials. 

Http ://www , Kn ive sO n 1 1 ne . net 

CANADIAN DEALER servicing the collector lor Hie last 10 
years. Largest selection in Canada. All major brands. Great 
prices and selection. Thousands of knives in stock lor imme- 
diate delivery. Visit our store when in Toronto. Minutes Irom 
the airport. Located at the Woodbine Shopping Centre 
across tram the Woodbine Racetrack at the corner of Hwy 27 
and Rexdale Blvd. S&R Knvies Inc. Ph 416-675-6464, fax 
416-675-6465, E-mail: inta@srknives.com Website: 

COLLECTOR GRADE Knives- Oueen. Schatt & Morgan, Ka-Bar. 
Robeson. Remington and Case. We stock knifepaks and rolls. 
Send $2 for our catalog. S&S & Sons Cutlers, POB 501 C. 
Lomita. CA 90717. 310-326-3869 or visit our web site 
http^/www, snsandsonscutlers.com 

DISCOUNTS UP to 55% on Case. Columbia River, Chris Reeve 
Buck, Puma, Hen and Rooster. Smith and Wesson. Gerber. 
Boker. Bench made. Spyderco, Emmerson. Microtech. Kershaw 
and many more. Free catalog. Sooner Slate Knives. 401 E. 
Main. Konawa. OK 74849. 580-925-3708 VISA/MC. 

FOR SALE Custom made knives Call for free brochure. Scott 
3f 0-377-8609. leave message anytime. 

FREE CATALOG! Steele Arms carries military, survival, tactical, 

reproductions, and fantasy knives and swords. Great selection, 
competitive prices! Call toll-free for a tree color catalog: 866- 

FREE ft EASY Canadian knife enthusiasts S collectors looking 
for top quality knives, swords, sharpeners 8. accessories at 
below retail pricing, You musl contact us by mail, fax. or e-mail 
for our free cutlery catalog to be placed on our sale flyer mail- 
ing list. F.L.P Knives Mail Order. 12 Elder Dr. Truro NS B2N 
6H9 Fax 902-897-9778. E-mail: flpknivescut@flpknives.ns.ca 

GREEN RIVER knives with shealhs. ivory micarta, buffalo 
horn, oak. Brochure S1 York Mountain Enterprises, RO H Box 
272B, Dept. B. Pittslield, PA 16340. 

KNIFE LIST: Usually 200+ old/ new/ discontinued items. SI 
(refundable) and large SASE to: Knives, 1426 S. 167th St., 
Omaha. NE 68130, 

KNIVES PLUS (TM), retail cutlery and cutlery accessories 
since 1987. excellent mail-order prices on mosl major brands. 
Spyderco, Gerber. Cold Steel, Eye Brand, Case, Buck. KA-6AR, 
Columbia River. Smith & Wesson, Kershaw, SOG and many 
more. Same day shipping on most orders placed by f2:00 
GST. Visa. MasterCard. American Express and Discover 
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LIST OF over 700 automatic antique and modern knives. 
Including Case Zippers. Ka-Bar, Grizzly, Presto. Flylock. Case, 
Remington. Latama. Italian pick locks and many more brands. 
Send S3.00 refundable with first order Sketton Enterprise, 
Jerry Sketton. 3795 Hwy. 138, Alamo, TN 3800f. 731-658- 
2443. Request list "S". 

ONLY THE Best Knives and Swords and Prices!: fastasy. utili- 
ty, movie replicas, folding, throwing, collectors Blowguns. 
sword canes, historical, samurai swords. Toledo Spanish steel, 
and more. Manufacturers: Colt, Harley Davidson, 
HibbenKnives. Kit Rae, David Yellowhorse, United, Zwllling, 
J. A. Henckels. Kissing Crane (German). Fred Carter, Toledo 
(Spam). Send S2 tor catalog Impact Industries, 215 S. 
Broadway *195, Salem. NH 03079. 508-494-9047. email; vit- 
ami nsandwich@yah oo.com 

SINCE 1943, Ivory, rough gems, metals, epoxies, abrasives. 

engraving tools and more. Mention Blade tor your set of cata- 
logs. Indian Jewelers Supply Co.. 601 East Coal Ave., Gallup, 
NM 87301 hllp://www ijsinc.com 

SPYDERCO, BENCHMADE, Cold Steel + More. We sell 'em 
cheap. Largest selection, lowest prices, tree catalog. Ruff's 
Knives Dept. BM, 20747 Wiygul Rd.. Umatilla. FL 32784. 352- 
669-3143, Fax 352-669-2119. 9am-6pm EDT. 

TACTICAL KNIVES are our specially We carry over 40 differ- 
ent brand name knives, finer Points Cutlery VISA and 
Mastercard accepted, http://wwwfinerpointscutleiv.com 

THROWING KNIFE catalog and instruction sheet sent free for 
SASE to: Tru -Balance Knife Co., PO Box 140555, Grand 
Rapids, Ml 49514. 

WANTED CATALOGS on swords and straight knives. Please 
send to: Lloyd Willmschen, 1025 Johnson St., Fairfield. CA 


ESTATE SALE: Wonderful collection of Guild Member knives, 
50 piece. AG Russell valued at over$12K! Best otters overS6K 
welcomed. List with photos and description by e-mail at 
KnifeEstateSale@msn.com or call 330-256-3308 for info. 


CUSTOM LASER engraving for knives, tools, etc. Call Laser 
Blades 800-966-5643 Or fax 94f -378-9427 for quote. 


IR0NW00O BURL scales, blocks, folders, squares, cubes, 
logs online at http://www.ironwoodbydon.com and Dther 
woods 520-625-5067. 


102 /BLADE 

HEAT TREATING & deep subzero (minus 300 F) cryogenic 
quench. Rockwell testing & certificates available. Air quench- 
ables steels only. Call toll-free 888-461-8632 Texas 
Knifemakers Supply. 

OIL HARDENING/ zone and clay tempering- all steels. Lee 
Dates, PO Box 1391, LaPorte, TX 77572-1391 For prices 
http ://www. bearclawkn ives.com 281-587-6080. 

MARCH 2002 

what's new 

Folder Has Aircraft 
Aluminum Handle 

The Abel Blade Knife from Abel is a 
locking-liner folder with a 2 7/8-inch 
154CM blade and a skeletonized 
a i re ra It- a 1 u m i n u m ha nd I e . 

For more information contact Abel, 
attn: S. Abel. Dept. BL3, 165 Aviador St., 
Camarillo, CA 93010 (805) 484-8788. 

McRae Blends Stag, 
Brass And Rawhide 

J. Michael McRae's damascus fixed 
blade includes a rawhide wrap and a 
sambar-slag grip. 
For more information contact J. Michael 
McRae. Dept. BL3. 7750 Matthews-Mint Hill 
Rd., Mint Hill. NC 28227 (704) 545-2929. 

Jernigan Frames 
Pearl In Damascus 

Steve Jernigan 's "Cathedral 11" damas- 
cus interframe is assembled with 
damascus bolts and features black- 
lip-mot her-o f-pcar I handle and b lade i n I ay s . 
For more information contact Steve 
Jernigan. Dept. BL3. 3082 Tunnel Rd., 
Milton, FL 32571 (850)9944)802. 

Pro Tool Unleashes 
Land-Clearing Tool 

The Woodman's Pal from Pro Tool 
Industries is a 17-inch, high-earbon- 
stecl fixed blade with a sickle hook. 
For more information contact Pro Tool 
Industries, attn: M. Scheifley. Dept. BL.3, POB 
72 1 . Poustown. PA 19464 (800 ) 708-5 [91. 

Multi-Tool Doubles 
As Socket Wrench 

The Coast Cutlery Pro Pocket Mechanic 
sports a knife blade, scissors, file, 
screwdrivers, and a pliers that locks 
onto a socket wrench adapter. 

For more information contact Coast 
Cutlery, attn: N. Morgan. Dept. BLJ, POB 
5821, Portland, OR 97228 (800) 426-5858. 

Double-Inlay Panels 
Define Gent's Folder 

William Henry's Icon gent's folder 
sports a hand-rubbed, saber- 
ground 1 54CM blade and a tita- 
nium-inlcrframe handle with double-inlay 
panels to accept an array of inserts. 

For more information contact William 
Henry, attn: M. Conablc. Dept. BL3. 2125 
Delaware Ave.. Ste. C. Santa Cruz. CA 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 103 

what's new 

Wingo Unveils Coke 
Bottle Pattern Folder 

Gary Wingo takes on a 5 1/2-inch 
Coke-bottlc-pattern folder with a D-2 
blade and a heart-shaped shield. 
For more information contact Gary 
Wingo, Depi, BL3, 240 Qgeechee. Ramona, 
OK 74061 (918)536-1067. 


RANDALL COtLECTORS: The Randall Knife Society now has 
over 2,000 members and was formed with the approval of 
Randall Made Knives. Orlando. Your dues buy: quarterly 
newsletter, classified ads. current news about Randalls and 

more. Send S2Q (S25 international) yearly dues to: The Randall 
Knife Society Inc., P0 Box 539, Hoseland, FL 32957, 


C00TE BELT Grinder information 360-437-0366. 
cootetfolypen.com. See Blade magazine. May 2001 . page 62- 


KNIFEMAKEHS NOVICES 10 experts, no need to spend hun- 
dreds of dollars on expensive belt grinders and belts when you 
can get an 8"x3" exact span rubber drum, change belts in min- 
utes. Works on jusl about any bench grinder. Also Boker 
toptock conversion springs $4.50. These work as well as any 
belt grinder I've used. Start-up kit with 7 belts only S6-4.95. For 
more information call: RDR Knives 207-732-4691. 

SHARKEY TIPPS. Tipps Custom Knife Toolings. Hwy 45 West, 
PO Box 218, Fairfield, IL 62387. Ph 618-847-3901 Fax: 618- 
847-7986. Check our new website 

http ://www. sharkeylipps.com 

50 LB Little Giant Bader BIN and Burr King grinder for sale. 
$3,000 0B0. Located in northern Indiana. Barrett Custom 
Knives 219-533-4297 or barrettrick@hotmail.com 

50 LB Little Giant with motor working in shop. 51,700. Call 
David at 307-857-0292 or 970-379-0914 Pavillion WY. 


FREE KNIFEMAKING lessons. Primal Forge, School ol 
Knifemaking. Tim Lively Unplugged http://www.live- 


screws, titanium sheet. I 
Clearwater, MN 55320. 
tomknives.ccmrb Johnson 

pins, stainless and gold plated 
IS Intl., R.B. Johnson, Bo* 11. 
320-558-6128. http://www.cus- 

FOSSIL IVORY. Oosik, fossil bone Send S2 for price list April 
through October: Box 350. Ester, Alaska 99725. November 
through March: Roland Quimby. Box 3175-R8, Casa Grande, 
Arizona 85222 Roland 907-479-9335. 

Deepeelca Releases 
Trio Of Long Swords 

eepeeka Exports sends a Norwegian. 

(Gotland and Raven sword to market 

ranging in lengths from 40-43 incheSi 

For more information contact Deepeeka 

Exports, c/o Gift International, attn: S. 

Agarwal, Depi. BL3. 8001 FalstarT Ril.. 

McLean, VA 22102 (703) 827-8978. 

IVORY LEGAL African elephant sold in full tusks or sections. 
Alan Zanotti. 22 Goodwin Rd, Plymouth. MA 02360. 508-746- 


IVORY PRE-BAN African elephant sold in slabs, tusk sections. 
and whole tusks. Wanner Museum, Sugarcreek, OH 330-852- 

MANUEL'S 130# shop anvils. Natural gas or propane fired 
shop lorges. Tongs and hammers. Good used trip hammers. 
Call for prices. Mankel 615-374-6955. 

NORDIC KNIVES and materials, handmade and factory made. 
Blades, sheaths, wood, leather. Large selection. 

QUITING BUSINESS Titanium at cost. S15 per pound 
Minimum SI 00. Jim 619-448-2799. 

STEEL TANG Stamps: Mark your knives with your name, logo 
or design. Quality hand-cut hardened steel stamps made to 
your specifications. "It it's worth making, its worth marking." 
Established 1898. Henry A. Evers, Corp. 72 Oxford St.. 

Providence. Rl 02905. 401 -761 -4767 

TEXAS KNIFEMAKERS Supply, large mail order catalog avail- 
able. Call tolt-lree 888-461-8632. 


CASE FOR Sale We handle old and new Case and Boker. Been 
in business since 1950 See us at www.rgwernerknives.com 
Robert G. Werner Co., 209 4th St. SW, Cullman. FL 35055. 


CUSTOM LEATHEH knife sheaths in your design or mine. Write 
or call: Robert Schrap, 7024 W, Wells St., Wauwatosa, Wl 

53213. 414-771-6472 evenings. 

FINE FOLDERS deserve protection. Ron Lake and Mike Walker 
send their folders with one o( these soft goatskin, ultrasuede 
lined slips. Sin sizes far pocket or belt. Ame Mason, 125 
Wimer. Ashland, OR 97520, 541-482-2260, lax 541-482-7785. 
www. a r nem as on .com 

HANOCRAFTEO BULLWH9PS exclusively by Specialty Whips 
and Plaiting. Find us at: www.whipcrackers.com Free 
brochure. 877-973-9447. e-mail whips®wavecom.net. 


WEB SITE http./Avww.spnnghillco.COm has hundreds of 
brand-name knives. Order online using secure shopping cart. 
Many different payment methods. We offer layaways. 

Van Schailc Lets 
Push Dagger Loose 

|3stiaan Van Sehaik's "The Dark" 

push dagger includes a desert-iron- 

'wood handle and stainless-steel rivets. 

For more information eontact Bastiaan 

Van Schaik, Dept. BL3. POB 75269. 1070 

Ag, Amsterdam. The Netherlands (-r-31) 20- 



104 /BLADE 

CUSTOM SCRIMSHAW by Juanila Rae Conover Single or full 
color. Wildlife a specialty. Exceptional quality. Call for sample 
pictures and turn around information. PO Box 70442, Eugene. 
OR 97401 , 541 -747-1726 or Juan itaraeconover@yahoo.com 


NEED PHOTOS? Commercial, documentary & publication pho- 
tography ot knives and other fine collectibles. Digital and/or 
film. Hawkinson Photography, PO Box 50191, Prove, LIT 
84605. 301-351-2292. 

hit p:ffwww.hawkinsonphot o graphy. co m 


DON'T TREAO on me. Patriotic hats, t-shirls, bumper stickers 
featuring historic rattlesnake Insignia defending our stars and 
stripes. Unigue new designs at dtomic.com Let 'em know 
where you stand! 

DULL SERRATIONS no problem our round tappered diamond 
file refinishes only $9 ppd. Hillary. 7117 Third Ave. 

Scoltsdale. AZ 85251. 

FOR SALE: Antlers, (deer. elk. moose), buckskins, tanned turs. 

etc. Over 10,000 items Complete Internet catalog (pictures) 

HOME SAFES lor safekeeping of knives and hand guns. 
Dealers Inquiries invited. Frantech: 404-687-8707, (ax 404- 

IVORY A+++ legal pre- ban sold in rectangular flat pieces. You 

slate size tor a quote. Jim Alaimo. PMEt 145, 1131-0 Tolland 

Tpk. Manchester CT 05040 860-533-2445. 

IVORY. SCHIMSHAW, skulls! Legal: Scrimshaw, carvings, ele- 
phant, walrus, hippo, warthog. mammoth ivory, oosik. stellar 
sea cow rib bone, pearl shell, horn, netsuke. Eskimo artifacts, 
pistol grips, scrimshaw supplies, raw ivory for knife makers & 
artists, old trade beads, etc. Informative, illustrated catalog 
mail-S1. http://www.boonetrading.com or call 800-423-1945! 
Boone Trading Company, Box 669 (BO), Brinnon, WA 98320. 

MARCH 2002 

what's new 

Hawkins Folder Is 
Fast And Fancy 

A mother-of-pearl handle, scroll 
bolster engraving and gemstones 
combine on a Rude Hawkins folder. 
For more information contact Rade 
Hawkins, Dept. BL3, 1 10 Buckeye Rd.. 
Fayettevillc. GA 30214 (770) %4-l 1 77. 

Echo Sounds Off 
With AU5-8A Blade 

Kershaw delivers the Echo hunting 
knife designed by Ken Onion with an 
AUS-8A blade and a Polyamide grip. 
For more information contact Kershaw. 
aim: D. Flagg. Dept. BL3. 25300 S.W. 
parkway Ave.. Wilsoiivillc, OR 97070 

French Sword Held 
With Gold Handle 

I rady Odom used over a pound of I Ok 
lihUI I'l > r the hull-basket guard of a 
French sword with a 3 3 -inch A-2 blade. 
For more information contact Brady 
Odom. Dept. BL3. 2605 S.W. 90th PL Okla- 
homa Cilv. OK 73 1 59 (405 ) 69 1 -6258. 

in Knife Laws, Public Awareness and Education 
to presewe and protect kni&eji. 






Memberships for individuals, retailers, distributors, importers, 
collectors and manufacturers. Be part of this important association. 
Join Today! 


(877) 752-8770 (toll free) 


PO Box 68, Burlington, 1A 52601 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE / 105 


A.G. Russell Knives, Inc. 

48, 108 

Al Mar Knives 78 

Albion International, Inc. 


American Bladesmith 

Society . 96, 98 

American Knife & Tool 

Institute 95, 105 

Arizona Custom Knives 

63, 108 

Arkansas Custom Knife 

Show 61 

Atlanta Area Knife Show 


Atlanta Cutlery 98 


Baca, Eddie 90 

Barr, A 88 

Barth, J.D 88 

Bear Paw Boxes 30 

Beck's Cutlery & Specialties 

59, 108 

Benchmade Knife Co. 

21, 108 

Bergland, Eric 97 

Best Knives 61, 108 

Biggers, Gary 95 

Bison Blades 88 

Blade Art 94, 108 

Bladeforums.com .... 108 

Bladegallery.com 16 

Blade Show 65 

Blade Show West .... 126 
Blanchard's Fine Cutlery 


Blue Ridge Knives . . 22, 97 

Bob Dozier Knives 86 

Bowie Corporation . 91, 108 
Briar Custom Knives ... 68 
Brigade Quartermaster . . 49 

Bubba Knives 108 

Buck Knives 51 

Bunker Hill Knife Club . . 92 

Burke, Dan 85 

Busse 108 

C.A.S. Iberia. . . . 108, 140 
Camillus Cutlery Co. 

28, 67 

Canadian Knifemakers Guild 


Chattin, Edgar 108 

Chavar Custom Knives . . 85 

Chopra Deepak 116 

Chris Reeve Knives .... 23 
Circ Promotions-KP .... 94 

Coast Cutlery Co 16 

Cobra Imports Ltd., Inc. 


Coleman, Keith 88 

Collectibles Insurance 

Agency 120 

Columbia River . . 8, 11, 18 
Consolidated Merchandising 


Crawford, Pat 87 

Custom Knife Co 59 

Custom Laser 120 

Custom Leather 108 

Cutting Edge 108 


Davidson, Edmund .... 89 

Delta Z, Knives 52 

Dempsey, David ...... 59 

Edgecraft Corporation. . , 69 
Elishewitz Custom Knives 


Ellis, David 108 

Emerson Knives 83 

Evers, Henry 99 

Excalibur Cutlery & Gifts 


Factory X 19 

Fallkniven 63 

Finer Points 91 

Fowler, Ed 131 

Foxwood Forge 98 

Frost Cutlery 90, 108 


G.L. Pearce Abrasive Co 


Gary Levine Fine Knives 

68, 108 

Gatco 14, 60 

Gerber Legendary Blades 


Good, D.R 85 

Grand Prairie Knives ... 97 
Grohmann Knives Ltd. . . 93 

Grospitch 108 

Gutmann Cutlery, Inc. ... 9 


Hall, Jeff 69 

Halpern Titanium 87 

Hanna, Jack. 98 

Hanson, Don 87 

Harper Manufacturing . . 87 
Held's Discount Knives 


Jantz Supply 37 

Joy Enterprises 53 


Kain Designs 93 

Kayne Custom Hardware, 

Inc 91 

Kencrest/Hara 116 

Kershaw Knives. . 7, 33, 71 

King, Harvey 90 

Knife & Gun Finishing 

Supplies 48 

Knife Center Of The Internet 

92, 108 

Knife Mart 108, 119 

Knife Outlet 108 

Knife Professional .... i OB 

Knifeauctions.net 113 

Knifeware 123 

Knives Plus 68 

Koval Knives & Supplies 


Kris Cutlery 88 

Lansky Sharpeners. ... 119 
Las Vegas Classic Knife 

Show 129 

Leather Crafters & Saddlers. 

Log Cabin Forge & Electric . 
Lone Star Wholesale ... 89 

Lonewoll, J 96 

Lynn Griffith 108 

Lynn Knives 98 


Marble Arms Corp 55 

Marlowe, Charles .... 123 

Masecraft Supply 89 

Master Cutlery 29 

Masters Of Defense Knife 

Co 11 

Matthews Cutlery 92 

Meyerco 3 

Mission Knives & Tools 


Moore Cutlery .... 99, 108 
Moteng International, Inc. 

34, 35, 137 

Mother Of Pearl Company 


Muir& McDonald 127 

Museum Replicas Limited 



N.I.C.A 47 

National Knife Distributors 

. 89 
. 95 
. 85 
. 55 

NO Tool Company 


Nealy, Bud 


Nordic Knives . . . 

OSO Grande Knife & Tool 

Palacio Enterprises, Inc. 



Paragon Industries. . . . 131 
Paragon Sporting Goods 


Plaza Cutlery 99 

Pro Cut 5 

Randall Made Knives 

93, 108 

Rapp, Steven 91 

Red Hill Corporation ... 88 
Remington Arms Co. ... 25 
RFG Distributing 135 

Riverside Machine 99 

RMJ Forge 92 

Santa Fe Stoneworks . . 135 

Scotia Metalwork 94 

Sentry Solutions Ltd 29 

Seto Cutlery 99 

Seto Knife 91 

Sharper Things 45 

Sheffield Knifemakers 

Supply 93 

Shenandoah Valley Knife 

Coll 89 

Shepherd Hills Walnut ... 2 

Sibert Knives . 86 

SOG Specialty Knives, Inc, . 


Southern California Blades 


SpringHilICo . ■. . . 108, 123 

Spyderco 41 

St. Amour, Murray 90 

Szilaski, Joseph 20 

Taylor, Cutlery 30, 57 

Texas Knifemakers Supply 


Thorindog Forge 86 

Tiger Sharp 117 

Tippmann Industrial 

Products 43 

Toledo Swords 36 

Tops 86, 88, 97 

Trans World Alloys 17 

Treestump Leather 90 

Triple Aught Design 

108, 121 

Tru-Grit 87 

Tru-Hone Corporation ... 89 
Twelve Bravo Marketing 



United Cutlery 15 


Vagnino, Michael 89 

Valor Corp 108 


W.R, Case & Sons Cutlery 

Co 139 

White Lightning 20 

William Henry Knives. ... 5 
Willy B. Custom Sticks/Picks 

94, 108 

Wlknives.com .... 59, 108 

Wolf Den Knives 98 

Wolverine Knife Collectors 
Club. , 92 

Yukon Bay 108 

1 Step Knife Shop .... 108 

2thehilt.com 90 

888 Knives R Us. . 86, 108 

The advertisers' index is provided as a reader service. Occasional last-minute changes may result in ads appearing on 
pages other than those listed here. The publisher assumes no liability for omissions or errors. 

106/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 


Hunter's library 


Aggressive Whitetail Hunting 

by Greg Miller 
Answers any hunter's questions on how to 
hunt trophy bucks in public forests and 
farmlands, as well as in exclusive hunting 
lands. It's the perfect approach for gun and 
bow hunters who don't have the time or 
finences to hunt exotic locales. 

Softcover • 6 x 9 • 20B pages 
80 b&w photos 

Item* AWH01 • $14.95 

!■■' ":;":■:■■!. 

Hunting Knives 

Elk: Strategies for the Hunter 

by Durwood Mollis 
If you want to bag a trophy elk, author 
Durwood Hollis provides a detailed map 
to success. He'll guide you through the 
complicated process of applying for a 
license and hiring a guide and show you 
exactly what you need to succeed at elk 
camp. If you're serious about the most 
majestic animal in North America, this 
book is for you. 
Softcover "8-1/3x11 • 208 pages 
125 b&w photos 
Item* ELK • $19.95 

Whitetail Tracks 

by Valerius Geist 
This fascinating historical perspective on 
whitetails helps hunters and non hunters 
alike understand the effect humans have 
on the evolution of North America's 
number one big-game animal. You'll 
understand why hunting is a positive 
cultural force in shaping whitetail deer 
management today. Enjoy the stunning 
whitetail photos of Michael H, Francis 
while learning why whitetails continue to 

Hardcover ■ 8-1 /4 x 1 0-7/8 

1 76 pages 

150 color photos 

Item* WHTPF • $34.95 

The Complete Guide 
to Hunting Knives 

by Durwood Hollis 
Once you bring your game home, the 
next part of the hunt (utilization) begins. 
Knowing which knife to use to get the job 
done quickly and safely is a paramount 
concern. This text details information on 
construction, materials, characteristics, 
handles, sheaths, and blades as well as 
care and maintenance. Knives for big 
game, small game, upland and waterfowl, 
camping and filleting are covered. 
Softcover • 8-1 /2 x 1 1 • 224 pages 
225 b&w photos 
1 6-page color section 
Item* BHKN • $19.95 

365 Wild Game Recipes 

by Edie Franson 
Edie Franson. "Camp Cook" of the Wisconsin 
Outdoor Journal serves up 365 wild game 
culinary delights to help you achieve gourmet 
results every day of the year. Enjoy delicious 
recipes for deer, elk, bear, small game, wild 
birds and fish along with side dishes from 
harvested foods like wild rice. Learn the 
benefits of adding wild game to your menu in 
this straightforward, easy-to-use recipe book 
designed to lie flat while preparing recipes. 
Comb • 6 x 9 • 272 pages 
Item* WGR • $17.95 

Innovative Turkey Hunting 

Advanced Tactics from 
Brad Harris & Mark Drury 
by Jim Casada, Edited by Brian Lovett 
Now you can tap into the combined wisdom 
of turkey hunting's top superstars. Galling 
champions and hunting experts Mark Drury 
and Brad Harris reveal their secrets for 
locating, calling, setting up on and shooting 
spring longbeards. Written by turkey hunting 
expert Jim Casada and edited by Turkey S 
Turkey Hunting Editor Brian Lovett, this book 
will make you a better turkey hunter in no 

Softcover ■ 6 x 9 • 208 pages 

1 5D b&w photos 

Item* ASTHT • $19.95 

Legendary Deer Camps 

by Robert Wegner 
Travel back in time to experience deer 
camps of famous Americans such as 
William Faulkner, Aldo Leopold and Oliver 
Hazard Perry. Rediscover classic hunting 
traditions such as freedom, solitude. 
camaraderie, rites of initiation, story-telling 
and venison cuisine through a series of 
famous deer camp biographies and rare 
historical paintings and photographs. This 
is the second book in the Deer and Deer 
Hunting Classics Series. 
Hardcover • 8-1 /4 x 1 0-7/8 • 20B pages 
1 25 b&w photos 
75 color phDtos 
Item* DERCP • $34.95 


Rub-Line Secrets 

by Greg Miller, Edited by Patrick Our kin 
In Bub-Line Secrets, Greg Miller takes deer 
J hunters to the graduate level in teaching 
t them proven tactics for finding, analyzing and 
hunting a big buck's rub-line. No one has 
en|oyed more rub-line success than Miller. 
His straight-forward approach to hunting 
rub-lines is based on more than 30 years of 
intense hunting and scouting The book is 
illustrated with photos and diagrams that 
help Miller explain his proven rub-line tactics. 
Softcover * 6 x 9 • 208 pages 
1 00 b&w photos 
Item* HURLf • $19.95 

To place a credit card order or for a FREE all-product catalog call 

800-258-0929 o^ k 23 k 

M-F 7am - Bpm • Sat Sam - 2pm. CST 


Krause Publications. Offer K23K 

P.O. Box 5009. lola Wl 54945-5009 

www. krausebQak5.com 

Shipping S Handling: ::>4 00 first hook. $2.25 each additional. Non-US addresses 

S20 95 first book. $5.95 each additional. 

gala? Tax: GA. IA. IL. PA, TN. VA. Wl residents please add appropriate sales cax. 
Satisfaction Guarantee: II for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your 
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MARCH 2002 

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knifemaker showcase 

"Knifemaker Showcase" spotlights the photographs of knives sent by any and all custom knifemakers to BLADE'- for filing in the Knifemakers Archive. 

The Knifemakers Archive is the most complete collection of knifemakers' knives and information in the world If you are a custom knifemaker and have 

not sent us a photo (the better quality the photo, the better chance it has of getting in the magazine), write in care of: BLADE, c/o Krause Publications, 

700 E. State, lola, Wl 54990. Please include a close-up mug shot of yourself with your knife picture. 

James Downie 

"Sometimes I create new knife patterns right at the grinder." admits 
James Downie. a past vice-president of the Canadian Knifemakers 
Guild, who has been building edged tools since 1975. "What 
intrigues me is the variation of complex designs I can make. I enjoy 
starling a project with raw materials and carrying it through to 
completion." Most Downie knives employ Damastccl, ATS-34 or 
440C blade steels, and stabilized-wood, moose-hom. mother-of- 
pearl or walrus-ivory handles. 
The piece at left boasts a rose- 
pattcm Damasteel blade, a red- 
buffalo-horn handle and a 
stainless steel guard. Downie's 
list price: S300. His address: 
Depl. BL3. 10076 Estate Dr.. 
Port Franks. Ontario N0M 2L0 
Canada (519) 243-2290. 


Being a part-time knifemaker gives 
Germany's Ludwig Fruhrnann the 
freedom to build the knives he 
wants when he wants. According to 
the German Knifemakers Guild 
member, he doesn't take orders and fashions only a few- 
pieces a year. That translates into full and half integrals 
with ATS-34. S60V and stainlcss-damascus blades, and 
mammoth-ivory, wood, stag and mother-of-pearl 
handles. "I started making knives in 1989 after visiting 
i German knife show," Fruhrnann notes. L 'l was 
mpresscd with the variety of knives there." The full 
integral (right) shows off an ATS-34 blade, a fossil- 
ivory handle, and bolster engraving of an elephant on 
one side and a buffalo on the other. Fruhmann's list 
price: n/a. His address: Dept. BL3, Stegerwaldstr 8, 
84489 Burghausen. Genu any ( phone n/a). 

110/ BLADE 


It's that familiar love 

affair with man's oldest 

tool that draws John 

Ownby to the craft of 

knifemaking. Add the 

fact that he considers 

himself a lifelong knife 

"accumulator." and it's 

obvious why. in 1984, he 

set out to make a knife 

from a piece of annealed 

O-l tool steel. "I used a hacksaw to cut out the profile, a 

large file to shape the bevels, and I heat treated it with a 

torch," he says. "Since that lime, I've made and sold hundreds of knives. 

although I no longer use the same equipment!" Flat ground is the t3 I /2-inch 

bowie (above) with a 440C blade, a koa-wood handle, and a brass guard, pins 

and spine with an antiqued patina. His list price: $700. His address: Dept. BL3. 

33 1 6 Springbridge Ln., Piano. TX 75025 (972) 7 1 2-8 1 1 6 wwwjohnownby.com. 


MARCH 2002 


David Dempsey splits his time 
between his day job as an aero- 
space engineer and knifemaking. 
"My first knife was given to me 
by my father when 1 was 6 years 
old," he relates. "It was a small, 
single -blade folder, and 1 remember 
(he thrill and fascination it provided 
me." Dempsey is a stock-removal 
maker who grinds carbon and stain- 
less steels, "When applicable, the 
stainless steels receive a cryogenic 
quench treatment to obtain their 
maximum benefits," he notes. The 
drop-point hunter (right) sports a 
3-inch hollow-ground and mirror- 
polished ATS-34 blade, a stabilized, green-box-elder-burl 
handle and stainless steel bolsters and pins. Dempsey's list 
price: £235. His address: Dcpt, BL3, 103 Chadwick Dr., Macon, 
GA 31210 (478) 474-4948 dempsey@dempseyknives.com, 
www.dempseyknives.com, (Hoffman photo) 

Ron Nott 

Known for his detailed English and American scroll engraving, leaf and 
vine engraving, deep -re lief engraving and fancy filework, Ron Nott also 
makes fine knives. "I was a gun collector for many years, and at gun 
shows, I saw more and more knives. The quality of the workmanship on 
the knives got under my skin," he says. "By 1 995, 1 
had become a full-time knifemaker, and by 1997, 1 
added gun engraving to my line. I take great pride in 
the originality that goes into each knife I make." The 
lookback folding knife (below) is put together with a 
Bob Eggerling damascus blade and bolsters, the latter 
with gold inlays, and a mother-of-pearl handle. Nott's 
list price: $650. His address: 
Dcpt. BL3, 105 Mountain St., 
Summcrdalc, PA 17093(717) 
732-2763 neitznott(ajaol.com. 

John Perry 

"My first knife was a big drop-point hunter I made for my dad for 
Christmas in 1 990," John Perry reveals. "I thought it would be a great idea lo make knives 
to finance my Mustang project. Soon, the knives took all my time and the Mustang was 
forgotten in the backyard. I sold it a couple years ago." The Knifemakers' Guild member is 
friendly with some of the American Bladesmith Society members. "They've been telling me 
to start forging for a while," Perry says. "At the BLADE Show, I told Jerry Fisk I was ready 
to join, and he took me by the ami and escorted me to the ABS table. When 1 got home, 1 
built a forge, and now I'm figuring out mosaic [damascus] patterns and having good, sweaty 
fun." The Arabian Knight folder (above) employs an etched and gun-blued Jerry Rados 
Turkish-damascus blade, and a damascus handle with black-lip mother-of-pearl inlays, 
Perry's list price: S 1,750. His address: Dept. BL3, 9 S. Harrell Rd., Mayflower, AR 72106 
(501 ) 470-3043 jpknives@cyberback.com. (BladeGallery.com photo) 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 111 




100 Legendary Knives 

by Gerard Pacella 
Feast your eyes on these beautiful, 
full-col or views of Che most magnificent 
custom knives available from European 
and American knifemakers. A short 
biography of each knifemaker describes 
factors influencing their design and 
favorite knifemaking styles. Trace the 
evolution of knives from prehistoric 
times to the military combat models 
and general use knivas of today, with 
coverage of straight blades, folders, and 
multi-tools. Explains connmon knifemaking 
tarms, and includes an index to easily 
locate specific knife models. 

Hardcover >S-1/2x 11-3/B 
144 pages • 300+ color photos 
lcem# LEGKN • $29.95 

2002 Sporting Knives 

edited by Joe Kertzmsn 
This brand-new, heavily illustrated book 
provides complete coverage of today's 
sporting cutlery: folders & fixed designs, 
tactical, semi-custom, multi-tools, swords S 
fantasy designs and accessories. Read 
about the latest designs; view the current 
offerings of the sporting cutlery industry 
through the heavily illustrated pages of the 
comprehensive cstslog section. Need more 
information? The reference section includes 
a complete directory of companies; the 
Library of Sporting Cutlery & Edged 
Weapons; periodical publications and a 
directory of collectors associations. 
Softcover • 8-1 /S x 1 1 ■ 288 pages 
700 b&w photos 
Item* DGK01 • $21.95 

American Premium Guide to 
Knives & Razors 

5th Edition 
by Jim Sargent 
This identification and price guide 
updates current values for thousands of 
the most popular and collectible knives 
and razors, uncovers trends in pricing 
and features a new section on 
commemorative knives. Covers major 
manufacturers including Case, Queen, 
Remington, Robeson and Winchester. 
Softcover '8-1/2x11 • 496 pages 
2,000+ b&w photos 
1 6-page color section 
ltem# AGPG05 • $24.95 

Knives 2002 

22nd Edition 

edited by Joe Kertzman 
This 22nd ennual edition is a showcase 
of stunning photos, completely updated 
directories and invaluable information 
regarding trends, state-of-the-art knives, 
services, supplies, knifemakers and 
dealers. Only the best knifemakers are 
found here. Join them as they explain 
their creative processes for scrimshaw. 
stonework, damascus blades, sheaths 
and much more. 
Softcover •8-1/2x11 • 304 pages 
1 .200 b&w photos 
ltem# KN2002 * $22.95 

Leuine s Guicta 
Jo Knives 1 

©Their Values! 

[it'wn ™ ^^. y 
4k ^^fe 


fl ?|fe 

leie Book 



Leuinc's Guide to Knives 
& Their Values 

5th Edition 
by Bernard Levine, Edited by Bud Lang 
Numerous additions, significant pricing 
revisions and updated sections continue 
to make this the bible for knife collectors 
- an invaluable resource for anyone 
interested in collectible knives. Inside 
you'll find thirty-two additional pages to 
accommodate the expansion of current 
chapters and the all-new chapters on the 
modern folding knife, modern plier/knife 
multi-tool and a further chronicling of the 
pioneers of modern handmade knivBS. 
Softcover • 8*1/2 X 11 • 544 pages 
2.0OO+ b&w photos and illustrations 
ltem# LGK5 * $29.95 

The Tactical Folding Knife 

A Study Of The Anatomy And 

Construction Of The Liner-Locked Folder 

by Bob Terzuola 
Tactical folding knives are hot. Now you 
can build your own with the help of an 
expert as the author guides you through 
every step of the process with skillful 
directions and outstanding photos, If 
you've ever felt like you wanted to build 
your own masterpiece of a knife, this 
book is for you. Everything you need to 
craft your own knife is right here, 
Softcover '8-1/2x11 * 160 pages 
200 b&w photos 
Item* TACTF ■ $16.95 

Wayne Goddard's 
$50 Knife Shop 

by Wayne Goddard 
Outfitting a knifemaking shop doesn't 
have to cost a fortune and Wayne 
Goddard shows you how to do it on 
a budget. This book expands on 
information from his popular column 
in Blade magazine to help you create 
helpful gadgets and obtain useful 
supplies. You will learn how to acquire 
the tools you need to make a knife shop 
for less than the cost of some knives. 
Softcover • 8-1 /2 X 1 1 • 1 BO pages 
75 b&w photos * B-page color section 
Item* WGBW ■ $19.95 

The Wonder of Knifemaking 

by Wayne Goddard 
Do you want to know how to make a 
knife? Wayne Goddard has the answers 
to your questions. As a columnist for 
Blade magazine, Goddard has been 
answering real questions from real 
knifemakers for the past eight years. 
With its question-and-answer format, 
this bock gives you the answers to 
real-world problems like heat-treating. 
choosing the best steel and finding the 
right tools for your knifemaking shop. 

Softcover '8-1/2x11 • 1 60 pages 

1 50 b&w photos • 1 6-page color section 

Item* WOKN • $19.95 

To place a credit card order or for a FREE all-product catalog call 

800-258-0929 offer k 23K 

M-F 7am - 8pm • Sat Sam - 2pm, CST 

Krause Publications. Offer K23K 

PO. Box 5009, tola Wl 54945-5009 
www. krausebooks.com 

Shi pping & HandHnff: S4.00 first book. $2.25 each additional Nan-US addresses 
£20.95 first book. S5.95 each additional. 

Sates Tan: CA. IA. 1L, PA, TN. VA. Wl residents please add appropriate sales tax. 
Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your 
purchase, simply return it within 14 days of receipt and receive a full refund, less ship- 
ping charges. 


112/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 


A knife show that never closes. A knife show where 
fine knives of all kinds are exhibited, bought, sold, 
and enjoyed. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. 

It is a website called KnifeAuctions.NET. 

Now in a single location on the web you can find near- 
ly all the attributes of a knife show. Knives are displayed 
in coior, knives are offered for sale, knives to be 
enjoyed, and sometimes owned too! Combine with that 
the excitement of an auction venue and you have the 
unique KnifeAuctions.Net website. 

For your knife buying just select the category of your 
interest: Knifemakers Guild member knives, antique 
pocketknives, Bowies, handforged, or others, and just 
surf the listings. See a knife you like, make a bid. 
That's all you have to do. Win the bid, you own the 
knife. We'll email you to contact the knife owner, and 
you and he arrange for payment on your own. 

Knives on KnifeAuctions.NET are on display 24 hours 
a day, seven days a week, offered to the buying public 
and a worldwide audience. If you're selling, you pick the 
reserve price, you write the copy, and you just have to 
sit back and wait for the end of the auction. You are e- 
mailed the email address of the winning bidder and you 
handle your own transaction. 

If your knife doesn't meet reserve, you can automati- 
cally have your knife relisted for auction at no extra 
charge, and it does that automatically. 

Your cost to list? Less than the cost of a single 
day's admission to an average knife show. And if you 
are a member of the Knifemakers Guild {including 
Associate or Honorary member), or if you are a mem- 
ber of the National Knife Collectors Association, you 
get even bigger members discount off listing fees. 
(Check your newsletters for your special codes that 
allow you to take your discount). 

KnifeAuctions.NET only hosts knives. And it's easy 
to find. KnifeAuctions.NET offers more knife categories 
than any other online auction site, and offer auctions 
that do not end when time expires-but when the bid- 
ding ends. 

KnifeAuctions.NET is owned by people you know, 
such as the National Knife Collectors Association, The 
Knifemakers Guild, Rhett Stidham, Dan Delavan, Perry 
Miller, Rolf Friberg, David Mullins and Bruce Voyles. 

Check it out today. www.knifeauctions.NET. 


P. 0. Box 22007 

Chattanooga, TN 37422 


email knifeauctions@yahoo.com 


MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 113 

BLADE show west 

BLADE show west 

"Many wore American 
flags in their pockets, 

on arm bands, on 

T-shirts and draped 

over exhibitor tables." 

— the author 


^© ©Hi. 

BLADE Show West 

celebrates the 

unsinkable nature of the 

American spirit 

By Steve Shackleford 

114/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

With the nation still in shock 
after Sept. II, considering 
whether or not to hold the 
2001 BLADE Show West 
as scheduled a scant 10 
days later seemed almost disrespectful to the 
heroes who were lost. Nonetheless, it was a 
question that had to be addressed. Would it 
be an insult to the sensibilities of Americans 
to hold my kind of event so soon after such 
a national calamity? Many seemed to think 
so as shows of all kinds were canecled in the 
wake of the mind-numbing terrorist attacks. 
On the other hand, might not Americans 
need something to take their minds off Sept. 
II? Moreover, might it be a time when 
Americans should take passenger flights and 
reserve hotel rooms and otherwise show 
Osama bin Laden and the other murdering 
sons of jackals that they could never stifle 
the American spirit? 

Maybe BLADE Show West was such a 

With crowds surging. American flags 
waving and some makers experiencing some 
of their best sales ever at the event, the 200 1 
BLADE Show West seemed to give knife 
enthusiasts a much-needed respite from the 
most catastrophic terrorist attack in human 

"I don't know if it 
was because of [Sept. 
11] and people felt like 
they needed to show 
support or what, but the 
show seemed really electric 
to me," knifemaker Michael 
Vagnino said. 

"Under the circumstances, 
after what happened in New 

York. 1 thought it was a great 
show," noted ABS master 
smith Joe Szilaski, "A lot of 
people showed up." And 
many of those people wore 
American flags in their pock- 
ets, on arm bands, on T-shirts, 
draped on exhibitor tables and 
what have you. It made one 
proud to be an American. 

A new hotel and site — the 
Hyatt Regency Irvine in 
Irvine, California— also 
injected vitality into the event. 

"The new hotel is more 
comfortable. The show was 
always comfortable but I 
think the new place is 
classier," Szilaski observed. 
"Having the show on the first 
floor made a big difference, 
too [the show was held down- 
stairs at the previous venue]." 

As with most such events, 
Friday and Saturday were the 
show's best days. "It 
seemed like a 
lot of 

With American flags 
displayed in droves, love of 
country was the order of 
the weekend at BLADE 
Show West. Knifemaker 
Eric Bergland draped Old 
Glory on his table, Jot 
Singh Khalsa wore an 
American flag arm band, 
and Vivian and George 
Cummings showed off the 
Stars and Stripes on their 

MARCH 2002 

people were there, especially Saturday morn- 
ing," observed Richard Rogers, who, also as 
usual, sold out of knives. "Saturday was a 
kick-ass day," agreed Vagnino. Added 
Szilaski, "A tot of people came Friday and 
Saturday. 1 had two hawks sell off my table 
as soon as the doors opened." In addition to 
Szilaski, Vagnino and Rogers, those reporting 
brisk sales included Zaza Revishvili, Peter 
Marzitelli. Stanley Fujisaka. Lile Handmade 
Knives, Murray Carter, Philip Booth, Kellam 
Knives, Bugei Trading Co., Ralph Freer and 
Bob Lay, among others. Perhaps in response 
to the perceived homeland terrorist threat and 
also because of the activation of military 
personnel, those who sell tactical knives, 
including T.O.P.S., Strider Knives, Mission 
Knives & Tools, Busse Combat Knives, 

BLADE/ 115 

Introducing The Al Mar SERE 2000 Scale Release D/A 
First Production Run Limited To 300 Pieces 

Offered By Deepak Chopra Cutlery And Access. 

Wholesale Only, Information On A Retail Location Also Available 

Phone# 925-454-0595 Fax# 925-454-0289 Mm*** 

E-Mail: choprafgpacbeU.net 
Curetted B} Ready For Immediate Delivery 
VOLLOTON Limited Quantities Available ptortbX 


Fine Knives from Seki, Japan 

*Seki-Cut. Hiro. Hattori, Koji Hara, and more from 

20 knifemakers at Scki cutlery Mfrs Association 

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*Plcase e-mail any inquiries to sekicuKajhotmail.com 

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Triple Aught Design and Emerson Knives. 
Inc., reported hot sales as well 

Vagnino was particularly impressed by 
the sophistication of many buyers. "I sold a 
knife to a collector and I was telling Tim 
Hancock about it and he said, 'Consider your- 
self lucky. I've been trying to sell [that collec- 
tor] a knife for I don't know how many 
years — and he bought one from me, too!'" 
Michael related. "There were people I hadn't 
seen there before. There weren't as many 
lookers as there have been in the past. It 
seemed like they were there for a reason. 
Everybody knew what they were looking for. 
I don't know if it was because of the terrorist 
attacks or what, but it was my best BLADE 
Show West ever." 

Not only were show patrons treated to a 
new venue but they also were entertained by 
a seminar slate full of new knife subjects and 
popular old ones. Dave Ellis reported on the 
state of Bob Loveless and Bill Moran 
collectibles and Szilaski presented the history 
of the American tomahawk. BLADE® field 
editor Ed Fowler explained what to look for 
in a high-performance knife. BLADE corre- 
spondent Bill Hcrndon spoke on how to build 
a knife shop. BLADE field editor Wayne 
Goddard showed everyone how to sharpen a 
knife the old-fashioned way. And. for those 
into outdoor action. Bugci Trading Co. 
conducted its fast-paced Japanese sword- 

MARCH 2002 

The show experienced heavier than expected traffic in the wake of the 
events of Sept. 11, and many exhibitors reported brisk sales in the ball- 
room of the new venue — the Hyatt Regency Irvine in Irvine, California. 









§ /f 5r Si 



. "5 


F '4 

^.^•_^B ^^ ^* 

llil ,. 



■ • 1 


Tony Alvarez slices and dices ■ 
ffte tameshigeri (rolted-up straw 
mat) during Bugei Trading Co. 's 
action-packed Japanese sword- 
cutting demo. 


"Focus on Performance" 



_ Exclusive Patented Technology 

Guarantees-Lifetime factory 

razor edge in seconds 

No tools or special skills 


Superior cutting edge with 

laminated blade construction 
- Liner Lock for One Handed 


Superior edge holding - 61 RC 
888-711-8437 PH/406-251-5671 FAX 

4275 D J DR. Missoula, MT 59803 



IT.MU 'ARY 24th, 2(M>2 

I9I EXIT 45 

SHOW HRS. 9:30 AM - 3 PM 







ADMISSION 83.00 i'i:it i'eukon 

GALL (518-725-4889)1 
HOTEL (860-623-9411)™ 



Children must be accompanied by parent. 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 117 

BLADE show west 

BLADE show west 

The joining of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads Is 
the theme of Taylor Palmer's Best Art Knife. The piece features 
Taylor's lost-wax castings of a D-guard In the shape of a rail- 
road track, a railroad spike for the guard, two trains, a water 
tower, an old railroad lantern and more. Overall length: 15 
inches. Maker's list price: $4,500. 

Jason Knight copped the Bob Engnath Best New 
Maker Award for his 1 1 1/4-inch forged fighter. The 
modified drop-point blade is 5160 ground with a 
convex edge. The guard is blued iron and the 
handle is black cherry burl from the maker's back- 
yard. It's his first completed forged blade. His list 
price: $350. 


118 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Best Utility Hunter went to Loyd Thamsen 
for his 8 1/2-inch hunter with a left-hand- 
twist damascus blade of 1084, L-6 and 
nickel. The 4-inch blade boasts a high 
hollow grind, and the handle is California 
buckeye with mosaic pins and a nickel 
silver bolster. Maker's list price to make a 
similar piece: $500. 


Lansky Sharpens 
Them All! 

Many modern knives arc manufactured with a variety of proprietary serrated edges. Most 
have been impossible to sharpen bv traditional methods. That's why Laiisky Sharpeners 
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are designed to sharpen all ol'the most popular serrated edges. One is just right fcf your 
favorite brand. All three of our handy new Crock Stick' serrated blade sharpeners wi!) also 
sharpen regular blades and each has a built-in groove to sharpen fish hooks. 

1 . Crock Stick to sharpen Cold Steel = blades 

2. Crock Stick to sharpen Spyderco blades 

3. Crock Stick Multr-Sharpener for all other blades 

US Patents Pending or Applied For 

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Meet The "Mack Truck" of Butterfly Knives 

"Monarch is the Mack Truck of balisongs. Just took at the tang pin. We're talking industrial 
strength here. And those handles look like tree trunks. The word to describe this balisong is 

strong." C.G. OR 

"These are very heavy and very nice. The blade is ground and finished especially well. Very 

sharp. Brushed/satin finish on the SS handles. Reversible latch. Super thick blade. Tight 

lock-up open and closed. Can't beat it for the price" J.H., PA 


"Great knife for the $$$!!! Solid as a rock, lifetime warranty, neat leather horizontal belt 

sheath, very nice grind and polish on the blade, smooth satin finish and fine machine work 

on the handles; overall, well worth the wait" D.D., KS 

Removable handle latch is user adjustable for preferred handle choice. Ballistic nylon hor- 
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The balisong mentioned rmrairt is available for sale only la- 1 1 sqe-c indwduais who are m Km armed services, law enforce* 
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which they work [a make said purchase. The buyers MSBit lhat ifcey are m compliance min all federal, state and Iocs 
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MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 119 

Knife Blanks 


Your Specs 

Quality - Precision cutting 
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£\DE show west 

BLADE show west 

Kiiiff & Gun Collector rates 5.1.O0O forS12 
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Murray Carter took 
home Best Hand- 
forged Knife for his 
shobu sushi knife. 
The blade is a lami- 
nate of high-carbon 
Hitachi white steel 
No. i and Japanese 
mild steel, with a 
chisel grind on the 
right side and a 
concave grind on the 
left. The octagonal 
handle is rosewood- 
Carter earlier had submit- 
ted the knife for his ABS 
master smith's test, which 
he passed. Maker's list 
price: $360. 

120/ BLADE 

cutting demo and Red St. Cyr hammered 

knives on his portable forge. 

There were knife honors galore, too, as 

the 6th Annual BLADEhandmade Awards 

were presented the Saturday night of the 

show (for more on them, see the special story 

on page I24). Meanwhile, the best knives of 

the show were also awarded. They were: Best 

Fighter: Steve Rapp; Best Fantasy: Mardi 

Meshejian; Best Damascus: Tim Hancock; 

Best Utility Hunter; Loyd Thorn sen; Best Art 

Knife: Taylor Palmer; Bob Engnath Best 

New Maker: Jason Knight; Best Folder: 

Richard Rogers; Best Fixed Blade: Steve 

Rapp; Best Handforgcd Knife: Murray 

Carter; Best Miniature and Best In Show: 

Richard Rogers (for pictures of the knives 

that won show awards for Best Miniature and 

Best In Show, Best Fixed Blade and Best 

Fantasy, see the story on page 124). 

"I had two hawks 

sell off my table as soon 

as the doors opened." 

— Joe Szikiski 

Knife Ban Reactions 

While the Sept. 1 1 lerrorist attacks were still 
fresh on everyone's minds, another subject 
also was a topic of conversation: the banning 
of alt knives from U.S. passenger flight carry- 
on. Both knife enthusiasts and knifemakers 
accustomed to carrying blades with them 
aboard their Rights this time flew knifeless. 

"I'd never been on a flight without my 
Swiss Army knife before." noted Goddard. 
who said he had used the tools in it for vari- 
ous small chores during flights in the past. 
Knifemaker Eric Bergland said he felt 
"naked" without his pocketknife on hLs flight. 
"I kept patting my pocket looking for it," he 
remarked. "I probably patted it a hundred 

In addition to utility and personal security 
issues, the ban also had an effect on some 
knife professionals' business. For instance, 
knifemaker Tom Mayo said one of the main 
reasons he missed taking his knife on board 
his flight is that he likes to take it along as a 
sales sample. "Thai way when l strike up a 
conversation with somebody during the flight. 
I can show them what I do for a living," he 
explained. "Who knows? I might even make a 
sale that way." Meanwhile, Jay and Karen 
Sadow of Arizona Custom Knives said they 
were now looking at their sales of non-steel 
blades such as ceramics differently because of 
concerns that such knives could be bought by 
terrorists and smuggled onto passenger 

On a sad note, it was the last BLADE 
Show West for long-time knife collector C. 

MARCH 2002 

A pleased Adam Delacorte (left) shakes 
the hand of an equally pleased Ed Fowler 
after Adam bought one of Ed's sheep- 
horn hunters. 

Robert Grove, a familiar sight in his wheel- 
chair at shows. Grove passed away a couple 
of weeks after BLADE Show West. 
Despite — or maybe even because — of his 
handicap, he was always smiling and enthus- 
ing over handmade knives. He will be missed. 

To sum up, it was a show to mourn, a 
show to fight back, a show to reminisce, and a 
show to celebrate the utisinkable nature of the 
American spirit. The 2002 BLADE Show 
West will be Sept. 20-22. 

It, too. will be a show that must go on. 

Fot the contact information for the knives in 
the stun; see "Where To Get 'Em" on page 

Tim Hancock won Best Damascus Knife for a 
piece sporting a 6 3/4-Inch blade of high-contrast 
damascus with a black and sliver sheen. The 
walrus ivory handle is adorned with over 70 
dome-headed pins In an overall diamond pattern. 
The sheath is black leather with a silver tip and 
throat and damascus frog button. Maker's list 
price to make a similar piece: $5,000. (PointSeven 



Emerson Knives logo 
as worn by 
Ernie Emerson 



www. tripleaughtdesign. com 
call: 570-436-4043 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 121 

spec sheet 

m By MSG Kim Breed 
5th Special Forces (ret) 

Super Survival Knife System 

Rinaldi's Armageddon SKS cuts, chops, slices, skins— and even 
sharpens edges and starts fires! 

During a survival scenario, fire 
and food procurement are at 
the top of the list. Consisting 
of a canip-and-skinning-blade 
combo and survival gear. Trace 
Rinaldi's Armageddon survival 
knife system is designed to address 
both necessities. 

Take the small drop-point blade 
and shave off slivers of the magne- 
sium. Flip it over and use the blade 
on the striker. Next thing you know, 
you have a fire started. For hunting 
game, unwrap the paracord to secure 
the small knife to a shaft, and you 
have a spear. Personally. 1 prefer not 
using a knife for a spear. I fire- 
harden the wooden spear tip 
instead but that's me. You may be 
di tie rent. 

With food and fire out of the 
way. shelter would be next. The big 
blade bites through small trees with 
ease. In no lime you have a lean-to ' 
made — almost home sweet home! 

The Armageddon accomplishes 
cutting chores large and small. With* 
the added extra of a diamond sharp- 
ener and a fire starter, the system 
enables you to practice basic 
survival. All in a neat package, the 
Armageddon is ready to rock and 

Big 'un 

Coming in at just shy of 17 inches, the large 

flat-ground blade in tha Armageddon system 

is a big whacker. Blade material is A-2 tool 

steel fashioned 

from quarter- 

The "Big 'un" is 16 3/4 inches overall with a 
flat-ground blade of A-2 heat treated by Paul 
Bos for a high-performance edge— illustrated 
here by its deep bite into a small tree. 

The "Little 'un" is 6 inches 
overall. The author's son, 
Keith, used the BG-42 blade 
to remove the skin of a 
100-pound whitetaii deer, 
which came off without 
a hitch. 

Little 'un 

First, we tested the small 3 I /2-inch drop-point blade. With 
a 1 00-pound whitetaii hanging, my son Keith started his 
first skinning job of the season. The razor-sharp BG-42 
blade whipped around the deer time and again until the 
skin dropped on the floor. A few swipes on a fine diamond 
hone and the hair-popping edge was back. 

Next, I sliced cardboard boxes into thin strips for 30 
minutes without fazing the edge. I chopped 2x4 's. oak logs 
and green trees, again with no chipping. A successful brass-rod 
edge-flex test showed Paul Bos's heat treatment of the Armageddon 
to be "spot on." The contour of the handle fits my hand like a glove. 
Thumb notches along the top of the blade make control simple. I 
used the drop point on my own fire starter and it worked fine. It's an 
excellent little skinner. 

inch stock. The 


blade plays off a 

straight handle. The 

knife is blade heavy 

but this enhances its 

awesome cutting 

power. The 2x4 's were 

no match for it, so I 

went to oak and 

maple. Neither of 

them posed much 

of a challenge, 

either. The A-2 

blade ate 

\ through four 

ereen trees 

Trace Rinaldi's 
Armageddon survival 
knife system features 
large and small 
blades that fit in 
piggyback Concealex 
sheaths. The smaller 
sheath tucks into the 
paracord wrap of the 
larger one and 
employs a Mini Tek-Lok™ 
for belt attachment 
Maker's list price: $550 
($15 extra for a hone 
and fire starter). 

122 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

spec sheet 

with abandon, taking nice, deep bites. Trace 
sent me an older-model blade that had 
squared edges, which made for a few sharp 
spots that I removed with a Kydex wheel. 
His newer models are fully radiused for 
comfort and heavy chopping — but back to 
the cutting. 

I found a 4-inch vine to hack up. The 
blade cut halfway through it with one 
swing, which is excellent considering the 2 
feet of stretch in the vine. As a final chop- 
ping test, I used the big blade to remove the 
legs of the deer. Hacking through bone 
would 've given a lesser A-2 blade a few 
nicks but not the Armageddon. Again, 
kudos to Bos for excellent heat treatment. 

Both knives lock into Concealex 
sheaths. The smaller sheath for the drop 
point is attached to the bigger one by a bolt. 
it can be detached if needed and employs a 
Mini Tck-Lok™ for belt attachment. As 
noted, the Armageddon includes a diamond 
sharpener, magnesium fire starter and para- 
cord wrap, everything you need for basic 
survival. Ron Hood used a similar set-up for 
his Woodmaster solo survival video and 
gave it excellent reviews. 


Fd add a drop to the handle of the large 
blade for more chopping power. 


Rinaldi started making knives in 1995 after 
talking to the late custom knifemaker. Norm 
Levine. In 1998, Trace started making 
knives and learned through the trial-and- 
crror method. If the Armageddon SKS is 
any indication, dial method has worked in 
spades, it's an excellent survival package. If 
you like the big knife/small knife concept, 
put this set at the top of your list. 

For more information Contact Truce Ritutldi, 
Dept. BL3. POB 718,Winckester, CA 92596 
(W9) 926-5422 mm.thrhlades.com. 


Maker Trace Rinatdi 

Knife Armageddon SKS 

Style Two-blade survival knife system 

Blade Steels A-2 (large blade) & BG-42 

(small one) 
Grinds Flat 

Overall Lengths 16 3/4'" & 6" 
Handles G- 10 
Sheaths Concealex: Mini Tefc-Lok 

w/smalf knife 
Miscellaneous Diamond sharpener, 

magnesium fire starter & paracord wrap 
Maker's List Price $550 (add S15 for 

fire starter & sharpener) 


Charles Marlowe 

Nylatron washers 
Hrae Treat - Paul Bos 

Titanium liner 
Green Mkarta 

510 E. 9th Street 

Wayne, NE 68787 

(402) 375-4928 


(as shnwn w/Besd Blast) 




Fourth in our series, WORKR 
offers the same tough AUS-8 
steel at 56-57 Re. the same 
eight inches of convex grind, 
the same molded grip over 
a full tang, as the others, 
in a new shape 
balanced to enhance a 
heavy blow, but with 
a long curving edge for 
superior slicing. And it 
goes in the same all-purpose 


>« 1 ^ Wlth 

We also have: sheath 



P.O. Box 3 
Greenville. WV 24945 

www.knifeware.com 304 S3 2 6878 

Knife By W. Osborne 
Priced At $2500.00* 

•mibject to prior mle 


New York's Largest Selection Of 
Handmade Knives Since 1961 

871 Broadway At 18th St., N.Y.C., 10003 (2 12) 255-8036 

Visa/Diners/AE/MC/Discover Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 11-6 

ww w. pa ragonspn rts.com 

5 prin ghilK . Qco 

} ^-~^ Hundreds of qualify brand- name fames 

Visit us online! 

We have hundreds of quality brand-name knives 
for you to choose from. 

Layaway Plans Available! 
What are you waiting for? 


» i ■ . i 

— - -- 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 123 

year's best 



The 6th Annual BLADEhandmade Awards 

celebrate the top knifemaking-award 

performances of the year 

By BLADE® staff 




124 /BLADE 

he winners of the 6th Annual 
BLADEhandmade™ Awards 
are a mix of young, energetic 
cutlers who continue to push the 
envelope in terms of materials 
and designs, and veteran makers whose 
experience and savvy result in exquisite 
renditions of the tried-and-true. 

Among the former are Richard Rogers. 
winner of a whopping three Ul. ADhhand- 
madc Awards — Best In Show. Best Utility 
Hunter and Best Folder — a continuation of 
his outstanding BLADEhandmade perfor- 
mance of 2000. Other of the "young lions" 
are Mardi Meshejian for Best fantasy. Josh 
Smith for Best Damascus and Bailey Brad- 
shaw for Best Handforged. 

On the opposite end are cutlery 
campaigners Steve Rapp and Joe Flournoy, 
Rapp taking Best Fixed Blade and Flournoy 
Best Fighter. In-between are Ray Rybar — 
Best Art Knife — and Jerry Van Eizenga — 
Best Miniature. All made knives (most of 
which are pictured herein) that won awards 
and. more importantly, the most points in 
qualifying award categories at participating 
knife shows in the BLADEhandmade 

Best In Show — Miniature horseman 's 
knife by Richard Rogers. Blades/Toots — 
Sheepfoot, pen, saw, screwdriver, 
corkscrew, awl, borer, pricker, tweezers, 
hoof pick and fleam. Blade Steel— ATS- 
34. Handle— Mother-of-pearl. Frame — 416 
stainless w/integral bolsters. Closed 
Length— 1.25". Maker's List Price For A 
Similar Piece — $2,500. 

MARCH 2002 

MARCH 2002 

Best Damascus Design — The Josh Knife 
by Josh Smith. Blade Steel— Mosaic of 
1084, 15N20, pure nickel and 1080, 
w/maker's name, spider web and twisted 
radial "W" designs throughout. Handle- 
Fossil walrus ivory. Guard— File worked 
1084 and 15N20 in twisted radial "W's." 
Miscellaneous— Vine filework. Maker's 
List Price— $1,500. (PointSeven photo) 

program during the calendar year 2000- 
2001, beginning and ending with BLADE 
Show West. Those shows are: Arizona 
Knife Collectors Association Show, 
Arkansas Custom Knife Show, Knife Expo. 
East Coast Custom Knife Show, Badger 
Knife Show. Oregon Knife Collectors Asso- 
ciation Show, BLADE Show. Southeastern 
Custom Knife Show. Montana Knife- 
maker's Association Show and BLADE 
Show West. 

To participate in the program, a knife 
show should contact BLADE, Only the cate- 
gories of Art, Fantasy, Fixed-Blade, Hand- 
forged, Utility Hunting, Damascus, Fighter. 
Folder. Miniature and Best In Show qualify 
for BLADEhandmade Awards. The total 
number of knives entered at each participat- 
ing show is tallied to arrive at the points for 
each show's qualifying award categories 
that go toward deciding the BLADEhand- 
made Awards. The honors are presented 
each year at BLADE Show West. 

In addition to being featured in the 
BLADEhandmade Award story, each maker 
who wins an award and who hasn't been 

BLADE/ 125 


Show Hours: 

Friday, September 20 

Saturday, September 21 

Sunday, September 22 


$9 per day 

$14 two-day pass 

$18 three-day pass 



SffTEMBER 20-22, 2002 

Hyatt Regency, Irvine 

9h9"97u'iZ34 (for room reservations) 
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Best Handforged Knife—Art dagger by 
Bailey Bradstiaw. Blade Steel — Three- 
bar composite of 1084 and nickel at 58 
RC. Handle — Fossil walrus ivory 
w/twisted gold-wire inlay. Overall 
Length — 15 1/4". Special 
Features — Sculpted damascus 
guard and finials w/24k-gold and 
18k-green-gotd inlays. 
Sheath — Damascus w/24k- 
goldand 18k-green-gold 
inlays. Maker's List Price 
For A Similar Piece — 
$3,800. (PointSeven 

MARCH 2002 



By Flint River Knife Club, Inc. 

FEB 23-24 ff& 

Showcase Event Centre 
1-75 Exit 221 Atlanta South 

700 Tables - 500 Guns - 200 Knives 

Promoter: Georgia Mountain Prod., Inc. 

$60 Per Table .- All 8-Foot Tables 

Featuring: Custom, Factory. Antique, and 
Tactical Knives, Knife Supplies, Engravers, 
Scrims banders. Crafts and Jewelry for 
the Ladies 

Many Awards and Door Prizes tor 
Knives will be awarded Saturday 

For Information /Table Reservation Contact: 

Jennifer Houston 

706-21 6-7561 PH/FAX 

GA MTN Prod: (706) 838-4327 Fax: (706) 83*4827 



'Picking the right kind of leather is vital 
to longterm knife preservation.' 
GaryKelley BLADE Magazine. June 1992 

• Natural Russet * Bark Tanned 

• Great Memory 

• Natural Honey Color 

• No Chromic Acid 

The best vegetable tanned 
leather for over 130 years. 
Call for a free brochure and 
ask about our split leather. 

Muir & McDonalriXo. 
^ Tanners — ' 

P.O. Box 136 ■ Dallas. Oregon 97338 

FAX: (503) 623-9091 
Toll Free: 1-800-547-1299 

BLADE/ 127 

(Below) Best Folder— Eight-blade barrel 
knife by Richard Rogers. Blade Steel— 
ATS-34, 60 RC. Operating mecha- 
nism — Slip joint. Handle — Elephant 
ivory, Closed Length— 3 1/4". Liners— 
410 stainless. Miscellaneous — Four 
wharncliffe and four pen blades, one of 
each situated in an alternating position 
to the other on both ends of the knife. 
Maker's List Price For A Similar Piece — 
$2,000. (PointSeven photo) 

(Bottom) Best Utility Hunter- 
Interchangeable blade set by 
Richard Rogers. Blade 
Steel— ATS-34. Handle- 
Quilted mother-of-pearl. 
Special Features — Wharn- 
cliffe, clip, small spear- 
point, utility, spey, large 
spear-point and sheepfoot 
blades store in a leather, 
blue-velvet-lined case. 
Maker's List Price For A 
Simitar Piece— $2,000. 
(PointSeven photo) 

Best Miniature — Jerry Van Eizenga's William Scagel 
hatchet-camp knife set. Blade Steel— 5160. Handle 
Material— Brass, combination of spacers, stacked 
leather washers and tiny whitetail crown from a 3-inch 
spike. Overall Lengths— 5 3/8" and 5". Miscellaneous- 
Bird's-eye maple display box w/gold trim, brass hard- 
ware and camp scene inside lid. Maker's List 
Price— $1,850. (PointSeven photo) 

Htlt Aniuuil 



<p! IM> SHOW 

Toronto. Ontario 


Best Art— Bible 
Story Knife by 
Ray Rybar. Blade 
Steel — Mosaic of 
1018, 1095 and 
nickel 200; the 
edge is 11,000 
layers of 0-1 and 
nickel 200. Handle — 
Black-banded /esse 
stone. Miscellaneous- 
Mosaic guard features 
scene of a bladesmlth 
hammering on one end 
and man in prayer on 
other, all in relation to the 
Bible verses on the blade. 
Overall Length— 15". 
Maker's List Price — nla. 
(PointSeven photo) 

I Oam - 4pm 

Day.- Inn 
Toronto Airport 

6237 Airport Road 

JVJissi:*-<nu<^i, Ontario 
Cffliadu 1,1V ll-'.l. 
odmisgtion: ^"> {^lt family) 
information: f>13/833r2545 
6 i 3/824-9520 
reservation*: 905/678-1 Km 

(«i= Cuwu&m Kntfrwiiivra GullrlGtmw thttc. 

128/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Best Fighter — Joe Floumoy 
bowie/fighter. Blade Steel- 
Differentially heat-treated 
1084, 58-60 RC on edge, 
soft back. Blade Shape- 
Clip point. Handle — Stag. 
Special Features — 416 
stainless trim, bolts and 
buttcap. Overall 
Length — 12 inches. 
Maker's List Price For 
A Simitar Piece — 
$800. (Point Seven 

profiled in a recent BLADE will be profiled 
in an issue in the subsequent editorial calen- 
dar year. If for no other reason than that, it 
would behoove makers who attend shows to 
encourage promoters of said shows, not to 
mention the non-participating show promot- 
ers themselves, to join the program. 

For more information on the BLADEhand- 
made Awards program, contact BLADE. 
700 E. State St.. lola. Wl 54990 (7151 445- 
2214 b!ade(u)krause. com. 

For the contact information for the makers 
of the knives herein, see "Where To Get 
'Em" on page 109. 

Join us in Las Vegas 
for the 10th annual 



February 1-3, 2002 

Tim, C mi dim Itiltrtulfuimt Knife Shun brings arihini inrj maker 1 * together 
Tor a fahvlnut ntrtrjiiL S uu 11 ill ht able la mevi 11ml internet wHft 
crJltpPTioni From around ihc norld there will be Morki«f«ri 
jijikhtt' (or (hi 1 iimpct oreipcr" 


Jain m for iht, tx* Vtgis ]' 

MM J In , rr,jn 11.1 |..-i wli I, l|ir \J 


Hotel & Casino 

nm us van eiti son* 



Sal: HI-* Sun: 11M 

Auk For Our Skew Rate When 

Mttli big Yimr Ri'servaritHts 



P«sl Olttce Box 355. Beam, Nevada 89(103 702/553-223.1 Or 520/855-Sf»5 

Ptwlo B> Wuyer 

Attendees as of 07-07-200 S 

\ •:.:«■■ 1 nUmited 

G. tJghtftmr 

If. Allen 

{.iff i !.-. iithmt, ■'• 

AT. Barr 


T. fttiick 

J. Martin 

Had Made; 

P r Martin 

ft Higgers 

l\ Marzitetli 

Blade Aft, Inc. 

K. Miitxtiit 

Blaaehard\ Kni\*es 

K Maisuno 

D. Ihirki 

K MtFutl 

H. (. amcriin 

M. Mercer 

IX 1 .•.■.','.','! ' 

IX Moulum 

"Kit" Carson 

B. yealy 

L Clttn- 

M. Nishiuthi 

S. Conk 

A. Onmtt 

P, Crawford 

T. Palmer 

H, Ihiwson 

J. Purdue 

B. lirfea 

F. t'tilzit'ii 

D. Desjardins 

T. Prinsia 

G. Dicu\ 

f'ro-Trrtl hoht:\ 

K. Hate 

W. ttttpfe 

1- Daussat 

/. Keneher 

B. Hancatt 

B. fieucher 

A, Ktialicwitz 

,\F Sakmar 

K EtHs 

J r ScUroeder 

V. Fvans 

G. Shtiw 

G. I't'rrirr 

S. SiolttHliim 

M&J f-'ung 

I) ';VoW Smith 

Ft/wler Custom 

J. Sitrttflerger 


Strider Ktmr\ 

A. Frederick 

St. TakaUacUi 

H. Freer 

IX Thomas 

T. Freesemano 

R. Tigtic 

& Fttjisaka 

n. Watdmp 

O. Gifbo 

T, Wore 

"Due" Hagen 

kf. Watiefrt 

A. iiura 

A. Washburn 

/A Harkiny . 

G. IVeinwid 

T. Ilaxtinger 1 ' 

j. Whitman 

W. titiuky 

J, Watag 

G. ttihhtm 

C. Zakabi 

W, flihbm 
A. flags from 


/_ Hidden 

African Knife 

H. (turner 

IhmdU Siifrptif.t 

M. Iric 

BareaUs Trading 

R. Johnson 

Glendti Corp. 

II Keller 


J. h'ltahn 

!<■ •■'■-, ,•.;■:■> b}' /■'■••;; 

ft. hammer 

h A ( - Fittia/iinii 

/■'. tjimpMHi 


H. lay 

Xttither of Peari 

f J fC Custom knives 


,\t, Urvh 



W'eyer IntvrnuiUmal 





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tel (949) 951 -3879 - fax (949) 598-0258 

www.niissionkiiives.ccim - info@missionknives.com 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE /1 29 

knife ta I k 

Knife xalk 



of a Frustrated Warrior 

The mere thought of knives offers the author 
relief from today's "civilized" battles 

By Ed Fowler 
BLADE® field editor 

130/ BLADE 

Man fights many "civilized" 
battles, from those of his 
youth, to the streets of the 
city, to the riots involving 
thousands of people. 
including the personal tragedies of individu- 
als ravaged by alcohol and drugs. When 
occurring on a large scale, such conflicts 
may be observed in the daily papers, though 
most are noted by only the few involved. 
Some of the battles challenge certain indi- 
viduals, and heroes are bom. 

Events that afford man the opportunity 
to place himself in situations where his well 
being is at stake — and quite possibly his life 
or that of another -cause the adrenaline to 
flow. There have been many attracted to 
these events simply for the sake of the chal- 
lenge and the experience of the dynamics 
themselves. Others meet the challenge 
simply because they must. The parallel 
drawn between the lives of Crazy Horse and 
Gen. George Armstrong Custer by author 
Steven Ambrose is but one example. 

For the serious battles, the high-perfor- 
mance tools of man totally dedicated to 
function know a home and may spell the 
difference between an event that makes 
headlines or simply results in a moment's 
excitement and failure. 

There are those who live with nature 
close up and personal who witness flood, 
drought, angry, sick or hurt animals, mud, 
snow, freezing temperatures and desert heat. 
Much of the time they're alone and must 
depend on their equipment to get them 
through the task at hand. Again, the call is 
issued for superior tools of man that must 
meet the challenge of the moment, for qual- 
ity may make a difference. 

There's another much greater battlefield, 
dignified by Henry David Thoreau as that of 
men who "live lives of quiet desperation," 
which affects many more people. On it 
occur the every-day events that require 

MARCH 2002 

Civilized Battle of Steel 

One of the "civilized" battles that 
affects knifemakers is the scale 
that forms on blades when it's neces- 
sary to heat them above scale tempera- 
ture. I've experienced a few personal 
battles wrapping blades in foil to 
prevent carbon loss at high tempera- 
tures. Paragon Industries has intro- 
duced an argon induction unit for its 
ovens. It's an affordable installation 
that hooks up to an existing unit or cart 
be included when ordering a new oven. 
It's simple to use. easy to hook up and 
inexpensive to operate. The presence of 
an argon atmosphere assures a friendly 
atmosphere for blade steels at high 
temperatures, which sometimes is 
necessary when heat treating or just 
plain experimenting. Read the instruc- 
tions and use the induction unit in a 
well-ventilated area. Thanks, Paragon! 
Paragon's address: 201 1 South Town 
East, Dept. BL3, Mesquite, TX 75149- 
1 122 (800) 876-4328. 

extreme bravery and perseverance that are 
rarely dignified by glory or require any tech- 
nological support. These are the routine, 
civilized battles where an incompetent or 
unscrupulous lawyer, boss, co-worker or 
civil servant, with the stroke of a pen or 
unjust shake of his head, can start a cascade 
of events that may well jeopardize all a man 
or a family has spent a lifetime building. 
These are the daily battles of civilization 
where the heroes are unsung. They won't 
make the papers or the daily news but the 
participants are heroes all the same. They 
fight the creditors when they themselves are 
swindled and cannot pay their debts. They 
light the insurance companies, 'the traffic 
jams, the crowded supermarkets, the battle 
of the bulging waistline, and the all-night 
barking of the neighbor's dog. 

Conflict of Little Consequence 

Today, 1 fight one of those obscure battles 
of little consequence and seek comfort. The 
new-age computer that I'm told is logical 
and used with great proficiency by my 
neighbor's daughter who, with pacifier in 
mouth, sits before it and negotiates through 
complex programs, is a mystery to me. At 
least my computer doesn't make sense to me 
and I don't know enough about what I don't 
know to be able to ask meaningful ques- 
tions. Where there once were words in my 
DOS program, now there are pictures of 
something much too small to be consequen- 
tial or recognizable that purport to do some- 
thing. When I move the mouse to one of the 
pictures and click the button, the computer 
may simply do nothing or send what I was 
working on somewhere else. 

1 would rather fight nose-to-nose to the 
death with an enraged grizzly than know the 
absolute frustration and failure I face when 
trying to negotiate through Windows 98. My 
old DOS word-processing program worked 
just fine. My 386 computer was my friend. I 
liked it. But soon, I'm told, even my latest 
computer won't be able to communicate 
with "the new stuff." 1 can't receive pictures 
on it and have to rely on others to keep me 
informed of what sometimes may be matters 
Of true consequence. 

Knives To The Rescue! 

Many limes I've criticized ihe numerous 
factory bowies oTthe I800's and the Ram bo 
stuff of today as trinkets, feeling they served 
no purpose other than the dreams of man 
hopelessly trapped in civilization. Today I 
must change my opinion, for simply looking 
at photos of these historical trinkets allows 
me to experience a few moments of tran- 
quility as 1 seek to escape from the frustra- 
tion of the new computer. Now I can fathom 
why the unsung heroes of yesterday, trapped 
in civilization, loved those knives. The 
battles they had to fight didn't require 
knives that cut, flexed, pried or even felt 
good in the hand. All those knives had to do 
was provide moral support and enhance the 
dreams of the frustrated warrior on the 
battlefields of legend where heroes reigned. 

Paragon heat treating 
furnaces for knife makers 

"I couldn't achieve the control 1 now 
enjoy had 1 not had a Paragon furnace." 
says Ed Fowler. "Owning a Paragon is 
extremely beneficial to blade smithing," 

The KM-24D shown above features 
the new Sentry digital controller and a 
larger, VI" wide thermocouple. Ask 
about our optional gas injection flow 

Interiors of our knife maker fur- 
naces: 14 '/;" long'KM- I4D. 24" long 
KM-24D. and 36" long KM-36D. (All 
three models are 5 'A" wide x 4 14" high 
£ inside. I free brochure a\ ailable. 
tP&Aagott, Industries, Inc. 

201 1 South Town Easi Blvd.. 
Mesquite, Texas 75149-1122 
8QO-876-4328 / 972-288-7557 

Toll free fax 888-222-6450 
www . paragonweb.com 
paragonindCe worldnel.alt.iiel 



MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 131 

dmade gallery 

Photos by Jim Weyer 


(Right) Bulking up with 
"carbs" (or high-carbon 
blade steel) is a 39-inch 
katana by Wally Hayes, 
incorporating a 1050 tool 
steel blade and a cord- 
wrapped handle. Hayes' 
address: 1024 Queen St, 
Dept. BL3, Orleans, 
Ontario, Canada K4A 3N2 
(613) 824-9520. 

(Right) Kevin Cashen's 
Viking sword "points Norse 
with a pattern-welded 0-1 
and L-6 damascus blade, 
and a damascus guard with 
gold plating and a deep- 
relief etch that almost, but 
not quite, overshadows the 
desert-ironwood handle. His 
address: 5615 Tyler St., 
Dept BL3, Hubbardston, Ml 

132/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

To tone down 
highly patterned 
Damascus blade and 
nickel bolster, Keith 
Bagley anchored Ms 
straight knife with a 
pearl handle. His 
address: 441 S Hope 
Acres Dr., Oept. BL3. 
White Plains, MD 20695 
(301) 932-0990. 

one of riff things thrt 
mt hun&forgeo 


The Japanese-style tanto by Stephen 
Burrows employs a 7 1/2-inch 1084 
blade, brass fittings, copper habaki and 
a birds-eye-maple handle. Burrows' 
address: 3532 Michigan. Dept. BL3. 
Kansas City. MO 64109 (816) 921-1573. 



mom otwoiiv vmmi 


onMfweu y phtterm— 
hut nivo e w/itfif y the 





(Left) James Rodebaugh saves the 

best slices for his 7 7/8-inch folding 

hunter with a 52100 and L-6 damascus 

blade, a mosaic-damascus bolster and 

a thuya-burl handle. His address: 9374 

Joshua Rd., Dept. BL3, Oak Hills, CA 

92345 (760) 947-7772. 


(Right) Brad Rutherford built a 
damascus and ironwood bowie 
using a 7-inch 1084 and 15N20 
blade, a copper spacer and cable- 
damascus fittings. The blade and 
spacer are fileworked. His address: 
7932 Calico St., Dept. BL3. San 
Diego, CA 92126 (858) 693-6235. 

MARCH 2002 



randall answer 

randalfanswer man 


A reduced tang trades 

some strength for light 

weight on versions of the 

Model 14 and 15 

By Pete Hamilton 

Past Randall Shop Foreman 

The tang of the standard Model 14 (top) is 7/8-inch wide. The tang of the cut-down version (second from top) is half-an-inch wide. Below 
them are the standard and cut-down-tang versions of the Model 15. According to the author, the cut-down tang reduces weight but also 
diminishes the knife's overall strength. (Hamilton photo) 

134/ BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

1 : What is meant by "cut-down tang" and 
how does it affect the strength of the 
knife? (E.R., Orlando, Florida) 

In the 28th catalog printing in 1988, the 
Model 14 was presented with an additional 
feature — the cut-down tang. The tang of the 
standard Model 14 has a width of 7/8 inch. 
With the new addition, the tang width was 
cut down to a half inch. This reduced the 
knife's weight but in turn diminished some 
of its strength. The new feature also enabled 
the Model 14 and 15 to be available in 
different handle materials and with most of 
the extra features. 

In the 28th catalog printing in 1990, the 
cut-down-tang feature is priced in the 
handle material section. Both the Model 14 
and 1 5 cut-down tangs were listed the same 
as the standard price of a leather-handle 
knife. The Model 14 is still the only cut- 
down-tang knife to have been illustrated in 
the catalog's color center foldout. In the 
30th catalog printing in 1993, the cut-down- 
tang feature was added to the catalog in the 
military knife section. 

2; What is the "Denmark Special"? Also, 
were there two sizes of steel used for it? 
(A. A., Tallahassee, Florida) 

In the I970's, one of the leading sporting 
goods stores in Orlando, Florida, asked 
Randall Made Knives to make a special 
design for it. The first design was to be of 
quarter-inch steel and have a 3 1/2-inch 
blade. It looked like a very short Model 3. 
Some of the knives came with stag handles, 
some with Micarta* and pinned butts, and 
some with erow-bcak-shaped Micarta grips. 
In 1974, Randall Made changed the 
Denmark Special's blade length to 4 1/2 
inches and its thickness to 3/16-inch — a 
modification of the Model 7, The blade 
grind was the same as on the Model 6 carv- 
ing knife — which has no grind line to the 
point — except the grind is angled up in front 
of the trademark. The new design had red- 
and-white spacers. Both knives were called 
Denmark Specials, The name is still being 
used on the 4 I /2-inch blade as shown on 
the non-catalog insert. 

3: What's the story on the Randall Made 
oyster knives? (M.A., Clearwater, 

The oyster knife was made by W.D. "Bo" 
Randall and Gary Randall as gifts for some 
of their friends. Two of the knives are 
shown in Bob Caddis's book on Randall, 
7'h i.' History of the Man and the Blade. 
There also are a few in the Randall Knife 
Museum. 1 can remember a dozen being 
made for an oyster bar on the East Coast. 
They were made with holes drilled in the 
handles so as to attach a chain that could be 
fastened to the counter to keep the knives 
from being thrown out with the shucked 
shells, 1 sure would like to know where 
those knives are now! 

On the Web Siwww.texasknife.com 

Texas Knifemaker's Supply 


Heat Treating, Cryogenic Quenching and Bead Blasting Services 

How to contact us: 

•Order Toll Free: 

and shop ON-LINE at: 

• check out future shows 

• look at new products 
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• Information 

• Fax your order 24 hours 

Products we 

• Metals 

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• Finishing 

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• Etching F.quimcnt 

• Mosaic Pins 

To receive a 

New Catalog 

send 54.00 to: 




10649 Haddington, 

Houston, TX 77043 


In-House Heat Treating, Cryogenic 
Quenching and Bead Blasting Services 

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A screaming good deal 

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Bench made 625 Black Crawford 

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Safe & Knife Company 



Buck knives and Stoneworks handles...enough said! 

toll free: 800.257.7625 

email: info@santafestoneworks.com 


Shown are various 

interpretations of 

the classic pearl handle: 

from carvings to our 

signature silver bezel fan 

MARCH 2002 

BLADE/ 135 

The author said Bill Platts was responsible for institut- 
ing many of the production steps that are still in use 
at Randall Made Knives. Platts passed away in 1980. 
He's shown here (right) in 1978 in the Randall shop 
with the author (left) and the late W.D. "Bo" Randall. 

4: How did Randall make the brass backs 
on some models, when were they made 
and which models had them? (a 
frequently asked question) 

A section at the top of the blades of the 9-. 
1 1- and 1 3-inch bowies was cut down just to 
the rear of the top cutting edge and all the 
way back to the hilt. This area was then 
welded with brass. The welded brass section 
was called a brass strip. 

This extra feature began in the I950's 
and was in the catalogs, though the catalogs 
weren't numbered then. The strips were 
available on the bowies until the 25th cata- 
log printing in 1 982. They were in the extra 
feature section of the catalog but appeared 
on the price list as "not available" They 
were listed the same way in the 26lh catalog 
printing in 1 984. The brass strips were 
deleted from the 27th catalog printing in 
1 984. though the price list still mentioned 
them as "not available." No mention of the 
strips appeared in the 28th catalog printing 
in 1988. 

5: Which is the best handle shape for the 
Model 14, 15 and 16? (a frequently asked 
question al the shop of Randall Made 

The handles with four finger grooves are 

standard on the Model 14, 15 and 1 6. The 
grooves are great for the heavy-duty tasks 
for which the knives are designed. However, 
not everyone likes the feel of the four 
grooves and sometimes they just don't fit 
the customer's hand. An optional handle for 
heavy-duty work is the single linger groove, 
which seems to feel better to some 
customers. The Border Patrol shape is close 
to the commando shape found on some 
Randall Fighting Stilettos and may feel 
more comfortable. The selection of the 
handle shape really depends on the individ- 
ual and the use of the knife. 

Remembering Bill Platts 

Al litis time, I'd like to salute a person who 
was responsible for a lot of the production 
steps that are in use today at Randall 
Made — Bill Platts — the teacher, the boss 
and most of all the friend to all of us who 
worked in the shop. 

Bill started with Mr. Randall and 
Randall Made Knives in 1944, bringing 
many years of experience with him from his 
home of Sheffield, England. He willingly 
passed his vast experience on to all of us in 
the shop. His teaching to new and old 
employee alike continued on until his retire- 
ment in 1979. After that, even though 
retired, he was always available for ques- 

tions or a helping hand. 

hi October 1980, the shop lost its 
teacher and friend. There isn't a day goes by 
that something doesn't come up or 1 don't 

sec something lhat reminds me of Hill and 
the friendship we had. 

Trivia Time 

In the I950's. the catalog centerfold was a 
picture of the Model 3 with a 7-inch blade 
and grooved stag handle. The picture was 
used through the 12th catalog printing. The 
revision of the 14th catalog in the 1960's 
added a full-eolor foldoul of 23 knives. 
With the printing of a new catalog in 1968. 
the color picture of the 23 knives again was 
revised. The catalog change upgraded the 
old knives and added new models. The 
picture of the Model 3 remained the center- 
fold of the catalog through the 27th priming 
in 1987. With the 28th catalog printing in 
1988, the color foldoul changed completely. 
though it was still a picture of the Model 3. 
The foldoul remains Ihe same through the 
32nd printing of 200 1. 

Send vour Randall knife questions to: The 
Randall Answer Man. FOB 7H9. Ooltewah. 77V 
373634789 fax (423} 479-3586 or (715) 445- 
4087, or blade@krmtse.com. 

136 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

Exclusively Distributed by 


5625 Copley Dr., 
San Diego, CA 921 11 

Call: 800-3675900 or 858-7152500 
Fox: 800-367-5903 a 858-7152525 

Email: info@moteng.com 

3506 Hwy 6 South #3 1 8 
Sugar Land, TX 77478 

sUiovfjs fram Colcbo 

Dealers only 


~\\\. . ... -'-'- 

foxy folder 



The Delta Z limited-edition 
Osprey is one of the sexier 
knives on the market 

The model DZ-71 1 1-MR Collector's 
Knife from Delta Zis a comely 
Osprey with an "American-flame" red 
maple burl handle. Though you can't 
tell it in the photograph, the 3 5/16- 
inch blade of Mike Norris stainless 
damascus is slightly beveled near 
the tip. Designed by Darrel Ralph, the 
serial-numbered locking-liner folder 
comes in a limited edition of 100. 
MSRP: S395. 


limited-edition of 1 00 Darrel 
Ralph-designed Ospreys from 
Delia Z offers a sultry gent's 
folder for the discriminating 
knife buyer. 
Economically handled in "American- 
flame" red maple burl and sporting a 3 5/16- 
inch recurve blade of Mike Morris stainless 
damascus in a traditional ladder pattern, the 
Osprey is one vivacious little folder, it's 
hard to find a straight line on this curva- 
ceous one-hander. Even though it's a eol lee- 
tor edition and comes in a custom wood 
box. the locking-liner folder begs to be used. 
(The Osprey is also available in less expen- 
sive using models.) 

Made by "old 
world craftsmen" in 
Maniago, Italy, each 
piece is serial numbered 
MSRP: $395. According 
lo Delta Z. due lo limited 
quantities, a S25 deposit is 
required to reserve a serial 
number position. 

For more information 
contact Delia Z, nun: B. 
Zelman, Depi. BU. FOB 
1112. Studio City, CA 91614 
(SIS) 786-9488 www.DeltaZ- 

Spec Check 

Knife Limited-edition Delia / Osprev 

Pattern Gent's knife 

Designer Darrel Ralph 

Blade Steel Mike Norns stainless 


Grooved Bolsters Same as above 

Blade Length 3 5/16" 

Handle "American-name" red maple 


Mechanism Locking liner 

Closed Length 4 1/4" 

Weight -2 1/2 ozs. 

Miscellaneous Only 100 available. 

each serial numbered; comes with 

pocket clip and hex key to adjust pivot 


MSRP $395 

138 /BLADE 

MARCH 2002 

A One Of A-Kinj 
ew-Of-A Kind Mast 

Csanberry Bom. 
Silver Scrum 


The W. R. Case & Sons/Tonv Bo s e S o w b e lly. 

lis rounded shape gave this heavy-duty, cattleman / stockman-style knife its name over a 
century ago. The Sowbelly was a famous pattern in the Case product line, and has been 
much sought-after by collectors since we discontinued it over 80 years ago. Now, through 
out collaboration with Tony Bose, we're reviving this great tradition. A fine piece of 
craftsmanship from two of the most respected names in knifemaking, our new Sowbelly is 
destined to become even more legendary than the original. 

1^ _ 

Bl u k Bl >N1 SOWBI I I.V 

\ ini M,i BONE Si 'Win in 

Amm r Boni SowtH i i ■' 


To locate the dealer nearest you, call 1-80O-523-635O or visit our Web site at www.vvrcase.com. 

Hand-Crafted Knives Since 1889. 

New from Hanwei - 

C.A.S. Iberia's Hanwei line takes another leap forward with a great 
new selection of European-style swords and weaponry from 
Roman to Renaissance, each setting new standards of quality 
and authenticity. The Basket-hilt, Hand-and-a-Half, and 
Gladius shown are typical of our new Hanwei range for 
2002. Available at fine bladeware dealers worldwide. 
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